Saturday, July 11, 2015

Obligatory, 7/11/15

Didn't do this post lately, so here it is now.

I planned to work all day, but as you know, a plan is just the kind of thing that makes God laugh.

In other words, the plan has gone awry.  Now I am back home, thinking of going back out there and trying again.  So far, not so good.

Plus, I've got my van in da shop checking out a small problem that I hope won't turn into a bigger one.  Ain't life grand?

Grand Funk Railroad - The Railroad

My bones ache, I can really use a day off, but I gotta go to work again.  It reminds me of this song.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Home again, 7/10/15

A year ago, I was planning my second trip out West.  In the first year, I made 5 trips, or about 1 every two months.

No wonder I spent so much.  It's getting to be too expensive to make even one trip.

Enough of the belly aching.

Today was a rather busy day, and if nothing else, I made more money than I spent.  Yay, me.

Cherokee Nation-Paul Revere and The Raiders

Hey, I might qualify as a Cherokee.

Become a red man and you just might get elected to high office.

Joan Baez - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

With all the flag business, they're fighting the Civil War all over again.  Hope that makes everybody feel better. /sarc

Early Shots Show Impurities Dropping, But Not Yet Enough For High Fusion Yields

Focus Fusion news.  The news has been a bit sparse lately, so I went over and had a look.  This article says the early shots aren't going as well as predicted, but they may have an answer for why.

The metallic impurities have decreased as expected, but a ( new? ) source of impurities has emerged---oxygen.  Evidently, the oxygen is combining with tungsten prior to the shot to form a layer that subsequently enters the plasma as the shot takes place.  It is theorized that several shots will remove the oxygen, and thus the expected improvements can take place.

Let's hope so.

Obligatory, 7/10/15

With respect to current events, my mind is a blank.  What to write about, then?

I was thinking about the Spacex launch failure recently.  How fragile is the space program!  One launch failure like this can jeopardize the entire company, and thus all of its ambitious goals.

After the Columbia disaster during the Shuttle Era, it was proposed that they use solid rocket boosters in order to get crew into space.  It was deemed to be safer, if memory serves.  Indeed, it seems like it is impossible for one of these things to blow up.  You could sit a Dragon capsule on top of it, and it would have a crew ejection option if things went wrong.  Now, with a liquid fueled rocket, an explosion is not out of the realm of possibilities.  When you have an explosion like that, how do you guarantee crew safety?  You can't.

You might make it relatively safe with solid rocket boosters and a crew escape system like the Dragon.  But you lose the economical reuse of the rockets.

There may be a need to recognize that space travel will involve risk, and in order to have a manned space program, you will have to accept some level of risk.  There doesn't appear to be any way to make spaceflight completely safe and economical.

To make spaceflight like flying a plane could be out of the question, unless some new technology comes along.

It's not been a good year, has it?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hillary's Bernie Problem

American Thinker


Author believes that the Bernie Sanders campaign will push Hillary too far to the left.

Personally, I say be careful what you wish for.

Speaking of the devil...

China Soars Most Since 2009 After Government Threatens Short Sellers With Arrest, Global Stocks Surge

Happiness v. Goodness

What if you can't be good and happy at the same time?

A hypothetical that isn't so hypothetical:  what happens when you are no longer young nor healthy?  Especially if only one of the partners is so afflicted, then what does the other partner do?

Traditional marriage says "in sickness and in health".  So, if this sickness interferes with one's happiness, does that give permission to seek another partner?  Why not?  If happiness is the only consideration, then why should someone suffer because of the other?

Yes, this gets back to homosexual marriage. You see, the big argument here is those two people's happiness.  The goodness part goes out the window because it interferes with their happiness. But bad old conservatives won't necessarily stand in the way of their happiness.  One could get sick.  Will the other stick around because, ya know, LOVE and all that, or just leave because one's happiness is the only thing that matters?  Obviously, I don't believe that if one chucks goodness out the window that they will stick around when the going gets rough.  They will split when things get rough.

Same is true for heterosexual couples.  Our society stopped valuing goodness and replaced it with happiness only.  Something has to explain the high divorce rate.  Don't you think that's it?

That's how the rationalization for homosexual marriage got sold.  Happiness is more important than goodness.

Can a government really manage an economy?

They'll certainly try.

The reference to Animal House was irresistible.

All is well!

The Unscientific Science of Man Made Global Warming

Genuine science is built on the basis of skeptical inquiry, and people confident of their conclusions welcome independent investigation and confirmation. But neither of those practices are comforting to the prominent Australian scientists who are telling the nation’s parliament to shut down a proposed inquiry into the evidence for their theory of catastrophic manmade global warming.


If this was an honest group, they would welcome the inquiry in order to put to rest any doubts.  Instead, they act as if they had something to hide.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Home again, 7/8/15

I saw this headline ---  New Zealand makes internet 'trolling' illegal --- and it reminded me of this song.

Can't anybody take a joke these days?

"The King can do no wrong"

This would be true in a monarchy, but this is supposed to be a Republic.  Don't confuse the office holders with the office.  The "office" is the "King's office", which in this country is the Constitution's office, not the guy holding the office; which if it were so, this would be a monarchy.

In the late eighteen century, after the Constitution convention ended, Ben Franklin was asked what kind of government the new Constitution provided, he said "A republic, if you can keep it."  Can we keep this a Republic?  Or will we go the way of the Roman Republic, which became an Empire, and then dissolved into history as it became a nonentity.

The enemies of the Republic are winning.

About being angry

Listen carefully to what the media says sometimes and you may get a clue at what worries them.  They will mention "angry" white men from time to time.

Well, if you are a white man, you should be angry.  Look at what they are doing to you.

Every time they call you "racist", they are marginalizing you.  They are dehumanizing you.  If you are a white man, you should be angry every time the modern culture uses that word.  This word has replaced the word "nigger".  How do I know this?  I heard Julian Bond say so on a PBS broadcast.

If you won't be angry, you may be said to be wise.  But if can't be angry, you are also a fool.

White men have a right to be angry, and should be.  Don't let the left put you on the defensive for being angry.  If a black man has a right to be angry for being called a "nigger", then so does the white man for being called a "racist".  As Julian Bond said, it is the same thing.

Gay Whale Swallows JONAH

American Thinker

SPLC sues and wins against a non-profit who treats homosexuals who no longer want to be that way.

Judge rulings prevented an adequate defense against the lawfare tactics.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Quick post before I go, 7/7/15

This one has slipped my mind for the last time.  I wanted to write about it, but haven't attended to it, so now I will, but rather hurriedly.

This past holiday weekend, I read a Robert Ringer column which stated something rather peculiar to me.  He said that to actively oppose the regime is to be a "useful idiot" for them.  His reasoning was that they won't change, and they may do away with you if you are troublesome enough to them.

Although, he may be right as far as all that goes, I think that an active opposition is necessary, and to do it not invites the very thing that he says he opposes.  For if you don't oppose, don't you give your tacit support?  After all, couldn't they say something like: "nobody said anything against it".  At the very least, one has to oppose that which is wrong, or be prepared to accept it, because it will become inevitable.

He ascribes too much potency to this group.  If they can't muster any better arguments than the ones they typically offer, then they cannot be so fearsome as he suggests.

You cannot defeat them if you don't try.  The trouble with Ringer and Limbaugh, in addition to a lot of "leaders" is that they have become too comfortable in their "success".  When that happens, they become too concerned about losing what they have in material possessions and end up losing far more than that.

What profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?

Obligatory: 7/7/15

Confusion seems to be the order of the day.  Looking all around the usual places I go on the web, what strikes me is all of the confusion.

Who are you to believe in the midst of all of the cacophony?

With that in mind, I will give something of a confusing response.  It will be disparate thoughts only, sorry.

  • I've been a bit neglectful in my health habits.  I allowed my thyroid medication to lapse, which means I failed to take medication for the last week or so.  This may explain some of my grogginess yesterday.  It's been fixed for now, but I have to take a blood test within a week so the doctor can monitor the situation.  The blood test was put off when I went out West a few months ago.
  • What are the most important things?  That question just popped up as I am writing.  Health could definitely be one.  Once you lose that, you have nothing really.  You can be the richest man on Earth, but if your health is lost, then it doesn't matter now, does it?  Aside from health?  Something popped up in my thoughts just now.  I remember what my physics teacher said way back in high school:  "Don't ever lose your integrity, you may never get it back."  I took that to heart, obviously.  Why would I remember it if I didn't?  By the way, truth and integrity go together.  It is impossible to see how they can be separated.  Peace is important too.  So, why is it so hard to find?  A question to ponder some other time.
  • As for me, I'm just trying to stay in my saddle.  One of those things that can get you into trouble is if you start having financial problems.  It seems that I have spent an awful lot of money in this past year and my finances are started to get a bit strained.  That's a big flashing red light.  When you don't pay attention to a red light, you just may crash.  It is a warning.
Funny, I'm all emptied now.  Nothing more to write for now.  For someone who wanted to be a writer, I sure don't have much to say.

Whatever.  Time to get ready for work.  Have to make some money to pay those bills.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Not so slow day after all

Today was pretty much a normal day.  After telling me that there probably won't be much, I got a bunch of stuff that kept me busy for most of the day.

Felt pretty tired for most of the day.  Got home and fell asleep.

I'm an old fart.  What can I say?

Slow day today

Boss man says stay home and keep the radio on.  Whoop-de-doo.  No money in that, but I won't take the day off.  It doesn't help.

Of course, there's another option, but that can wait.

Meanwhile, I got the trading platform issue squared away.

Wonder how the markets react to the Greece situation?  It's pointing downward.  We'll see.

Obligatory 7/6/15: Solutions are good, only if they actually work

Well, duh!

Here I am looking for solutions, but keep falling deeper and deeper into the crapper.  But Wishbone doesn't even try, and he somehow manages to solve his.  Here I am, working my ass off, he doesn't do a thing, but what he does do is to wait until a family member bails him out.

You see, Wishbone couldn't pay his bills.  I helped him keep his apartment in June when I gave him a little money.  When I decided I couldn't keep doing this, I get in touch with the eldest brother ( number one ), and he manages to solve Wishbone's problem for him.  At least, for the moment, it looks like it could be a solution.

It might even work for me.

Ahem.  I've been working on this ranch idea for a year now, and it has nearly busted me.  My "solution" of working on the ranch in order to cut living expenses to the bone isn't working out, or doesn't look at the moment like it will work out.  I'm working my ass off, but maybe if I'd have acted the waif, I would have been rescued.  Instead, I will work my ass off and go broke anyway.

I'm just stubborn enough to keep trying, though.  Surely, there ought to be enough merit in this idea to make it work.  I'm just not managing it properly.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

No, we don't have to change our government

But we DO have to change the personnel who are currently RUNNING the government.

Evidently, there's a lot of people out there who cannot distinguish between the Constitution and the people who are in service to it.

Everybody who is an officer of the Constitution must take an oath to support and defend it.  No other loyalties, including political loyalties are LEGAL.  Therefore, anybody who puts their personal loyalties ahead of the Constitution is in violation of it and must be removed from office.

Thus, the Constitution isn't at fault.  What's at fault are the people who are (purportedly) in service to it and won't remain faithful to it.

There are LEGAL remedies under this Constitution, but nobody hardly anybody seems interested in them.  One of them, long advocated on this blog, includes an Article V convention.  The objection is that it may become a runaway convention, but what do you do about a runaway government officialdom?

An Article V gives the states the power to discipline the Federal government.  It's useless if it is never employed.


The text of the Constitution that supports what I wrote.
  1. With respect to oaths:  Article VI:  "The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States."
  2. With respect to an Article V convention:  Article V: "The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as Part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress; Provided that no Amendment which may be made prior to the Year One thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any Manner affect the first and fourth Clauses in the Ninth Section of the first Article; and that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.

Therefore, a remedy exists.  The big question is if the people and its leaders are interested enough to do something about the situation.

A revolution is ridiculous.

Another "sugar" post

Short and sweet.

I know that my account was still active because I keep getting emails from them.  I used the latest email to access the account, but this isn't the trading platform.  Therefore, I know I've still got money there, I just can't do anything with it just now.  I penned an email that asks the big question, and they sent back a bot's answer, which says nothing.  It has to wait until tomorrow.

I could be wrong in thinking that this position (short the market) could come up big.  I figured that it would when I set it up, but that may have been wrong.

Doesn't hurt to try, though.

Obligatory, 7/5/15

A few thoughts this am, it will have to be brief.  My regrets...

  • With the big corporations attempting to punish Donald Trump for speaking the truth, it occurred to me that the conservatives had better get organized, and fast.
  • My concerns about my short position being unsafe may be justified.  I need to check out a few things.
  • There are concerns about the Greek situation and the "other shoe dropping".  The "other shoe" is the current state of affairs, which is being propped up by easy money policies.  Once those have run their course, look out...
  • My computers are getting out of date, especially my little netbook which runs on XP.  Microsoft doesn't support XP anymore, and I cannot access my trading account without it.  
  • My other computer needs to be updated every time I use it.  What a pain in the neck, or even lower.
I'm updating the big computer now.  It looks ready, so I'll close this short post now.  Sorry again for the brevity.