Saturday, January 10, 2015

As long as I'm in a pissed off mood...

Why not use it?  Maybe something good can come from it.  Probably not, but what the heck?

Well, here goes...

Awhile back, I suggested a new political party.  But this idea doesn't require a political party, but it does require mass behavioral changes.  That probably means it won't work.

Anyway, the idea is to have a "none of the above" party.  The none of the above party's platform is simple:  "throw the bums out".  What you do as a member of this party is to always vote against the incumbent.  If you are happy with the incumbent, you should leave the party, because you are no longer in the none of the above frame of mind.

Some 50% of the people don't vote in the elections.  If you got those 50% to the the polls and voted against the incumbents, a lot of them would lose their jobs.  This is probably true more for the GOP than the Democrats, so the message here is clear.  The GOP has an advantage in the off year elections that they stand to lose if they don't get their shit together.

If there's any way I can punish these fucks, I'll think of it.  I promise you that.  If you want to be a member of this party, then take the pledge and mean it.  Follow the party platform and vote the bastards out.  If you do this, they will be very unhappy.  Good, they deserve to be.

Recap of last week's posts --- 1/10/15

Breakdown by category:

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A basic scan of these helps me out because I realize now that this blog ain't what I thought it was.  It's not about solutions.  It's basically about being pissed off about how the world ain't working the way I'd like it to.

Dunning Kruger again?  Just might be.  Sometimes, you just have to take stock and be honest with yourself.

I wanted the blog to be about ideas, but somehow it gets converted into the thing that I despise, which is our politicians and leaders.  These fucks can even corrupt your own thoughts.

Going through the options

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This is next in the off-the-grid construction subseries.

Things may be getting a bit confused at the moment.  Eventually, things get settled, but it may not happen on a predictable schedule---sort of like SpaceX's rockets.  That's life.

Anyway, I decided not to buy a moving van.  But that decision isn't final.  What!?!  That's right, I could reconsider.  At the moment though, I am considering all my options.  While I'm on the subject, I am considering the conversion of the van to an RV.  This option is the cheapest.  The most expensive may well be the moving van.  It all depends on what I want to accomplish as to what my final decision is, okay?  There are things I don't know yet, or may never know, and will have to make my best guess.

Anyway, I made some drawings and some notes for the moving van conversion.  Hope that you, my readers, can read them, because I'm not going to rewrite all of that.  Maybe that's why my blog ain't popular.  I can be so inconsiderate at times.

A quick thought on the folding legs:  it won't work.  It would have to be telescoping legs.  That's not hard, I hope.

Quid est veritas? - The Passion of the Christ

Post modernism is the not new.  There's nothing new under the sun.  Look at how Pilate is utterly stumped by the concept of truth.  In a false world of the Emperors, there is little wonder that he was confused.  He was trained to be confused.  He was living in a post modern world some 2000 years ago.

1968: A rip on the fabric of the space-time continuum

This is an idea for a post that has been fermenting for a long time now.  Many months ago, or it may have been over a year ago, I noted how the GDP per person in terms of gold peaked in 1968, and has never exceeded that peak since.  This means something, but as usual, there will be people who will deny this and continue on as before.

This allows me to segue into a theme of this blog, and there are several themes, and so this one---that the truth is a slippery thing--- that I want to explore for a moment.  What does that mean, that the truth is slippery?  It means several things, particularly in this culture right now.  There is an entire movement, called post modernism, that seems to deny that there is any truth at all.  Well, if there's no truth at all, why look for it at all?  The truth implies exclusion of all others, and we just can't have that in this culture today.  Hence, there has to be many truths, even though there can be only one truth.  The truth is slippery because you are being indoctrinated in denial of truth as a matter of principle, which is an oxymoron.  How can there be a principle, when there is no truth?  The devil really can cast himself out, and the kingdom divided against itself can really stand.  Only in a world in which the truth is slippery can there be any truth at all.  For there is only one truth.  It is hard to find and hard to hold.

The truth is indeed slippery, so finding it requires a lot of dedication and effort.  Without the incentive to find it, you won't bother to look for it.  If that happens throughout an entire civilization, it may well be in danger of collapse, as its supporting structures must include truth, or otherwise it cannot stand.  Its science must be based upon truth, not frauds like global warming.  Its system of justice must be based upon truth, not lies, like Ferguson that leads to cop-killings.  Its religion must be based upon truth, or it leads to communism or Islam.

Racism could be charged for writing that, but who gains from race these days?  The oppressed have become the oppressors, but this isn't new.  The good book says there is nothing new under the sun, and neither is this.  It is all quite predictable and true, if respect for the truth is what guides you.

So, the West is under siege, but the siege isn't from vast armies at its gates.  It is a spiritual siege from a society that has been ripped from its moorings and is adrift upon a stormy sea.  As Ann Barnhardt pointed out, this coincides with the Novus Ordo in the Catholic Church.  It also coincides with the abandonment of prayer in schools in 1963.  It coincides with the annulus horribus of 1968, in which Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated.  It also coincides with the high water mark of Western Civilization that occurred in 1968, when man first circled the moon in a spacecraft.  And it coincides with the high water mark of human prosperity mentioned above in the first paragraph.  All of this is a coincidence?  Does the Novus Ordo sound like a coincidence or a plan?

Our culture, our heritage and our freedom are being ripped from our very hands, yet there is nobody there to stop it.  Why?  We have been trained to be passive in the face of this aggression.  Since we have been trained to be this way, we will have to unlearn all of this that we have learned.  Because that which we have learned is not based in truth, so our training cannot do anything to help us, but the reverse.

A lot of bad stuff happened in 1968.  Can we recover from that, or are we doomed?  I'd like to be optimistic, but things don't look good right now.

It's race, not religion

Evidence?  This man was trying to help the terrorists on the run to escape.  What do you notice about this picture?
Something strange about their appearances.  The woman is an accomplice, by the way.  The gunman is on the right.  Anyway, they look like they are "dead".  Soul dead.  There's no life in their souls.  It's in the eyes.  Dead eyes.

But you are not supposed to point these things out, or you are a racist.

Huevos rancheros and homemade biscuits

Healthy eating?  Perhaps not.  It may be better than what I usually eat.

Anyway, it isn't eggs, but egg whites.  It is chili with beans, because beans have fiber.  I need fiber in my diet.  As you get older, your plumbing starts to wear out.  Keep the fiber coming and the plumbing works better.  Besides, the chili gives the ultra plain egg whites some taste.

The homemade biscuits have a flour without iron.  Shouldn't you want iron?  Not in the morning because it interferes with my meds.

I have to say that it wasn't high cuisine, but it wasn't a bad meal.  I may get some arguments about that.

SpaceX rocket landing 'close, but no cigar'

The rocket made it to the barge, but hit it too hard

Yeah, I was a bit worried about something like that happening.  There are other things, too.  Let's say it got there, and DIDN'T land too hard.  Then, what prevents the wind and the pitching deck from overturning the rocket?

I think this all means that there will be a lot of failure before final success is reached.  Eventually, he wants to land on the ground, not out at sea.  They basically need to be out there away from it all in order to get some results that they can ponder over.  Now, they've got some results to work with, and can get to work on making improvements to their system.  Eventually, they'll get it right.  It would've been nice if it was now, but that doesn't mean it can't be done.  It's just going to take a bit longer than we'd all like.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Some fancy ideas for RV conversion

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This will go into off-the-grid construction subseries.

Let's keep this product in mind for RV conversion of van.

I want to put the insulated box in the van and be able to sleep in it.  In earlier posts, I referred to this as the "coffin".  I want the coffin to be portable and on wheels so it can slide in and out of the van so that the van can still be used for cargo runs.

What I'm thinking could be too complex.  I want to put a sliding desk that will fit over the top of the recliner while I'm in it.  It will have to slide out of the way in order for me to get out.  This may not be possible.

Not really sure how I'm going to get into and out of this recliner each morning.  It's going to be a rather tight fit.

Anyway, the goal is to be able to relax in the recliner and to do work with the computer too.  For that, I need a desk type flat surface.  Perhaps I should stick with a laptop.  This will aid in keeping things small and manageable.

Some construction details...

Looks like you attach product above to a frame, so I'll have to build a frame, and then attach these to that frame.  Could wrap around the interior 360 degrees with this stuff because it is strong.  In other words, it may be usable as flooring.  ( come to think of it, not sure about that. )

If not possible, perhaps I could use sub flooring materials I saw earlier in this research.

The left wants to kill shale, and with some help from the Saudis, they will

How Bad Is It For Shale Companies: The Cost Of Resolute Energy's New Second-Lien Debt: 25%!

Islam a race?

Great question!

Yes, I would submit that it is a race that is anti-white.  Consider that Christianity got its start in a white man's world, and that Islam got its start in a non-white man's world, and there you have it.

It ain't religion.  It is race.

The roles have reversed.  Instead of the white man burning crosses on the front lawns of those they don't like, you get non-white peoples burning down the World Trade Center on 9-11.

If it ain't terrorism, then there ain't no such thing.  But it is terrorism, Osama bin Laden said so,.  Remember that he said Thank God America is frightened.  If 9-11 wasn't meant to frighten us, then what was it?  Now, after all these years, you still got these people doing this terrorism business.

And who did you elect to protect us?  A guy with an Islamic name.  But you aren't supposed to point that out.

Love you up dem choo-choos

California has gone full blown stupid with their choo-choo train idiocy.  Meanwhile, here in Houston, the newest leg of Mayor Brown's choo-choo is set to open soon.  Yay.

By the way, Texas is supposed to be red, but you'd never know it around here.

Trains aren't worth a flip, but they cost a lot.  Somebody's got to pay for it.  Money from your pocket to theirs, you see.

Knowledge is Power

What did I tell you?

For a five-month period that ends this week, every single elected Republican in Congress was a white Christian. Let me repeat that: every elected GOP Member of the House and Senate was a white Christian

Forget the war on women.  It's a war on the white folks.  I'm talking Paris here too, numb nuts.

Message Geert Wilders on Paris attack

via Free Republic


I would add that we need to end our dependence upon oil, and develop the molten-salt reactor.  Failure to have done so is the very thing that funds this type of outrage.  There are solutions, but is there the will to implement them?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hard for even me to believe, as the GOP cave-in on immigration will happen at warp speed

These guys are pathetic.

I voted for the new GOP governor of Texas, but it looks like another big mistake.

The GOP.  What good is it?

Home again 1/8/15

Tough day.  Not that it was a tough, physical day, because it wasn't.  No, it was tough for other reasons.

Seemed like every time I turned around, there was something that reminded me of something that wasn't flattering to me.

Let's say it was a Dunning-Kruger type of day.  Just when I thought I was getting on top, the world was there to knock me right back down.

I said that the Dow was going down, so it goes way the hell up.  Not that I believe this BS, but there it is.  It is making some people a lot of money.  I'm just not one of them.  Although it is better to not participate in something like this, because I suspect corruption, I see that a lot of other people are going to get sucked in.  Maybe they will be sorry later, but now they are probably feeling pretty good.

Then, there was one of my stops in which there was a couple speaking in a language I studied for over a year.  I didn't understand a word they said.  When the man spoke English, it was perfect.  I mean PERFECT.  Enough to make you feel downright worthless.

Ah, but that's not all.  I saw this on my smart phone.  Just after I said that there weren't any KKK or neo-Nazi stuff going on here in America, somebody bombs an NAACP joint.  Well, at least it wasn't a mob seeking to lynch a Negro.  No, it is a mob of liberals seeking to lynch a "white supremacist", instead.  I know if they look hard enough, they might find one of these somewhere.  Of all places for it to be, it is in Colorado.  In El Paso county.  Shriek!  I'm moving to El Paso sometime soon.  Isn't Ann Barnhardt from Colorado?  I write about her a bit on this blog.  It's a budding conspiratorial movement, and I'm in the center of it!  Yikes!  Will I ever live it down?

Yeah, and I've blasted the great Rush Limbaugh who is saving America from the liberals.  What could I be thinking?  Don't I know my limitations?  As for the GOP, they are going to save us, no doubt about that.

I guess I'm just going to have to learn my place.  Dunning-Kruger strikes again.  It's just so hard, hard, hard.

Read my lips. No new Bushes.

Right on, right on, right on.

You know what I think the Bushes really did that disqualifies them?  They took the unity they inherited and fractured it.  Both of them did this.  Papa Bush destroyed GOP unity with his violation of his no new taxes pledge.  "Shrub" destroyed American unity after 9-11 when he invaded Iraq.

If you go into 2016, nominate him, and elect him, you will end up with a fractured nation.  Just what we don't need.

Shrub promised to be a uniter, but Bush's promises are not to be trusted.

Some off-the-grid thoughts

The world is crazy, as we are seeing in France.

One can retreat from this crazy world, as I am going to do.  Is that wise?  Perhaps not.  I will continue to keep track, just the same.  I will vote against the craziness.  I will write against it.  Just that words aren't enough.  You have to find something TO DO to strike a blow.  Perhaps what I do doesn't matter much, since I am only one person.  But if there would be enough people who would join up with me in resistance, it could make a difference.  Just sayin'.

Anyway, I made some decisions about housing out there.  I'm not going to buy the moving van.  Too expensive.  The trailer isn't big enough.  So, what to do?  Convert my van to an RV.  I already own the van.  Inside, it is bigger than the trailer that I am considering.  So, it has that going for it.

I can make my own "coffin" and slide it into the van.  If I make it portable enough, I can take it out too, when I want to use the van for hauling stuff around.

The "coffin" may not be all that hard to make.  Just make four sides and a top and bottom.  Six pieces of wood connected together and well insulated and voila---coffin.

The coffin concept is for sleeping.  It is made small in order to minimize energy necessary for making it warm or cool according to climate control needs.  This will save energy, I am hoping.

I'll put a bed in it, and it will all fit into the van.  The van can also house the toilet and the freezer.  But not a shower.  I will need to look up and think up a plan for that.  One idea is to buy a washtub and place it near the side doors of the van.  Put a tarp over the open end on just one side that needs to be covered, and place the wash tub between the doors.  Now you have a shower that you can stand up in, and it can collect the water that is to be recycled.  There will also be privacy, because the doors of the van, the body of the van, and the tarp will block in all directions.

It is comforting to be able to solve ones own problems, is it not?  This is in contrast with our collective institutions that only CAUSE problems for us.  Just sayin'.

Join with me, and together with own combined strength, we can rule the galaxy!!!  Bwah, hah, hah!

"Stupid Party" strikes again

We are in the Twilight Zone, folks.

The GOP wins the Senate, and what do they do?  They reestablish rules that existed before, so that the Dems can have some input.  The Dems blocked any GOP input when they ran the Senate.  Real, real smart of McConnell to do this.  Now the Dems can sabotage the intentions of the GOP, and the GOP is okay with that.  You can be assured that the Dems will not be so kind when they regain power.

If McConnell had been beaten in the primary like he should have been, he wouldn't be doing this.  But to act with some intelligence is asking too much, I guess.

'Prophet has been avenged' in attack on Paris magazine that kills 12

American Thinker


Again, how is it that the police are unarmed in Paris, yet this group can exist there?

Why is racism of white people so aggressively policed, but nonwhite, non-Christian groups like this are allowed entry into the country, and are allowed to arm themselves with military type weapons?

The answer is that they are not serious about stopping al Qaeda, nor in defending their own culture.  That's how attacks like this are possible.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Jihad in Paris

There is an obvious reaction to this.  But trying to intelligent, as my vanity pushes me to be, I look for different viewpoints.

I came across this one, which counsels a different response from the one that would be obvious.  By the way, the obvious one would be like kind retaliation.  An eye for an eye.  Tooth for tooth.

One still could ask some rather pointed questions after reading this counsel, all the same.  Among them are these:  Why is al Qaeda in Europe at all after all these years?  Wasn't al Qaeda supposedly destroyed or on the run?

I am not convinced by the piece linked to above, only looking at the less obvious.  The less obvious thing is why isn't more being done?  Why does al Qaeda even exist after this many years?  Anybody want to explain that?  There is a way to deal with these groups, if that is really intended.

Okay, if the best way to respond to these type of attacks is to go after those responsible, then go for it.  But to me, it may be asked if something more can be done about these types of violent groups.  In the US, comparable groups like the KKK have been fully suppressed.  Imagine that in this country, a KKK group lynched 12 negroes, similar to what they may have done at the height of their power.  I'd think that such a possibility here now would be just about nonexistent and inconceivable.  That's because of an aggressive effort to stop the KKK.  It has succeeded.  We ruin people for even the slightest whiff of a connection to this group, no matter how tenuous.  Witness the Scalise controversy.  Why hasn't this been done in Europe or France?

Vader: I'm yo Daddy

Join me on the Dark Side.  Together, we will rule the galaxy.  Bwah, ha ha!!!

How to start a revolution

This is something of a joke.  But maybe not.

You may have heard how the banks in Europe "bailed in" depositors.  That's a rip-off, don't ya know.  Anyway, it occurred to me that the rip-off wasn't big enough in order to make people mad enough to get out the pitchforks, and march on into the capitol.

Nope.  You need some bigger scale.

That's what the big banks do.  They go for the scale, and then they become "too big to fail".

How does the little guy get scale?  Why, the same way the banksters do it.  Derivatives!

Hey, I'm doing it.  Why not join me?   I've got an ETF, which is a derivative ( stock symbol FAZ), and it is short the market.  If there's a crash, they'll owe me some bucks.  I'm not real sure, but it could be big bucks.  Now, if enough people did this, it just might crash the system if it happens.

So, what happens when a lot of little guys get screwed out of a lot of money when these guys don't pay up?

My theory is that once they see that the whole system is a fraud, maybe they'll get their pitchforks ready.  It'll be a fraud because they'll see that the big shots get bailed out, but you'll get your bets welshed out on.  Nothing like screwing a lot of people out of a lot of money that can make enough people mad enough to want to do something about it.

That's the theory anyway.  If you like it, it is relatively low risk.  Psst!  Don't risk anything you aren't prepared to lose.  The stock is cheap, so buy up.  Be willing to lose the entire value though, just in case I'm wrong and the stock market doesn't crash.  If the market does crash, it could be worth a lot, but you may not be able to cash in anyway.  Especially if they are crooks, which is quite possible.  If they are crooks, they'll bail-you-in in order to bail themselves out, and they won't pay their debts.  Pitchfork time!

Why Boner won

As you may have heard, there was a challenge to John Boehner as speaker of the House, but it failed.

What I hear is that Boner worked the floor for a long time in order to get the votes he needed to win.  As for the opposition?  I didn't hear much about it.  When I did, it was about guys I never heard of before.

You have to get organized to win.  Boner won because he was better organized.  The opposition isn't organized, so it can't win.

Learn from the defeat because 2016 isn't far off.


Maybe it really wasn't a joke after all.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Some details on the SpaceX’s attempt to land its Falcon 9 first stage

Behind the Black blog


They are trying to make it sound pretty hard, but remember this:  they can dock two spacecraft together, they can do this.  Docking is technically difficult too.

However, there will probably be a learning curve before they get the procedures down pat.


Never mind!!!

A few thoughts on the "recovery"

Lately, the Paul Krugman machine has been cranking up the propaganda machine touting the Obama recovery.  Even amongst his fellow liberal travelers, there is some dissent about his claims.  If you are looking for dissent, this is the right place.  Some thoughts follow:

  •  The economic recovery was said to have begun at about June of 2010.  This makes it nearly six years old, and thus, it is getting a bit long in the tooth.  The recovery after the previous recession lasted for less time than this.  Even if you look at the recovery during the Clinton years, it lasted less than ten years, and was one of the longest on record.  We probably have just a little more time left, maybe a couple years at most.
  • At least during the Clinton years, there was something that was driving it---like the World Wide Web.  What is driving this recovery?  There isn't anything "organic" driving this, it is all smoke and mirrors.  That is, unless you count fracking, which the left really opposes.  How then, can Obama take credit for that?
  •  It is also getting a bit late for a real surge, which during most recoveries, tends to happen at lot earlier in the cycle.  The Bush years had its biggest surge in 2004, if memory serves.  The biggest snapbacks occur early, why should this one be different?  It occurred in the early years of the Clinton presidency, the early years of the Reagan presidency.  If history is searched thoroughly, it is probably universally true.
  • Ever heard of the Taylor Rule?  Interest rates need to be higher than the inflation rate, but that hasn't happened in this recovery.  Inflation has never been zero or less, but the Fed Funds rate has been near zero for the past six years.  Hence, we have a violation of that rule, which suggests something.  What this suggests is that the economy is floating on a lot of easy money, and will sink when interest rates rise.  Even if the dovish Fed chairwoman doesn't raise rates, the yield curve will continue to flatten, and it won't matter anyway.  Recessions tend to occur when the Fed Funds rate exceeds the thirty year bond yield, and if the yield curve flattens enough, it won't take much of an increase to achieve that.  In other words, we are running out of time.  The illusion of control could be in serious trouble if easy money no longer supports the economy.

What happens when the Fed raises rates?  Unless they are seeing something that I can't see, this economy is going to tank.

If I am right, I'll make money off that.  I could use the bucks.  It's been a rough six years.


Correction.  If I am right, I won't lose as much money as I am now!!!  In August 2013, I bought some shares of a short etf that goes up when the market goes down.  I'm way, way down as the market went way way up, okay?  So, if the market goes way, way down, I might get back to even.

I'm under the illusion that this trade will work.  Don't try to wake me up.

Other than that, I have no positions in the stock market ( nor any in any brokerage account.)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Big day tomorrow for SpaceX

The attempt to land the first stage of a rocket on a barge in the ocean will be attempted tomorrow.  If successful, it will be a proof of concept for reusable rockets.   This would open up a new era of space flight, so it could be a quite important day in history.

Climate change

These people are full of it.

I've covered that issue already on this blog.  In order to believe them, you have to believe that an amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which is 1/25th that of the planet Mars can have great effects on climate on Earth, but not on Mars.  If you haven't heard, Mars is very cold.  Yet its atmosphere is nearly all carbon dioxide.  By the warmist's theories, Mars should be warm, no?  It isn't, and we are told that it is because Mars' atmosphere is too thin.  The Earth on the other hand, has an atmosphere that is 100 times thicker.  There's a greenhouse effect here, but it doesn't come from carbon dioxide.  It couldn't.  The amount of carbon in the atmosphere is a mere trace, yet we are to believe that it has all these great effects, when that is not the case on Mars.  For Mars has 25 times more carbon than on Earth.

You don't have to be a scientist to grasp what they are trying to sell you is implausible.  Surely, a substance like carbon dioxide isn't all that impressive in changing the climate.  If it were so, especially to the degree that these people claim, Mars would be a much warmer place.  It isn't.

So, where does Earth get its greenhouse effect?  From water.  But you can't regulate water and keep a straight face.

Their claims are absurd.  The science is never settled on any issue.  They'd like for it to be settled because the evidence can never support the claim, and they know it.

Interest rates

As noted in a previous posts, the yield curve is "flattening".  Take a look at this graphic:

The thirty year bond yield is not shown, so I'll add it here: 2.7%

Back in 2002-2003, the Fed Funds rate didn't get lower than 1%.  It's lower than that now, at near zero, and has been for several years.  In order to get to the 2002 low, it would have to rise to that 1%, which would be higher than the 2 year current yield, but lower than the 5 year yield.  Perhaps that shows the problem.  In 2007, before the excrement hit the fan, the Fed Funds rate was about 5.5%.  It can be fairly said that there's no way that it goes that high again.  In fact, the 30 year sets the high mark at less than 3% before the yield curve goes fully inverted.  When that happens, a recession is quite likely.  In other words, the yield curve is already pretty doggone flat.  The Fed cannot raise interest rates much before they run out of head room on the highest yield end of the curve.

Stock markets don't do well in times of inverted yield curves.  Okay?  Are we connecting Mr. Kersey?

What I'm saying is that there's an opportunity here.  But that won't really work if the poop really hits the fan hard enough.  Well, you pays your money and you takes your chances.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Anatomy of a bubble – How the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Congress have created a debt crisis of historic proportion

global deflation news

Note that the date on the article is nearly a year old.

Predicting these events can be tricky.  Eventually, the bubble will burst.  The question is when?

The "Evil Empire" is now in DC

parapundit: Our Enemy, The Empire

The United States used to be that way, until not long ago. And then it lost touch with itself. It became diseased with empire and the disease of empire has nothing to do with pith helmets or planting flags. It's what happens when the structure of the system becomes more important than the people. When that happens the old principles that are based on the people are set aside and replaced with principles that are based on the system.  Sultan Knish (blog)

There's no real difference in the political parties on this issue.  Former President George W. Bush once said that "nationalism" is a threat to America.  How can that be?  It is almost like saying the devil can cast himself out.  A house divided against itself can stand after all, if Bush is to be believed.

 For how is it that a nation that wants to sustain itself a threat to itself?  It is an oxymoron.

UST following 2002-2006 path

Gundlach Sees 10Y Treasury Testing 1.38% In 2015, Warns Of "Trouble Ahead"

Saturday Morning Politics Thread: Energy Issues [Y-not]

Ace of Spades Blog

Read it and weep.  Why can't we do better than this?  This post is awful.  There are no ideas.

Not one mention of molten-salt-reactors.  Not a single one.  It's all about junk that doesn't matter and doesn't work.  Why should we be surprised that we can't ever seem to move forward, but are stuck in the quagmire?

Why the moving van?

Wishbone doesn't understand it.  Why do I like this idea so much?

If you read my series on asteroid mining, you may remember my concept of a "coffin".  The function of the coffin in that application would be to limit the amount of radiation shielding needed.  Less shielding, less weight, which is an important goal to achieve in space travel.  It's something that has to be provided for, as it is life support, and so it is a big problem.  My idea was not to shield the entire spacecraft, which would take up enormous amount of mass, but just enough area that can support one human being---hence the irreverent name "coffin".

It so happens that a coffin arrangement could work in conserving energy.  Why do climate control over a large area, when a smaller area could suffice?  Hence, the coffin.  There's is a handy cabover area on these UHaul moving vans that I'd like to exploit as my "coffin".  It is about 3 feet by 3 feet , so it is big enough  for a sleeper.  Stick your bed in there and climate control that during the night while you're sleeping.  This could save a lot of energy, which is a big goal out there.  Energy won't come cheap out there, so whatever you can do to minimize that energy expenditure is a big plus.

Explaining that to Wishbone did not win me a convert.  He thinks I should buy a friggin' big ass trailer.  If you follow my reasoning, you can see why I think that is a bad idea.

Wishbone comes from my clan, as he is my brother.  So, I know how hard it is to convince him of anything.

Sure, I don't have to sell him on the idea, but if I can't, who can I sell?  Anybody?

Either way, moving van or trailer, I'm going out West.  That's not in question.  The question is how and when.