Saturday, July 9, 2011

Evening Wrap, 7/9

With the last Shuttle mission in the books, and the likelihood that Obama will be defeated in 2012, it looks like there will be a new mission early in the next administration.  I will continue making the case for a Moonbase mission that sets up the long term goal of colonization.  Maybe the world "colonization" is supposed to be bad, because it isn't politically correct.  I think it should be used for that very reason.  The idea is to reject the notion that colonization was a bad time in history.  Western Civilization did more to further progress in the world than not, no need to apologize.  By using that word, we need to reject the notion of self hatred that is poisoning our culture.  In particular, we should reject liberalism.

Why go to the Moon again?

This is a continuation of a thought which I had recently and earlier today.

If you were to argue for the economic point of view only, consider this:

escape velocity from the Moon:  5140.8 mph
orbital velocity around the Moon:  3682.8 mph  ( I'm guessing here because this source appears incorrect)

That compares, respectively, with roughly 25,000 mph and 17,000 from the Earth.

Also Mach 1 defined:  This is 1,236 kilometres per hour (768 mph), or about one kilometer in three seconds or approximately one mile in five seconds.

A performance point of reference: a SR 71 "Blackbird" could fly at Mach 3.3   You would only need about Mach 2 additional speed for orbit and an additional Mach 2 for escape velocity.  A lunar module could reach lunar orbit (Apollo era).   What you would need for lunar orbit doesn't amount to that much in comparison with Earth.

The point being that, if you wanted to do human exploration of the planets, you can first learn how to survive on the Moon, and then use the Moon for your launch station.  If you can survive on the Moon, you can supply your astronauts from the Moon.  The only additional requirement subsequently, therefore, will be in getting a crew from the Earth to the Moon.  From the Moon, they can get to the rest of the solar system.  That could be an economic rationale for a Moonbase.  It would be a launch facility in its own right.

In economic parlance, you will be leveraging lunar resources.

By launching from the Moon, you improve the economics of human space exploration.  It would take an initial investment, but once in place, it will improve your capabilities in space by reducing its cost.

Politically, it is hard to see how this works because there is no constituency on the Moon. Therein lies the problem. However, consider this: the Moon's launch facility can itself be leveraged for additional development of other industries that can be started on the Moon and beyond. And that, I would think, would be the whole point. In other words, a constituency can eventually be developed in connection with this since it will require support of some kind.

Artificial gravity calculations

From the equation, we can deduce what number you need in order to bring this rpm
times pi up to 30, which will then yield a product of 1.

(3.1459 x rpm)=30

therefore, at RPM= 9.536

Now, do the same with R, which brings it to 1, and cancels out the denominator

Thus, in order to produce 1g, need R = 9.81m, spinning at 9.54 rpm
In that case, circumference = 61.7 m, spinning rate = 35.33 km hour

Or, you can vary R in meters, so as to calc. g

If you use 6 rpm, you approximate Mars gravity

since you obtain by plugging 6 into the rpm variable, you obtain
0.396 g with R = 9.81m

True industries and reasons for Space

At NBF, the Carnival of Space is up. I found this link to something that I've written about here.

Subscriptions on YouTube

I checked my Youtube account subscriptions for interesting videos. I liked these and I'm putting them up.

F-86 Sabre POCKET Nano JET! Flight Review in HD!

Monday Morning Blues

The New Google+ and Youtube

French Hot Air

bucket's got a hole in it

Pre-recorded: RhettandLink LIVE CHAT - Episode 3

Early on in this video, he describes how to find IFC. By going to of course!

Commercial Kings

I watched that video again. These guys are magicians. They take ordinary people and create something that is extraordinary. I didn't think so at the beginning of the video, but the final product works. There is no doubt that it works.

The reason I mention this is that what I'm trying to do here is to generate some interest in these ideas of Kardashevian Aspirations. It is, I think, a way towards world peace. People may think this is impossible or too utopian, but I think not. If there is anyone who is not a utopian, it is me. On the other hand, if a thing is possible, even if it appears utopian, why not go for it? I am not so naive as to believe it will change human nature. No, I think it will work because of human nature. People really like peace and prosperity. I believe that, if you can master energy and space, you can bring this into reality.

What I am saying is that these guys need to get to work on a commercial that will get public support for human space exploration and also for the mastery of fusion energy. In other words, to generate public support for Kardashevian Aspirations as a worthy American enterprise. Who can be against it?

I can't seem to do it. Maybe these guys can help.

Morning Summary, 7/9

Good morning. As I mentioned last evening, I want to look at a "cold fusion" pdf file and write a bit about it. It so happens that I came across something in the file that was quite interesting and I'll quote it here:
Quantum Fusion posits that the energy in these fusion
reactions is not the result of proton-proton interactions
involving Coulombic force vs. the strong nuclear force but
rather neutron accumulation, an exothermic reaction that
result in the production of unstable 4H. The 4H then beta
decays to 4He, also an exothermic reaction. [Explained in
Section 2.1.]

A beta decay of a neutron will produce a proton.  Hence, 2 neutrons that beta decay into 2 protons and combining together with two other neutrons which form Helium nucleus- that is what may be proposed in this paper. Quite interesting.  The beta decay phenomenon is being applied here on the most basic form of matter, such as hydrogen, which is the simplest element.  In the category of "Armchair physics", I wrote about the proposed beta decay reactions that can lead up to the formation of copper from nickel, which appears to be what is driving the Rossi Focardi E-cat device's energy production.  The significance, then, is that beta decay may be applicable in a much wider set of circumstances, not just nickel.

"Cold fusion" may be "cold" after all!  What we have here is a way to achieve fusion without going through a pathway with a higher energy requirement.  That is what is new here to me, and why this is so interesting.

As an aside, the use of the term "cold fusion" was avoided by using the term "low energy nuclear reaction". Such may be the case not only for public relations, but it may well be because it more accurately describes what is happening.


It looks like Al Fin Energy is on the job with a writeup about this.  Worth a read, have a look.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Funding dam breaks for Brillouin boiler that uses – water!

by Ruby Carat , Cold Fusion Now

This looks interesting, but since it is late, I don't have time to study it.  I'll pick it up tomorrow and try to comment a bit on the pdf file that I found at the Cold Fusion Now link above.

It's kinda late for me and I'm a bit tired.  Thanks for coming by, and have a great evening.

An Establishment in Panic

I have not always agreed with Pat Buchanan, but this time, I guess I do.  That is, assuming he is right about this:
The House has not said it will not raise the debt ceiling. It must and will. It has not said it will not accept budget cuts. It has indicated a willingness to accept the budget cuts agreed to in the Biden negotiations.

Where the GOP has stood its ground is on tax increases.

From what I heard about the spending cuts, they are mostly smoke and mirrors.  If this is all they can get, I would say ok.  Frankly, I would suggest not accepting the deal without deeper cuts.  But if they get cuts without taxes, maybe it is the best they can do.

If the real hangup is that the Democrats won't go along unless there are tax increases based upon the phony cuts thus far offered, then I say hurray for them.  No way they give them higher taxes and no real cuts.   It is really a very, very bad deal.

Shuttle's last launch

Hail, Atlantis.

Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings: American Dream Full Episode

These guys really are Commercial Kings. This video is supposed to be available for only one week. So, if you come across it a week later, don't be surprised if it doesn't work anymore.

Phillip Defranco: The Jersey Shore is DEAD!!

Loris Ferrari, Associate Professor of Physics University of Bologna endorses E-cat

Translated Italian text to English found here

By the way, good morning everyone.  Time to crank it up for another day.  On the tap today is the possible launch of the final space shuttle mission.  Weather may interfere.

A quick scan of the news reveals nothing much.   Here is something about the debt ceiling negotiations.  An editorial.
Say No To the Dems’ July Surprise

I will be busy today, so posting will be light.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why Colonize Space?

For the sake of argument, let say there aren't any rational reasons to colonize space.   Let's reconsider that in another light by making an analogy.   What if you could compare an off world colony to a child?   What if you could consider the Earth having a son or daughter world that could be born and raised up until it can go out on its own?   Let's consider if that is possible.   Then it can be considered as a choice to do or not do.

Now for the matter of whether or not it could be done.  Let's start with the Moon.  We now know that there is water on the Moon.  There may be other "volatiles" that could be useful in life support.  In addition to all this, there is abundant matter on its surface.   With some effort and expense, a permanent lunar colony could be started which could do...  what?

I think that it should immediately put to the task of creating an artificial world that O'Neil envisioned.   Getting material from the Moon to space is a lot easier from the Moon itself than from directly from Earth.  The advantage is in the same vein as it would be to put a colony on the Moon.  It is easy to escape the Moon, and easier still to escape an O'Neil colony.  From an O'Neil colony, it could then be possible to begin colonizing the rest of the solar system.

The O'Neil colony would be the ultimate goal, but in the meantime, we have to fix up a Moonbase. We need access to its resources, which could consists not only of its volatiles, but also of thorium, which can be used as a source of energy.  Why thorium?  Assuming that fusion is still a long ways off, we know that thorium can be used with today's technology.  Therefore, the second task on the Moon, after mining it for its volatiles, would be to mine it for its thorium.  Now, let's inventory the lunar capabilities.  You have a life support system in place which, with an energy source, can begin major processing of lunar ores.  In short, you can start making stuff for your O'Neil colony.  In addition, with an energy source like thorium, you can have a propulsion system that can get you off the surface.

You need a transportation system on the Moon in order to move materials around on its surface.  This can be achieved with mass drivers, or some similar technology.  In this manner, a lunar trading system can be emplaced, which could move materials from where there are to where they are needed.   Now, you have a life support system, an energy production system, a transportation system, and an economic system.  It is beginning to look like a society that can begin to support itself.  Not to mention, it can cooperate with Earth and create another O'Neil colony in space.  In this manner, the colonies begin to act like an organism that replicates itself.

And that is the whole idea.  Life doesn't have to be "rational" in the sense of always being economical.  If you want a child, for example, it isn't so you can make money off the child.  You want a child to pass along what you know to the next generations to follow.  It is like a bond from the past towards the future.  A society that no longer cares about this no longer cares about continuing to exist.  What kind of world do we want to leave our progeny?  A world in which can be ever increasing and expanding, or one in which is always contracting and dying off?  A colony would be an investment in our own future.  Even more, it can be our guarantee of even having a future.   We may not benefit directly ourselves, but we can be assured that those following us will have a place in the sun.

Andrea Rossi – E-Cat Q&A Highlights

In this summary and FAQ we highlight interesting Q&A’s from the Journal of Nuclear Physics. All the answers are given by Andrea Rossi himself.

It is his invention and he can do what he wishes with it.  But it seems to me that this could go a lot faster.

Kudlow: Why the Budgetary Game Is a Big Taxpayer Scam

Because in this great country of ours, spending never goes down. Never.

Watch very carefully what comes out of any budget deal.  If it is over a ten year period, it is total BS.  Ten years is a long time and nothing can be projected out that long.  Ten years ago, the government was running surpluses.  So much for the discussion of the "out" years.  They don't know, and they probably don't care.  The whole idea is to fool the public.

NBF: Space Shuttle Program was a $209 billion mistake

MIT Technology Review - The Space Shuttle program's benefits weren't worth the cost—and now the U.S. is in jeopardy of repeating the same mistake, says a leading space policy expert.

John M. Logsdon is professor emeritus at the Space Policy Institute, George Washington University, and author of John F. Kennedy and the Race to the Moon. In 2003, he was a member of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board. 

When you consider that NASA already had heavy lift with the Saturn V, and almost had a nuclear thermal rocket ready to go before being canceled, it seems an almost incredible mistake now.  The Saturn V nuclear thermal had an astounding 170 ton LEO capability.  This was in the early seventies.  If it had been built, a trip to Mars would have been feasible.  Not only feasible, but likely, because that was why it was built.  Here we are, 40 years later, having to reinvent the wheel that already had been invented.  This shows, if nothing else can, the failure of government.  Even when they do something right, they still screw it up.

Yahoo Breakout: U.S. Debt, Default & Beyond: Financial Armageddon Is Inevitable, Says Author

  1. Jeff Cox, author
  2. Greece not fixed, Portugal, Ireland, Spain
  3. Bond vigilantes will come to US
  4. Mortgage problem pales in comparison
  5. Not equity crisis, a debt crisis
  6. Patient was broke, not sick, got hammered to fix a hangover
  7. Globalism makes it worse not better
  8. Inflation is inevitable, can't be controlled, Fed is helpless
  9. Carter era stagflation
  10. Why can't we get out of this like the 80's
  11. The right steps can mitigate, but political will is lacking
  12. Deal on debt in DC possible, forestall crisis for another day, but still out there
  13. Need common sense, have to change course

Does the Moon have an ecology?

Then why worry if it is strip mined?

The author seems to be bringing up the spectre of war, but if fusion energy is perfected so that the acquistiion of helium 3 makes sense, it won't matter anymore.  It's like fighting over the air we breathe.  There will be more energy than mankind will ever know what do with.   This is silly.

What's wrong with this picture?

click me to answer the question
You will have to go there to find out.  Hint: the eyes have it.

Phillip Defranco: Kim Kardashian NOT GUILTY of Intelligence

Note: Kardashian is not to be confused with Kardashevian.

  1. Atlanta public school system did well on tests, not as good as it looks, cheating
  2. Unions protect bad teachers
  3. Prophet of the Apocolypse now in a nursing home
  4. Clips from Harry Potter 
  5. Pakistan has 90 nukes
  6. Casey Anthony trail; accuse of killing her baby girl; found not guilty
  7. Prosecution screwed up the case; Kardashian's dad connected to OJ case, prosecution screwed up that case too
  8. Question of the day:  Did Casey Anthony do it?

Downtown Houston

Waiting at a traffic light in Downtown Houston this morning. I looked across the street to the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Can't really see it too well here. You know, these pictures don't seem to come out as well as you'd think.

Earlier this morning, I saw some joggers. I didn't whip out my camera fast enough to get a picture of that. What is so interesting about joggers? Kinda looks like a buffalo herd on the plains or something. Reminds me of Dances with Wolves, where they are on the buffalo hunt.  I don't know if it would be good idea to  shoot at the joggers, though.

Tax the rich, tax DC

Did you know that Washington DC has twice the per capita GDP of the closest state?  It seems to me that this makes DC richer than average, by quite a margin.  Well, this is a great opportunity for the Republicans to cross the aisle and join hands with the Democrats and sing kumbaya.  Just tax the hell out of Washington and we'll balance the budget in no time.

Morning Summary, 7/7

I may have more time to post today, but I have to be out here, so bear with me, please.

A few quick thoughts this morning

  1. We are quickly approaching the political season.
  2. If space is to become a political issue, it must get started soon.
  3. Of the presidential candidates who may be most interested in space, my guess would be Gingrich 
  4. It is getting late to have an impact, so it may not happen this time
  5. The same is true of any new technology that could get government help, such as fusion
  6. A new line of endeavor, such as energy can be a big job creator.  It is a good issue to have, but I don't see anyone grabbing it.
  7. The debt issue is sucking the oxygen out of everything else.  Neither party is interested in resolving that issue.   They are taking inflexible stands which play well to their bases, but aren't particularly useful in solving any problems.
  8. This is a great opportunity for somebody who can stand out from the crowd, but I don't see it happening.  I wish it were different. 
  9. The enthusiasm for the Republican nominees isn't that high.  Somebody needs to see this opportunity. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Evening Wrap, 7/6

The Republicans may not agree to a tax increase. That, according to Jay Cost. This may seem like the logical argument, but the political one will be the one that counts. If they look too unreasonable, they will run the risk of losing the argument.

I suspect that the best strategy is finding a way to deal with out of control spending as a price for a tax increase. The way could be a balanced budget amendment. If there is ever going to be one, now is the time.

The price of a tax increase should be high. They should make it so. Therefore, a tax increase should not be taken off the table. If they can get enough concessions from the Democrats, a tax increase can be justified.

Robert Nix It's A Complicated World

It's a complicated world, all right. Maybe it needs to be simplified?


  1. Tuesday show
  2. 65th anniversary of the bikini
  3. Charlie Sheen is going to get roasted on comedy central
  4. Joe Biden on Twitter
  5. Jail allows conjugal visits, wife tried to smuggle prisoner out
  6. Movie pass problem, now gone
  7. Woman lost baby because of cocaine abuse, charged with crime, abortion law conflict?
  8. Question of the day was the baby question above: is that a crime?

P-51 MUSTANG Perfect RTF ParkFlyer! Flight Review in HD!

The hardest part of flying on flight simulators is the landing. It may be worth it (maybe) to get one of these and practice landing.

The Futurist: The End of Petrotyranny

Good idea.

The author has a different take on the matter than I do.   He doesn't even mention fusion energy while taking solar and wind energy more seriously than I do.

In my opinion, we won't smash through this obstacle until fusion energy is mastered.   Once that is mastered, space can come next. If space can be mastered, world peace has a chance.   This may sound utopian, I know. But human conflict is often caused by scarcity of resources.   Space has superabundant resources, we only need to gain access to it.   Once access to space has been achieved, there would be little reason for fighting over resources.   It doesn't guarantee that human nature will suddenly change for the better, but any obvious excuse for conflict will be removed.   Thereafter, it would take someone hellbent to cause trouble in order to have any.

Q&A with Douglas R. McAllister: Mayor Pro-tem and Cold Fusion Author

I found this article on Cold Fusion Now website.  McAllister is an author who wrote an novel
with cold fusion technology at the center of the plot.

The novel is titled The Sovereign Principles.   I checked out the Amazon link.  There are no customer reviews of the book.

McAllister appears to have his own website.

This is all I can write for now.  By the way, good morning all.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Eve. Wrap, 7/5

There may be brighter days ahead.  Technology keeps marching on.  If the human race doesn't destroy itself first, things could get much better.  But hasn't that been the case for the last century?  Great progress is balanced against a razor thin margin of error, which could be exceeded at any time with disastrous results.  One feels hope and fear at the same time.   The future is unknown, and we race towards it with increasing speed.  Let us hope that we reach the other side in one piece.  Thanks for coming by and have a great evening.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden speaks about human space flight

  1. National Press Club: Introductory remarks and welcome of guests and speaker
  2. End of Shuttle Era will not end American leadership in space
  3. Mission to an asteroid
  4. Tribute to Shuttle's history
  5. Recommitting ourselves to manned space exploration
  6. Benefits of manned space exploration
  7. Logical sequence, not if, but how- must cut costs
  8. Vital to keep exploring, focus on research and development, maintain and grow US leadership in space
  9. New spacecraft, heavy lift rocket, technology developments
  10. Also science missions, Dawn mission around giant asteroid, Mars rover
  11. Research continues to improve, new ways of doing business better
  12. Choices, same old thing or inspirational things
  13. NASA moving forward, status quo is unacceptable
  14. We'll keep moving.  Challenges inspire to improve country.  Reference to Kennedy Moon Shot challenge, comparison to Obama
  15. Q&A follows
  16. Budget issues
  17. Private sector v public- commercial space started long ago he says
  18. Private and international partners does not conflict with national security
  19. Transfers of technology- lot of laws to deal with that
  20. How long for commercial to fly astronauts?  Ans: 3 years after 1st contract, "2015 ish"
  21. No shortage of applicants for astronauts, he says
  22. Intro of Mark Kelly
  23. Remarks about ISS and experiments
  24. Cosmic particle detectors, 600 physicists involved, anti matter conjectures
  25. Nation of explorers for 200 years, Kennedy quote
  26. Mention of his retirement,  public office?  Makes joke about Iowa and New Hampshire
  27. focus on his wife's recovery and family
  28. Wrap up, I'll stop here

Naveen Jain, Innovator, Philanthropist, And Entrepreneur, Is Reaching For The Moon As Co-Founder and Chairman Of Moon Express, Inc.

Written by Daven Maharaj

Silicon Valley, CA (April 4, 2011) - Naveen Jain shared with colleagues at the annual Explorers Club Awards Dinner in New York that he is Co-Founder and Chairman of Moon Express, Inc., winner of a $10M NASA commercial lunar contract and a leading contender for the $30M Google Lunar X PRIZE. Why is Naveen reaching for the Moon? He explained, “This is an extremely exciting project as Moon exploration is vital to solving Earth’s present and future resource problems.” (emphasis added)

I agree.

A Fusion Thruster for Space Travel

Clean, highly energetic reaction delivers a lot of drive from a drop of fuel

I saw this several days ago and my initial reaction was negative.

On further review, I saw this and it looks impressive.
The motor could generate 1 megawatt per second if the pulses are frequent enough to start reactions that consume that amount of boron in 1000 seconds.  [ a little further ahead of this sentence--- Even at 50 percent efficiency, burning off 40 milligrams of the boron fuel would deliver a gigajoule of energy]

But it won't be ready soon.  He says 10 years of work before this can be put to use.

Asked how long it will be before his fusion reactor is pushing spacecraft toward Mars, Chapman acknowledges that a decade of work might be required before that happens. "It takes teamwork to get something to the point where you put it in space," he says. His aim so far is "to get the idea out so other minds can begin thinking about it." 

Daily Ticker: Mark Zandi says the worst is over

  1. Mark Zandi of Moody's Analytics
  2. Politically far apart, but general agreement of what needs to be done
  3. Agreement is possible, but won't be painless
  4. Probably needs push from markets
  5. If recession, costs will be enormous, deficit will balloon again
  6. Policy makers need to be convinced into doing something
  7. Who gives in?  May not be resolved by deadline, may kick the can down the road

Morning Summary, 7/5

The holiday is over and now it is time to get back out there, so posting will be light.

A quick scan of the news doesn't appear to reveal anything significant.

A thought before I leave rather hastily, because there is not much time:  It occurred to me that these debt negotiations aren't going anywhere.  That's because the politicians are only interested in the show.  They can make this look really big and generate a lot of interest, but as far as actually doing anything to solve any problems, the answer is no.  This is going in the politics schmolitics file because of that.  There is no real interest in doing anything here.    It is intended to get each sides supporters revved up so that they will contribute to their campaigns.

If they really want to do anything, they would make serious proposals.  There aren't any.  It's all a game.

Monday, July 4, 2011

F6F Hellcat Super Scale Warbird


That's it for this fourth of July.  Here's a little gizmo that looks like a lot of fun, but not for me.  I don't spend money on these things.  Fun to watch though.  Anyway, have a great evening.

Video: Angry Biden Tells Teamsters They Better Not Vote Republican

I can't say if this is true or not, so here it is. The unions were said to have organized crime connections. Accordingly, I am reminded of the Godfather scene in which the movie big shot wakes up with a horse head in his bed. So, Biden is angry. If you vote Republican, do you get a horse head in your bed?

ecat news

Looks like a good source of news.

As for this blog, I just don't have the training to evaluate it.   The author of that site seems to do a good job, as far as I can tell.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), Founder, Senate Tea Party Caucus

He is threatening a filibuster in order to ensure debate on the debt ceiling. Go for it.

A study in contrasts

Iran claims America is no longer free.

But there are those who would take issue with that.  Iran's rulers should take heart in the so called leaders we have now.  For if we did have real leaders, they would be in very, very big trouble right now.  Actually, our so called leaders are their salvation.  If enough people here saw it that way, things would change here very fast, and change very fast elsewhere, especially for that bullshit regime.

We don't need anything from them, including their oil.  They need it more, because without it, they are nothing.

US Constitution

There has been some discussion about the 14th amendment as justification for ignoring the debt limit.  I have looked this over and I can't see anywhere in the Constitution where the President has the right and the power to ignore the law, or any law.  I can't see anywhere where the President can issue debt or any such power that would resemble it.  My opinion over the section in question, Section 4 of the amendment, is related to Civil War debts and has no bearing on current conditions.  In other words, it is a flimsy pretext for ignoring the law.

How to remote-control a robot on another planet

by Amara D. Angelica, Kurzweil Blog

This needs to be controlled from a place nearby.  Let's say, from the Earth to the Moon, or from Phobos to the surface of Mars.  It would be hard to control it in this fashion from Earth to Mars.  The time delay would make it impractical.

Morning Summary, July 4, 2011

Happy July 4th, America! Only, it doesn't seem as happy as it should. I didn't report on it, but there were some nasty looking articles out there recently. There seems to be a failure to grasp the significance of events and this failure seems to span the entire country.

Things have changed, and you have to adjust to the changes. Yet it seems as though the people want to keep on doing things the same old way as always. There's going to have to be some acceptance of the new order of things, and that means a reordering of priorities for this country.

Military spending will have to be cut- a lot. Entitlement spending will have to be cut- a lot. Taxes will have to go up- a lot. That's because the deficit is freaking huge. We don't have the money and we can't just can't borrow and borrow until we wreck the financial structure of the country.

It probably means that we can't defend the rest of the world anymore. They have economies that can rival ours. Why do we have to defend them? They can defend themselves. Of course, this could open up a can of worms because you don't know how these changes will play out. But the fact is, we don't have the capacity to shape events as we please. We have to take our chances with things the way they are, not as we would wish for them to be.

But, I don't know if the politicians see it this way. It kinda looks like they are going to play this the same way as always. And that worries me.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Harry Chapin- Taxi

This will be my last post today. I came across a couple of Harry Chapin's songs. They are both kind of sad, and this one is a bit like a failed dream of youth that gets revisited in older age. Sometimes, I feel a little like that. Thanks for coming by, and have a great evening.

How to play Layla

I wish I was about 30 years younger and they had youtube back then. This is awesome.

AmpEnergo claims the Western Hemisphere

by Ivy Matt, Cold Fusion Now

 For now the company will focus on developing a 1 MW device, to be available in late 2011 or early 2012. Unlike Defkalion it currently has no plans to develop a home heating unit.

There have been some comparisons of "cold fusion" with powered flight, which is popularly known from the story of the Wright Brothers.

Nearly five years after their first powered flight, they were still not believed.
Following repairs, the Wrights finally took to the air on December 17, 1903, making two flights each from level ground into a freezing headwind gusting to 27 miles per hour (43 km/h). The first flight, by Orville, of 120 feet (37 m) in 12 seconds, at a speed of only 6.8 miles per hour (10.9 km/h) over the ground, was recorded in a famous photograph.

Facing a lot of skepticism in the French aeronautical community and outright scorn by some newspapers that called him a "bluffeur," Wilbur began official public demonstrations on August 8, 1908 at the Hunaudières horse racing track near the town of Le Mans, France. His first flight lasted only one minute 45 seconds, but his ability to effortlessly make banking turns and fly a circle amazed and stunned onlookers, including several pioneer French aviators, among them Louis Bleriot. 

Although the Wright Brothers achieved fame, it does not appear that they achieve much fortune from their invention.  It is something of a cautionary tale to read their story.  With the history of "cold fusion", it already shows some of the pitfalls an inventor can have in attempting to earn the profits from his intellect.  Such as fate may also befall Rossi.  

CSPAN: Conn Carroll and Jamelle Bouie talked about the latest developments in Congress

Burning down the house

George F. Will
Reckless Endangerment” is a study of contemporary Washington, where showing “compassion” with other people’s money pays off in the currency of political power, and currency

All I know is that Democrats don't speak for me and I am supposed to be one of those who should support Democrats since I am a blue collar guy.  On the other hand, maybe not, because I am a white man.  An exception applies if you are "gay", of course.  Then it would be all right.

Interactions of charged particles on surfaces (pdf)

Interactions of charged particles on surfaces Nabil M. Lawandya_ Department of Physics and Division of Engineering, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island 02903, USA _Received 5 October 2009; accepted 11 November 2009; published online 7 December 2009

Charges of the same polarity bound to a surface with a large dielectric contrast exhibit an attractive long-range Coulomb interaction, which leads to a two-particle bound state. Ensembles of like charges experience a collective long-range interaction, which results in compacted structures with interparticle separations that can be orders of magnitude smaller than the equilibrium separation of
the pair potential minimum. Simulations indicate that ensembles of surface bound nuclei, such as D or T, exhibit separations small enough to result in significant rates of fusion.

Significant rates of fusion.  A theory for low energy nuclear reactions?

In conclusion, it has been shown that a system of like
charges can bind on the surface of a high dielectric constant
interface leading to new two-dimensional charged species or
ions with the possibility of having bosonic properties in the
ground state.

This is over my head.  The reason this got my attention was that one of the videos that I have watched on the subject discussed "cold fusion" as a surface phenomenon.  This paper looks like it fits in with that observation.

Morning Summary, 7/3

Several hours late this morning. I've been a bit busy doing the usual Sunday chores, but that isn't enough to cause this. Sure, my enthusiasm is waning. There was somebody who contacted me on email about possibly advertising on this site, but the timing is not so good. Now is not a good time. The best time would have been when readership was increasing. It is going down now, and the ecat is the only thing keeping it going.

Hopefully, the ecat can come through and this blog can be on the forefront of that news. That would be a miracle. You know how it goes. The big guys will swoop down and take all the oxygen from a little blog like this as soon as this thing becomes a real media sensation. Nobody will come here or to any other blog that is supporting the idea even though it isn't mainstream. As soon as it goes mainstream, they will got the mainstream blogs, even though none of them are supporting this now. But one can always hope.