Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Instapundit says nobody is trying to win

Well, with all the sniping coming from guys like him, and George Will, it can be seen who doesn't want Trump to win this thing.  In other words, since they cannot bring themselves to support Trump, they will get Hillary by default, and it looks like they want it that way.

Does he really believe that he will bring people around to his point of view that way?

The third party candidates cannot win.  But the GOP certainly knows how to lose.  They do not maintain discipline within the ranks.  If Trump is undisciplined in his speech, how does their undisciplined speech against him offer any help?

So, Reynolds really wants to criticize Trump for the Second Amendment comments?

He doesn't in his post on USA Today, but then again, he sets the table for the opposition with his sniping.  Clearly, he doesn't want Trump to win.

Certainly helps him get a gig like USA Today.  Like Will on This Week and at the Washington Post.


Reynolds has said the same thing Trump said in his Second Amendment remarks.  Now, Speaker Ryan is saying unsupportive things about Trump.  So does that mean that they will not oppose in any meaningful way, the confiscation of guns?

There's a credibility gap growing here.

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