Saturday, June 11, 2016

Christina Grimmie dies after shooting

A shame.


I found this gal on YouTube several years ago.  I didn't  follow her career at all.  Consequently, I know very little about her except her talent.  I have no idea what she was into.  Not to be giving any endorsement of her personally, it is just a shame that is all.


link broken!  now fixed.  No doubt about it this girl was a rising star

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Trump on the rise with Latinos

according to this opinion piece.


It seems that the opinion makers may have it wrong.  If the truth were to be reported, Trump would not be reported as being racist or bigoted.  It is false, and infuriatingly so. 

What Speaker Ryan said about this lawsuit flap was sickening.  You'd expect that kind of dishonesty from an opposition party, not from a leader within your own party.  Trump does not do what they say he does, nor does he say what they say he says.  If the truth prevails, Trump shouldn't have any trouble over race.


The rationale for this response is that the GOP is afraid of down ballot repercussions.  Well, in my opinion, their reaction to what Trump is going to cost them more votes than what Trump said.

Why?  Because they only validate the charge that anything non pc is racist.  What they should do is uniformly reject the premises.  They are the ones who always look at race.  If you only look at facts of the situation, race hasn't got anything to do with it.  The democrats want to use this as an issue against Trump.  That is a fact.

The bigger question is why are these people in the GOP helping them?  They don't give extra points for validating democrat accusations.  It only intensifies them.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

On the road

and back home again... 

No, I didn't go out to my property.  A little business needed to be taken care of.  Now, I'm back and ready to go sometime tomorrow.  Maybe.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Scary radiation, the gift that keeps on giving

Tyrants who seek to control others will use fear as the means of control.  There's nothing like injury or death that can concentrate the mind on doing what the tyrant wishes.  If the tyrant wants to hurt you, you can give in or you can fight.  Either way, the risk to yourself is high.  People tend to avoid danger, and thus avoid those situations.  It is a built in device that usually serves us well.  But the tyrant manipulates this to his advantage.  He finds ways to scare people into compliance.  He doesn't have to threaten you personally, he just has to find something to scare you.  One way to scare people is to find a demon like radiation in order to get the people to do what the tyrant wishes.  Today's tyrants do not wish for mankind to have the benefit of nuclear energy, so the radiation is the demon which is being used to frighten people away from a beneficial resource.

Make no mistake, radiation can kill you.  Radiation is energy.  Like all forms of energy, enough of it will kill you.  The thing that makes radiation so scary is that you have no sense to detect it.  You can see a fire, you can feel its heat.  Electricity may be hard to see sometimes, but you know better than to touch a downed power line.  A bolt of lightening is plenty scary though.  Electricity and fire are dangerous, just like radiation can be.  But we understand fire, and we understand electricity.  Thus, it isn't easy to demonize the two forms of energy as something we cannot trust.  Radiation from nuclear energy is easy to demonize because it is hard to understand.

In order to discredit nuclear energy, one thing these tyrants tell us is that even small amounts of radiation can hurt us.  It is said to increase the rate of cancer proportional to the amount of radiation dosage.  There's a fancy term for this, it is called the linear no threshold model.  Basically it says the more radiation the more the threat.  This seems reasonable, but there's a problem with the model.  It doesn't always work that way.  Small amounts of radiation do not seem to be a problem.  An example is a small town in Iran which averages 10 times more than the maximum permissible radiation dose.  You would expect much higher cancer rates, but this is not the case.

In fact, a small amount of radiation may have a beneficial effect.  A phenomenon known as hormesis. This phenomenon is well known and practiced in medicine.  Could there be a radiation hormesis?  If there is, then a lot of regulations will have to be rewritten.  But that would make a lot of tyrants very unhappy.  They won't be able to scare people so easily anymore.

Our nuclear energy policies are misguided.  It may get worse if Bernie Sanders gets the nomination and wins the presidency.  He wants to decommission all nuclear power plants.  Undoubtedly it is due to the fear of radiation.

The fear of radiation has cost us plenty.  If it weren't so out of control, we wouldn't have the problems we have today.  There would be no Al Qaeda.  No ISIS.  No terrorism.  There would be energy independence.  Jobs would be more plentiful.  Yes, and the incidence of cancer may very well be lower than today's.  Radiation could be a benefit to us instead.

All of this is happening because those who do not wish us well have managed to scare us out of using radiation as a resource.  For the tyrants of this world, radiation is the gift that keeps on giving.

The Creation of a “Transgender” Problem - by Robert Ringer

The Creation of a “Transgender” Problem - by Robert Ringer: I have a feeling that most people don’t really understand what the transgender bathroom issue is all about. Obviously, it has nothing whatsoever to do with “civil rights.” In reality, it’s nothing more than part of an overall radical-left strategy to create civil unrest. (Yes, the Cloward-Piven strategy to collapse the welfare system and precipitate …


What struck me most about this article is that Ringer refuses the recognize the term "transgender".  I think he's right.  Once again, the liberals have hijacked the language, and created a term that should not exist.  The usage of the illegitimate word helps to advance their agenda.  I won't use that word anymore.

Such a person is now to be called a mixed up person.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

ParaPundit: Belgium: The World's Wealthiest Failed State Due To Immigration

ParaPundit: Belgium: The World's Wealthiest Failed State Due To Immigration


But for Trump to propose to stop that from happening here is unacceptable.  [ Only unacceptable to the lunatic fringe running the country.]

Hillary, the neo-con

From time to time, a left wing blog might have something interesting.  Here's a leftie who has something on Hillary that says she is a neo con.

with respect to Hillary's speech:

speech had no new ideas.  It was a laundry list of neo-conservative principles about making America stronger, safer, and so on.  As a friend of mine put it, “Nothing that I heard her say deviated in any way from her hawkish record of recommending bombing at every opportunity.”

No wonder some on the so-called right are hot to trot to support her.  Neo cons are globalists, of course.

World Government, World Peace, and Globalism

Globalism is driven towards one world government.  It is the logical endpoint for it all.  Once all borders are removed, authority has to come from somewhere.  It will come from a powerful central government that will rule over the entire world.  Once a world government is established, there will be no more war, as there will be no more nations that will be able to disturb the peace.  So goes the thought.  What about it in practice?

It would be reminiscent of the Brave New World, in which there was a single government that ruled.  However, Huxley's Brave New World went much further than that.  World peace and happiness came at a frightful cost to liberty and to morality. 

Dissenters were exiled, and suppressed.  If the dissent went too far, they were done away with ( not in any brutal way, but by devious means).  Such was the case with John the Savage, and his mother.  Both came from the Savage Reservation and could not be dealt with in any other way.  John was overwhelmed by the "civilized" world and committed suicide.  His mother could not fit in anymore even though she wanted to, as she grew old and ugly on the Reservation, an outcome which is not acceptable to the "civilized" world.  She was killed through a drug overdose.

The Globalists are driving humanity towards a version of that Brave New World.  Freedom and morality are being systematically destroyed.  Drug abuse is becoming the new norm.  How long will it be until children are born in "hatcheries"?  Women don't want children these days.  The state has taken over child rearing, or it seeks to do so.  Dissent is being squashed, as "climate deniers" are going to be punished.  Social justice warriors are the new morality police.  Those who dare to dissent with them are to be punished, too. 

Material progress is stunted in the name of questionable climate science which may as well be no science at all.  Does anybody study real science anymore?  Nobody will be able to seek self improvement because we are all to be equal with each other, and one's excellence might  hurt someone else's feelings.  Truth is suppressed with the philosophy that posits that there is no such thing.  It is called post modernism.

Huxley's Brave New World allowed no privacy.  Likewise, in our world, there hasn't been any privacy in financial transactions for years, as the IRS can see everything.  With the coming of the World Wide Web, what privacy that was left to us has quickly vanished.   When quantum computers are powerful enough, no encryption method will stand up to it - there will be no secrets at all.  Cell phones can be traced, even when they are turned off.  The new world state knows everything, or will seek to know everything about everybody's business.  The point of it all this is to control everybody.  The state will be all powerful, and the individual will be just a cog in a great big machine.

We are most of the way there already.  But there's a little more consolidating left to do.  The one world government hasn't been established yet.  It may be established in the aftermath of the next great war.  That will be the excuse for robbing everyone of their freedom.