Saturday, November 11, 2017

What if the left took over without a shot?

There was talk about that during the Cold War.  The idea was that the commies could take over without firing a shot.

After the Cold War ended with an apparent victory, this seemed to go out the window.  But wait a minute.  It seems to be happening right under our noses.

So what would the response be if this were to happen?  Would anything be done in defiance of it?  I am wondering if there is sufficient will and ability to withstand a coup.

There's talk of one of those since the Inauguration.  It seems almost absurd at this point, if evidence, facts, and reason mattered.  But in an argument, force has the better of it.   The truth won't matter.  What will matter is the old calculus of war- who can bring the most force to bear at the critical point.

Who wants it more?  That may be the determining factor.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Too awful to be true, too likely not to be false

I can almost believe anything about these people right now.  So, something like this is not out of the realm of possibilities for me to believe.

The thing I may have a hard time believing is that Trump is so far on top of the situation.  That is way too optimistic.  If it is all true, then the part about the others being that gullible to fall for a cover story is too awful to contemplate.  Not only would they be incompetent and corrupt, but also the biggest damn fools ever born.  I wouldn't count on them being that foolish.  If they are at least minimally competent crooks, then this thing will get very, very ugly.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Gun control is not about preventing crimes

If it were to be the case, then how does this guy manage to get a gun anyway even though it was illegal to sell one to him on multiple counts?

To expand the thought a bit further:  "fighting global warming" isn't about fighting global warming.  It is far more than that, in my opinion.  It is about changing an entire social-economic-belief system.

To expand it even further:  you cannot believe these people when they say something.  So, if they say that gun control will stop this type of crime, then please explain why that the law that is already on the books WAS NOT ENFORCED.

In order to stop mass murders like this, people are going to have to take control over their own lives.  Turning to the government won't do the job, especially when the government won't do they job that they already have.

Moonbattery gets literal

Liberals gather and scream helplessly at the sky last night, or so I heard.  Was it a full moon, and were they baying at the moon?  Not quite, but close.  Well, that may qualify them as authentic moonbats.

Instead of barking at the moon, let's celebrate a year without Hillary in the White House.  Yay!

Official Barking Moonbat Coffee Cup
When will sanity return to these people?  Ever?  They really are barking moonbats.  Literally.

Update a little while later:

That was mean of me.  yuk, yuk.  Like Archie Bunker, I don't care.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Don Surber: Trump is so mean, the Raiders may have to stay in ...

Don Surber: Trump is so mean, the Raiders may have to stay in ...: Disrespecting the flag, the national anthem and the nation itself has consequences. It may stop the Oakland, I mean, Los Angeles, no, I me...


Yeah, ain't it awful that bad 'ol  Russian stooge Trumpsky wants to save the taxpayers a lot of dough on a stadium that nobody in Vegas wants, and for a team that nobody in Vegas wants.  But the rich 1 percent want it, and a lot of illegal construction workers may want the job to build it.

Except the "Kneegros"?  That was in one of the comments for the linked post above,  Funknee, funknee!

Jack Ryan, candidate for Senator from Illinois v. Barack Obama

We know how that all turned out, now don't we?

Barack Obama won, but how did he win?  Well, he got help from somebody who released a sealed court document about his divorce from actress Jeri Ryan.

Resistance is few tiles

Now isn't that a coincidence of some kind?  It turns out that this same tactic was used against Trump.  A similar tactic was used against George W. Bush just before the 2000 election, if you recall.

Keep in mind that, and then look at how leaks are occurring in current administration.  It appears that there are those in government who violate confidentiality on a regular basis in order to gain an advantage.  I would say that is evidence of corruption, wouldn't you say?  Government employees are not supposed to get involved in politics.  It is the law.  What does the law mean anymore if it is only applied to those outside the ruling class clique?

Is that not who is doing all this, the ruling class?  It appears that there is no problem in keeping secrets.  It is just that the secrets being kept are so one sided in favor of the ruling class.  If anyone gets in their way, and a court document can be unsealed, or a confidential document be unsealed, they can get that information before the public in order to attempt to get an advantage.  By the same token, Hillary can destroy evidence ( which is illegal ), and there's no accountability.  The ruling class, namely FBI Director Comey, protects their own.

There is an attempt to remove the POTUS from office.  It is being orchestrated by these same people.  It appears that if they cannot find something, then they will make it up.  Then that will be used in order to violate the POTUS's confidential conversations.  Then there was a dossier that was created that looks like a fraud.  That fraud was used to obtain wiretaps in an attempt to undermine Trump and cause him to lose the 2016 election, or to be driven from office after having won it.  This occurred during the previous administration, run by no other than Barack Hussein Obama.

There needs to be some accountability for this.  But will there be?  It looks like not in Virginia, as the GOP Gillespie lost the race for governor there.  Virginia has a lot of people who work in DC, which is adjacent to it  DC goes 90 percent Democrat.  The rot is too deep there, it appears.  The rot may be too deep throughout the nation.  Let us hope not.

They say Gillespie is GOPe.  Makes sense that people wouldn't vote for him, because he is not much different from the ruling class himself.  He may pretend to be a reformer, but he refused Bannon's help, so I hear.

This was no loss for the country class.  Let not your heart be troubled.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

1963 1/2 Galaxie restoration project

Here's number one with one of his projects.  He has been working on this in his spare time for most of this year.  When he got it, it was ready for the scrap heap.  It was rusted out down below, which required a lot of metal work.  He also did the body and painting.  The interior will be redone also.  When he finishes it, it will be a nice car.

He is starting it up here for the first time since he rebuilt the engine.

I asked how long since this thing had a running engine in it, and he pointed to the bumper.  That gave me the idea to do this video.

Rush says standing up to liberals is dangerous

Yes, there does appear to be a pattern.

Instead of disarming, we should be arming ourselves to the teeth.  Why would we ever trust people who think it is a legitimate political tactic to use violence?

The left encourages violence.  The last thing you do is suck up to the left when they behave this way.  You have to stand up to bullies.   If they shoot, then shoot back, by God.

John McCain and his ilk can go to the bad place.  You know what I mean, Vern?

Gotta love this

A commenter (#20) on Free Republic put the latest WaPo polls on Trump into perspective.  Just before the election, they had Hillary up by twelve.

Why would Corker and Flake leave the Senate if their prospects were so good?  They oppose Trump, but it isn't helping them.  They wouldn't leave if they were shoo-ins.  Yet, they cannot get any traction for criticizing a guy that is supposed to be so unpopular.

The media has been garbage for the longest time.  Fake just doesn't cut it anymore.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Pic of the day


Free Republic
Actually this is unfair to the crapper.  Bwah, hah, hah!

Obligatory, 11.6.17

It is clearly in the optimization phase of the climate-control project.  By optimization, it means plugging the air leaks as much as possible.  There may still be air leaks after all this.  It doesn't seem to be a way to avoid them all.

Funny thing about this: I am finding a lot of materials around the place so that I won't have to continue buying stuff.   This project has cost about fifty bucks so far.  Not too bad.

It cooled down fast on this latest test.  It was about 84 degrees, and it dropped to 73 in about 30 minutes.  It used to take a lot longer with the central air.  The main thing is that it shouldn't be using very much energy.

But I haven't tried the ice water test.  Nor the heater test.  These are the same things really.  Instead of an a/c or heater, I will use recirculated water through a heater core.  Last summer, the thing worked well.  It should be even better now.

It will get colder in a couple days.  Lets see how it works with the heater.

It is now 71 and dropping.  I have the a/c on full blast.

If I don't freeze to death in the meantime, I will update this post.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Obligatory, 11.5.17

Today, I worked on the finer points of my climate control system.  After dividing the bedroom into half, and having earlier set up a heater/cooler based upon circulation of water through a heater core;  I am now tasked with integrating the two into a system that will hopefully use the least amount of energy, and the most amount of solar energy.

The reason for this is that solar energy is expensive.  However, when out in the boondocks, using a propane generator may not be all that economical either.  In any case, it behooves one to minimize the use of energy no matter what the final configuration of the system will be.  That is what I have been doing with my off-the-grid project.

I am encouraged by my progress, but things could be better.  That just incentivizes me to keep after the problem until I have it solved.

Former President Bush voted for Hillary?

It says that the former President voted for Hillary.  If that is true, and you may as well believe it, then this has to rank as a top reason why he was a big, big mistake as a running mate for the Gipper.  If Reagan didn't name him as running mate, then Bush couldn't run on his coattails in '88 and win the Presidency--- on the strength of that alone.

If Bush doesn't win in '88, his son doesn't win in 2000.  You could have a completely different political situation today.

Hard to say how history would have unfolded, but it could have been better.  Bush is reported to have said he would be the last GOP president.  Yeah, with guys like him, there would be little wonder.