Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hillary’s Emails Maintained By Bill’s Aide With No Security Clearance – Exclusive Dick Morris Report!

Hillary’s Emails Maintained By Bill’s Aide With No Security Clearance – Exclusive Dick Morris Report!


The email thing has always stunk it up.  This is just more of the same.

Look, security clearance isn't any guarantee that secrets won't be uncovered by any competent foreign intelligence service.  One that doesn't have security clearance is asking for it!  No doubt, America's secrets have been anything but during the period of time that Hillary was Secretary of State.  It is disqualifying to say the very, very least.  Why this isn't an immediate ticket to the slammer is a mystery to me.

Brief discussion of Spacex's success

It is supposed to be brief, so let me be brief.  I wrote many, many posts on possible ways to get to space in a way that could be economical, but this was the solution.  I never would have thunk this one up.  In fact, I didn't.  Maybe that's why I am not a billionaire.

Sometimes a solution is simple, but everybody makes it hard.  What did Spacex do here that hasn't already been done in some other context?

First of all, he targets the drone ship with his first stage.  This may seem pretty impressive, but the military has been targeting objects with missiles for a long time now.  You can hit a pin point with an ICBM, and have been able to do this for decades.  So, to hit a barge in the Atlantic is no biggie.

Making it soft land isn't a biggie either.  NASA has been landing craft on other heavenly bodies for decades.  Even before Apollo 11, there were some soft landings on the moon.  Those were dress rehearsals for the time when they were they put a crew on board and they needed to be sure that they could do it.  This feat isn't new, but the context is new.

So, he can pin point his rocket stage to soft land on where he wants.  The feat has occurred before, but what makes this different is in how and why it is being done this way.  He's not trying to destroy the drone ship, nor the rocket stage.  There was a way to do that, and he found it from skill sets that already existed. 

This is not to minimize the achievement, but only to point out that we may already know how to solve many problems.  It may only take somebody who has the will to do it.  You may want to ask why nobody seems to have that will when it comes to so many things that could use it these days.

Friday, May 27, 2016

4th successful first stage landing for Spacex

just in..

that took me 4 minutes..


satellite has successfully deployed.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Indian Hot Springs Ranch Texas

Said to be 30 miles due south of Sierra Blanca Texas, off Interstate 10.  Also said to be on well maintained county road, but private.

Sierra Blanca is marked with oval on I10, Indian Hot Springs Ranch is marked with red diamond

My choice of El Paso was not all bad

according to this.  Rental rates are among the cheapest for large cities listed.  El Paso has long been at the top of the safest big cities in the US.

I didn't consult anything like this in my decision.  I was looking for some land, and the land near Sierra Blanca was the cheapest I could find.

One thing is sure, I've got to get out of this apartment once the lease is up.  This will leave me a bit short of my 62nd birthday, on which I can claim ss checks.

I can still work for Uber in El Paso, as long as they don't go apeshit like they did in Austin.

All of that Austin business was over fingerprinting, which they already do in Houston.

That's still the plan to move to that area.  Maybe that will happen after the election.


Spending time learning the area.  If I am going to work for Uber there, I will have to know various places around town.  Here's something interesting:  Transmountain Drive in El Paso's Franklin Mountains State Park.  I recollect seeing signs pointing to this while I was there last year.

source:  Wikipedia Commons License Page

Also Mt Cristo Rey ( Christ the King ), across the Rio Grande in New Mexico.  At the very top is a sculpture of Christ on the Cross.

source and copyright info

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

You don't say? But I already did.


Repost from a few years ago. 

The phrase wasn't invented by me, but I did use it in the context of current events.  Now somebody else is, and that's okay by me.  Just as long as the problem is corrected.

Yeah!  Like throwing that dead fish in the dumpster.

original post begins...

Guest Post: Trying To Stay Sane In An Insane World - Part 1

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Youngster builds a two stroke engine

without a machine shop.

I watched all of the videos, and I am wondering if such a device can be made for practical purposes.

What I would like is to have a machine that could do work, and be serviceable.  It is interesting concept for me, because I think I can make my own energy sources.

Or better yet: since the machine is really small, a maker bot could make all the parts, and it could be assembled easily.

Jury service resumes today

So, I have a little time on my hands here.

Just for the record, I cannot discuss the case.  Even after it is over, I probably won't discuss it here.  I may do it in private, in case anybody asks.

With some luck, it may be over today.  Hopefully, no later than tomorrow. 


I'm done.  For the record, I was there on Wed, Thurs, Fri, and today.  Four days, with the last three in actually hearing the case.  Also, for the record, I was an alternate, which means that I didn't participate in deliberations.  I was there to stand in if needed.

Lite posting

Yes, I know I haven't been posting much.  Even though I am busy, I suppose I could post more.  Yet, I don't.  Why?

I don't know if it is burnout.  Maybe it is because I am repeating  myself, and to do so doesn't add anything new.

It seems to be a pattern in this society.  Here we have a solution for a problem, but there is this stubborn and perverse resistance towards accepting it, and implementing it.

An example is the molten-salt reactor.  Yes, I am repeating myself.  That's what I just mentioned.  All kinds of excuses are made for not implementing this technology.  It is over forty years old, for crying out loud.  The fact that it hasn't been implemented ought to tell you something about what has gone wrong.

No, there's nothing wrong with the tech.  Even so-called green energy solutions are using molten-salts in order to store solar energy so as to make electricity later.  If it can work for solar, it can work for nuclear.  The sun itself is a nuclear energy source, in case you didn't know.

There's just too many people in denial that there's something wrong when a perfectly good technology is not being implemented.  Nuclear energy is the only solution that we know of that could solve our energy problems.  Sorry, wind and solar will never do it no matter how efficient you make it.  Of course, there is fossil fuels, which have some objections that seem unreasonable to me.  However, no matter how advanced fossil fuel extraction may become, it still has to compete with Saudi oil, which is currently the cheapest energy alternative.  Nuclear energy, especially molten-salt tech, will be able to compete, IF IT IS ALLOWED TO.

But this post isn't about energy per se.  We have a presidential election in which both parties seem to have  problem accepting an outcome.  It is for different reasons, yet the reasons are the same after all.

Take Trump, for instance.  The GOP won't accept him even though he can win.  Does that mean that they would rather lose?  Does that mean that they would rather suffer through even more of the failed policies that are now being implemented?  Trump won't solve these problems?  Maybe not, but the GOP controls both houses, and yet they don't seem to want to take on Obama.  It would seem that you would rather have a guy that will take some action as opposed to people who are seemingly afraid to do anything at all.  If you ask me, those who say they are unhappy don't act like it.  If you are unhappy with something, YOU CHANGE IT.  You don't keep on doing the same old thing.

On the Democrat side, you have a guy like Sanders who draws the crowds.  Then you have the old guard, represented by Hillary, who is leading the race.  It seems like the same problem as the GOP side.  The people are ignored in favor of what the old guard wants, when the old guard has failed to solve any problems.  Yes, the old guard not only fails to solve problems, but perversely would rather not even make the attempt.

Maybe this ought to state the case why words fail in a time like this.  If you cannot admit to yourself that there is a problem, you won't do anything to address it.  There are way too many people like that in this society.  They seem to think that there's nothing wrong, even though polls have consistently said that there is.

Either you are going to address the issues, or you aren't.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Managing the Decline

Managing the Decline

With respect to the Catholic Church, or any church for that matter, would it not be helpful if the dollar sign were to be removed?

Just asking the question, that's all.

It seems that the almighty dollar is what people worship these days.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Riders on the Storm

The Doors...

No jury duty this weekend, so I worked.  Won't make up for the time lost, nor is the compensation anywhere near market rates.

Maybe it will be over soon...  But no jury tomorrow either.  That means work...

World's First NUCLEAR SALT REACTOR - Documentary Films

A lot of this has already been covered in prior videos.  There is something new, however, in the part where the people who inherited all of the research materials literally didn't know what they had, and were burning the books.  Yes, burning the books.  This is what happened to the Great Library at Alexandria in ancient times.  That something like this could happen in modern times is a troubling thing indeed.  A lot of the scientists who worked on the molten-salt reactor are very old, or dead by now.  Destroying their work meant that nobody could go forward with it, even if it were to be finally understood as being very valuable.  It is literally destroying hope for the future.

Fortunately, it has been caught in time.  Unfortunately, it is still not appreciated for its potential to solve many of our modern problems.

Will people ever learn?