Saturday, November 25, 2017

After 30 years, alarmists still predicting global warming apocalypse

Free Republic

It isn't about saving the Earth, or fighting so-called climate change.  If it were, the solutions are readily available, and have been since the beginning of this meaningless hysteria.

Sometimes, I wish that something could be found that could shut this down for good.  It would be like a silver bullet, or a wooden stake.  Yeah, a wooden stake.  These creatures are like vampires, that suck the blood of their victims until they make somebody into one of them.

They are even afraid of a crucifix.  Would garlic work too?

AGW Theory sucks!

Has corruption overtaken the USA?

Reading the Market Ticker may convince you of this.

Actually, you may get quite alarmed in reading some of this stuff.

Now, when you read that, and then you may begin to understand their reaction against Judge Roy Moore.  In the same vein, there is the same type of reaction to Trump.  Roy Moore and Trump want to bring back the rule of law.  That is, if they are sincere about it.

I have been saying that you cannot take people at face value.  To do so may be a big mistake.   Yet, people do trust these sources, such as the Washington Post, and their influence is real.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Johnny Rivers --- Mountain of Love

Oldie, but goodie.  Man, how things have changed.  Before I started listening to Grand Funk, I liked Johnny Rivers.  Lol.   Yeah, and the Four Seasons back in the Sixties once seemed pretty good.  What changed?  From that time to this time, even more change than that.

As for this song, the music doesn't go with the lyrics.  It doesn't sound like a sad song, but the lyrics are sad.  If the music went with the lyrics, it would never sell.  Does that mean that sad stuff doesn't sell, unless it is maudlin?  The song might sell if the mood was maudlin, these days.  Who knows?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Time to be a grouch

Man, am I getting sick and tired of all the commercialism.  If you click on a link to read something, you also get a sorry video that takes up a lot of precious bandwidth.

Here I am, trying to stay on a budget, and they keep doing this stuff.

Several years ago, five gig was plenty.  Now, ten gig isn't enough.  Most of that is junk.

Bitch, bitch, bitch.

Don't be a wanker

I got a good laugh out of that expression when it was being used in a conversation recently.  But what makes a thing funny is the degree of truth in it.

So, it raises a serious question.  What does all of this really accomplish?  I am referring to everything that I am doing right now, including this here blog.

Well, let's look over the "accomplishments".  Almost a half-million pageviews, over 11k posts, not nearly all that many comments ( over 300 including a great deal written by me ), over a period of more than seven years.

That's the blog.  In comparison to other blogs, not that hot.  But better than nothing.

I've gotten 3 1/2 years paid off of my property out west.  I have practiced the hell out of my severe conservation techniques for preparations for living in the desert.  I am sure I can subsist off of five gallons of water per day.  Not so sure about the electricity, maybe under 3 kwh per day.  Not real sure about my power generation system that I will use.  Don't have a shelter up.  Don't have a septic system, which is required by state law and the terms of sale.

The big hangup now is money.

I could put the costs of the thing on credit, it is the paying off of the debt that is the trouble.  But as of now, I still have good credit.  That counts for something.

I have a trailer, but I don't know if I want to use it out there.

In short, I could be positioned to make the leap any time I want.  It is a matter of being ready.  I am wondering if I could ever really be ready.  My health is a concern.  A big concern.  Not to mention securityThere are bad dudes in the area.   So, there's that.

It would be a big leap of faith to go soon.  So, if I don't go, does it mean that I am not accomplishing anything of substance, or like what the title says?

Is it just jerking off, then?  What do I really want out of this is key.  Would I be satisfied with moral victories, or is that is being a wanker?

It isn't bothering me, in case anybody is wondering.  Perhaps "success" is in the eye of the beholder.

Well, if you can't take a joke....

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Don Surber: Charlie Rose shows how not to apologize

Don Surber: Charlie Rose shows how not to apologize: In recent days, America has learned there is a whole legion of lecherous lefties out there - the Joe Biden Brigade.


If the left wins the Alabama Senate seat that Judge Roy Moore is seeking, would it be a Pyrrhic Victory?

What's gonna be left when they get through with this war that they started?


Global Warming Fake



Nothing really new here.  Just one more confirmation of what I wrote before.  That one was about the Gas Laws.

Putting the phrase "gas laws" in my editor turned up 18 posts.  I supposed I have beaten this subject to death.  If you put it in the search box at the left sidebar, you can turn up even more posts.

Maybe the subject is like Dracula.  Only a wooden stake to the heart of this beast will kill it.


More and more I can see evidence of the falsity of the AGW hypothesis.  The other day, I was at the stove, and metal got red hot.

This gave me pause.  What was making the metal hot?  A gas.  What happened to the gas?  It moved into the room, making it hotter.  But what happened to the metal?  In order to answer that, I decided to try something.  I wanted to see how close I could get to the hot spot of the metal before I felt the heat from it.  The point being that the heat in the metal stays close to its origin.  However, the heat from the gas moves throughout the room.  Open the door, then the heat goes out.

Now, take that thought, and apply it to the rhetoric about AGW.  Carbon dioxide, which is a gas, is supposed to be trapping heat, thus making the temperatures go up.

But no gas can trap heat.  In order to trap something, it must be held in place, not spread around.  Gases release heat, they do not trap heat.  It is therefore impossible for carbon dioxide to trap heat. Unless....

What about the planet Venus?  What explains the hellish temperatures on that planet?  The answer is that gravity traps heat.  That and the amount of gas makes it more dense, like a metal is dense.  It is the same with a liquid.  A liquid is more dense than a gas.  Therefore, liquids will be more likely to trap heat.  The surface of Venus has a pressure that is equivalent to being under several thousand feet of water.  The molecules of gas are pressed together closer, like a liquid or a metal.  It is this quality that makes heat trapping a possibility.

The Venusian atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide.  But so is Mars.  Mars does not have enough atmosphere to trap heat, so I have heard.  It is only one percent that of Earth, and one hundredth of a percent of the pressure of Venus.   Well, then, there you are.  It is the amount of gas in the atmosphere that traps the heat, not its composition.  If the atmosphere of Venus was exactly like the Earth in type of gases, it would still be a very hot place, provided that there was 100 times more of it, as is the case with the atmosphere of Venus.

Humans cannot begin to change the atmosphere to make it like Venus.  We would all die long before that happened.  Besides, there isn't enough oxygen to make carbon dioxide that would be enough to make a difference, even if we could.

AGW is a fraud.

Monday, November 20, 2017

David Brooks' sermon on Idolatry and Heresy

There's some links on this stuff, since it was on PBS.  But there are some problems with it, may be related to this computer or to the website itself.  I don't know which, so I won't link.

The problem here is presumption of guilt, when the evidence isn't sworn and in open court.  Therefore, it is meaningless in the legal sense.  It is 100% political.

Another problem is bringing in the religion-speak, with words like heresy and idolatry.

It strikes me as rather odd that a guy on a leftist outfit tries to give sermons about religion.  The leftists have historically been anti-religion.

Thirdly, as usual, the left gets it backward.  The ones practicing idolatry are the leftists.  They are the one politicizing this thing.  It is rather unfortunate that the so-called right has chimed in as usual, with a mea culpa over a matter that does not involve themselves.  Now, who is politicizing this thing????

The Ten Commandments is heresy?  You don't say.  Coulda fooled me.  Does that mean the left agrees with Judge Moore, then?  Don't bet on it.


Tax cuts for the rich really are tax cuts for the rich.

Now that's rich.

If John "McStain" blows this one up, fine with me.  But the thing I oppose has always been the cut on corporate taxes ( whether they actually pay them or not).

Sunday, November 19, 2017


Originally posted 9.15.15,

reposted 11.19.17

The folks who believe in the Gramscian Theory believe that the media can make you see five lights ( which is false) and not say that there are only four lights ( which is the truth ).

The previous post made this post necessary yet for the fifth time.

You don't have to go along with what somebody in power tells you to be true when your own mind tells you what the truth really is.

Got that?????????????????????????????????????????????????

The fact that the left has captured all the high grounds of our society does not explain why Trump won.  Nor does it explain why Moore can win.

The truth can win, but only when the people insist upon it.

The original post follows:

Something's wrong with the video player, so I'm reposting this for the fourth time, but as a new post.

The internet service was unavailable for awhile as well.  No, I'm not claiming anything is happening as a punishment.

What is reality? ( or what is truth )

Plato's Cave and Our Current Reality

Earick Ward, American Thinker


He postulates that it may be more force than reason.  Whatever the case may be, if you should win a battle on its merits and the potential for victory is there, you should go for victory.

I think of this every time an issue like the alleged behavior of Judge Roy Moore comes up.  Supposedly, the conservative thing to do is to roll up into a little ball and roll into the nearest hole so you can crawl into it.

When it is an issue like the Ten Commandments ( and Judge Moore), one that you could win, and should win, then by golly go for the win.  If that is "force", then we need to have "conservatives" who are willing to be more forceful.  This schtick of theirs is nothing that I would call conservative.  Since when is conservatism defined in this way?

It means nothing if you are not willing to put something into it.  So-called conservatives are just playing around if they aren't willing to pledge their "life, liberty, and their sacred honor".  For that is what it took to make this nation, and that is what it is going to take to keep it.

So-called conservatives are not willing, it seems, to do any of that.  "Let's not get our hands dirty", seems to be the thinking.