Saturday, February 28, 2015

Another perspective on truth

On this blog, and in other places, one can encounter the word "truth" quite often.  As I am fond of saying, the truth is a slippery thing.  On the one hand, one may believe with all their heart that a thing is true, only to find that it is not.  Then there are those who question whether or not any truth actually exists.  I'm not of that mind, but I do think that the perception of truth varies from person to person, and within any person over the course of time.  Whatever one may think of as truth, one cannot get around the fact that truth is often disputed and not always agreed upon.  You can think of it as a duality---the truth as the individual sees it, and the truth as the collective sees it.

Human beings aren't ants on an anthill as Ronald Reagan once noted, but we are social beings.  We are individuals yet part of a group.  This creates something of a conflict between the two, and oftentimes, the truth as defined by the collective will supersede that of any individual, or any small group of individuals.  Inasmuch as that can happen, there can be no doubt that this fact that this is also the truth, never mind the controversy that may underlie the conflict between the individual and the collective.

I hate that.  I hate it when something false is presented to me and I am told I must accept it because the powers-that-be say so.  In that way, I am struck by how often it seems that I am at odds with the group.  I am like the Savage in Brave New World.  I don't fit in anywhere, really.  At the same time, I am a war with whatever society I find myself in at the time.

When I was young, people were much more religious than now.  The society has moved towards secularism, while I have moved off toward the opposite direction.  Sometimes I wonder if that is just my nature to be at odds with the group.

But I'd rather not be.  I'd rather find myself at peace with the larger group, but that seems to be out of my reach.  Rather than the Savage, I think maybe I am a bit more like Marx, or Helmholz.  Marx was the misfit who wanted to fit in desperately, but couldn't.  Helmholz was the one who discovered that he wanted something more than just the conventional ways of seeing things.

Savage couldn't find peace with himself or his community, so he killed himself.  I can assure you that I am not of such a mind.

I hate to mention the following because it disturbs me a bit.  Certain people strike me of being of the type that will not fit in and adjust, so that they will never want to fit in on any level.  Such people are going to live a shorter life than what might be otherwise possible.  Perhaps it cannot be avoided.

As usual, I look for solutions, but I know from experience that sometimes a solution is out of reach.

One impression I get from Brave New World is that it seems to deny that men have a free will.  It is always being determined for them by someone or something above.  If so, then there can be no morality as we know it.  The animals are no different.  If we are no more than smart beasts, then what does the truth matter, regardless of what it is?

Kicking around some ideas

No matter how much I save and so forth, it's not going to be enough to last that long if the money isn't coming in.  Money is going to have to be obtained somehow.

That's the way I figure it.  But it seems like I go round and round in circles on this.  There's no real solution, because a real solution for me requires the cooperation of others in my small little world.  If I can't secure the cooperation of others, then I can't make any progress.  All the more reason to want to get away from people, sometimes.  But people are necessary, you see.  That's what you call a conundrum.

I'm starting to consider the conex again.  Remember the conex idea?  It's what I kicked this off-the-grid thing off with.  Now that I have my tarps, I can cover the conex with tarps and put grass turf on top of it.  The grass turf will insulate from the sun in summer.  I don't want something high profile on the top of this thing so that the wind can blow it off.  The tarps will keep the sun off as well.

Instead of grass turf, or in place of grass turf in spots, would be some solar panels.  This would be good for insulation as well.

This one will go into the construction subseries.  Prev   Next

Also in the general subseries.  Prev   Next

I feel a bit lost

I should be full of energy and raring to go this morning, but no.  I'm really not sure what I should do with myself.  Let's say I'm a bit confused and stymied.

For example, at the end of March, I could leave for the West and start building some quonsets, as I have written about.  But I hesitate to do that because I don't want to build anything that I am not committed to staying with.  If they don't stay up, then what's the point?  So, that has me stymied for the moment.

But I don't want to stay here either.  I have to decide within the next two months to give notice.  I've given one month notice on the job.  Now, at the end of April, I have to give one month notice of vacating the place.

I figure I need to work because I don't expect to be able to raise enough food to sell.  It would be a challenge to raise enough to live on.  No other prospects for earning money out there seem plausible.

I could look for work in El Paso, but there's no guarantee that this will be successful.  I could be locked into a lease there, and not be able to get out in a year.

Hoo boy.  I've got some big decisions to make.

Update ( Sunday 1:55 pm)

If I could convince just one person who had some money and could share expenses, and go in with me.  Well, Wishbone is out.  He has always been critical of what I'm trying to do.  Even if I did some dumb stuff to accommodate him, he still won't go along.  There won't be any begging, and there won't be any attempt to arm twist him.  No, I actually need an enthusiastic partner in this.  I need more than enthusiasm.  Probably some money too.  So, that pretty much leaves everybody out.  That's part of what's making me feel bummed out.

When is enough enough?

Eric Holder blames criticism  of  himself and Obama as based upon race.  He says for young people to read Malcolm X.

I've got news for Holder:  I've read Malcolm X.  That's part of the reason why I think the way I do.  The problem with the races is not the white people anymore, it's the blacks.  Nothing is enough for them.  Everything is blamed upon whitey.  There's no incentive to improve yourself anymore if everything that's wrong with your life can be blamed upon some external factor.  In fact, even an external factor that is truly holding you back need not stop you.  It's only an excuse.

Externalizing blame holds you back, it doesn't move you forward.

Holder and the civil rights crowd want little white kids to read Malcolm X so as to internalize GUILT.  This is what drives everything for them.  Without the WHITE GUILT, they have no reason for being.  They need that GUILT in order to externalize blame.  White people should stop catering to their weaknesses.  Black people should "suck it up" and fix their own problems.

It is a fair question to ask whether or not they really have anything else to do in this country.  They have all the opportunities they need to succeed.  If they don't succeed, they must be doing something wrong.

Friday, February 27, 2015

How To Tack Weld Like A Pro

It may be desirable to tack weld some of these cattle panels together once I get out there and start building these things.

Tack welding may be possible out there, but I'm not really sure cuz I don't know nothing about it.

Anyway, a good way to start I suppose, is to start watching as many of these videos as I can.

What is considered "backward" may be the way forward

Ironic, isn't it?

Look, if nobody knows how to take care of themselves, what happens when the state fails in that responsibility?  It has failed before, like on 9-11.  The state can't take care of you and won't take care of you.  They are more concerned about themselves than about the sheep that they are supposedly taking care of.

So, a community of people, like the Amish, are going to have to learn the very basics of survival off the grid.  Only, the Amish are not the type of people that can fend for themselves either, as they don't seem to believe in self defense.

However, the Amish have it right in one respect:  they don't rely upon the big brotherish state to provide for them.  They can take care of themselves, just don't expect them to start a revolution or anything.

Perhaps a change in course?

Those new features that I implemented recently, like "rise and shine", "quickies", and "news roundups" may be on the way out.  I dunno, I just don't feel right about them now.  There wasn't a "home again" last night.  Reason for that is that I wanted to watch Brave New World.  It struck me how much our culture is like Aldous Huxley's version of a dystopic future in which people rely upon drugs, are shallow and hollow people who only care about pleasure,  who cannot care for themselves- but have to rely upon a big brotherish state to control their lives and provide for them; and how all of that is controlled by an individual who is known for creating a massive corporation that invented mass production and the modern industrialized state, with its armies of mindless zombies without the intellect and will to change things.

What can the "savages" like myself do about this?  Be laughed at and ignored by the zombies?  Go off and be alone, only to be marginalized by the state and the zombies who are seemingly made for each other?

I am also struck by how people could care less about the truth and would rather believe a lie if it makes them feel good.  Telling the truth about these wolves in sheep's clothing doesn't seem to rouse the sheep.  They've been zombified.

So, perhaps the best thing is to go off and be separate.  Depart from them and learn to fend for myself.  Live the life that our ancestors lived.  After all, it kept them alive for millenia.  This Brave New World hasn't proven itself yet.  It is "New" after all.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Brave New World

What was once considered normal and good is now considered strange.

Our world is a Brave New World, too.

News Roundup and Quickie post, 2/26/15

After that last discussion, I find myself short on time.  This will be a very abbreviated post.

Just now clicked on Barnhardt's twitter feed and found out the the Vatican is now stealing mail.  Hey, that's what the man said.

I'd say that's big news, but I guess people just don't care anymore.  For the church, any church, to start stealing things, even if it is only mail, is a gravely serious matter.  It's like the end of civilization as we have known it.  Whatever happened to "Thou shalt not steal"?  Or is that now just some obsolete notion invented by some white guy thousands of years ago?  It's scandal of the highest magnitude.  In the service of what?  You have to read it to believe it.

This is like Watergate in the Catholic Church.  However, unlike Watergate, the news media won't be saying much about this.

Yeah, the tone is grave today.  I don't know any other way to put it.

Rise and shine, 2/26/15

Feeling a bit sober this morning.  Sober, in the sense that things are pretty serious.  That "rise and shine" title is a joke, but this is no joke.  All very serious here.

Now, for the meat of the discussion.  After considering this for an hour or so before writing this, the problem is still going to be money, just on a smaller scale than it is now.  I can certainly cut my expenses, but my revenue stream is going to be cut too.  Maybe even more than the expenses are cut.  In any case, I'm still going to need cash even if I can cut my living expenses down to the very bone.  Raising that cash is an issue in itself.  Cutting the need for it to a bare minimum isn't going to get that minimum to zero.  The question is: can I cut it down low enough and still make enough to pay for it all?

 Even if food, water, shelter are taken care of, there is still a need for communications ( internet, phone). (For this part of the discussion, I haven't even considered electricity.  That is no small matter in itself.)   Internet and phone can be combined ( maybe ), but some money will have to be spent on communications.  There's no getting around that.

Besides communications, there's transport.  Without transport, I am dead in the water, literally.

The plain fact of the matter is that I need a vehicle to get around in.  The distances are too great to rely upon horses again.  Even if I had a horse, I have to find a way to take care of it.  Perhaps there's enough food that can be obtained on that property, I don't know yet.  But it seems likely that in order to feed the horse, I'm going to need to find a way to feed it and that takes money as well.  A horse is really impractical out there.  It would only be useful in getting around the property and nearby.

As for relying upon the horseless carriage conveyance, cutting expenses on that is not going to get down to zero.  Even if I could make my own gasoline, I'd still need to pay for insurance, repairs, etc.  Maybe some repairs I could do myself, but insurance has to be paid for.

Communications and transport are going to take up money out of a very limited budget.  What's the barebones expenses on these?  I'm thinking of a number of say, one hundred bucks a month.  A hundred may buy enough insurance for the minimum, and enough gas to get around a little.  Nope, not enough.  Probably closer to one fifty.  Even one fifty would be low.  You'd have to start "cheating" a little.  Cut out insurance.  But you need insurance according to law.  Well, you might have to try to get around the law a little.  One way or another, the money has to be made, or accounted for.  One fifty per month doesn't buy much.

Assuming you can do all that, you'd still need that one fifty plus the servicing of the debt.  That debt issue was something I also didn't mention ( along with electricity ).  For the sake of argument, let's say you could do all that on three hundred a month.

Also for the sake of discussion, you could sell food for a dollar a pound.  Then, for income, I'd have to raise thirty six hundred pounds a food a year above my own needs.  Or three hundred pounds per month.  I'd have to get it to market on the one fifty per month mentioned.

Not likely.

A dollar per pound for food isn't going to be enough revenue and three hundred a month ain't realistic.  In other words, a cash burn will ensue.  The question is how much of one?  After that, how long can I sustain that burn?

I'm not liking these numbers much.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Home again, 2/25/15

Sounds like a broken record, another slow day.

Well, the plan is now to leave the current job, and go out West in April.  I won't be officially changing my address, though.  The lease runs through May.  The idea is to get more time in out there, because I haven't spent hardly that much time on the property.  Frankly, I don't even know what I've got.  If things look good, I can move out there.  If not, I could probably get my old job back.

It may be interesting to see if there's any work out there in the area while I am at it.  It may be better to work in the region for awhile, and use my days off to do some stuff on the property.

facts and ideas

energy content from wood

idea:  Use pop bottles in place of grow beds in a self watering system

idea:  collect egg shells and use it to make carbon dioxide scrubbers for chimneys in wood burning stoves

idea:  use copper windings through which water passes in order to obtain heat from burning wood

idea:  use "death ray" from a fresnel lens to heat up calcium carbonate so that it releases carbon dioxide

idea: use carbon dioxide as a fumigant to kill insects on plants


In case this needs explaining, egg shells are made of calcium carbonate, and so are bones.  Heating them up sufficiently causes them to release carbon dioxide.  The carbon dioxide is what I seek to use as a useful product in its own right.  As for the ashes, they can be reconstituted into calcium carbonate.  Just add water and it becomes an carbon dioxide scrubber because it will soak it up and remake the calcium carbonate.

That's a cycle that can be exploited.

Quickie, 2/25/15

I expressed some frustration yesterday about not being able to go West.  You see, I want to take my brother along, but he demands an RV trailer, and even then, he hesitates.

An RV purchase is out of the question.  Not even a cheap one.  I am going to have to construct my own shelter because I need to keep this as cheap as possible.  Even if I brought my brother with me, there would have to be two shelters, because, well, one for each guy.

With a chick, I could share a bed, and build only one shelter.  But there'd have to be a chick that is adventurous enough to do something like this.  Just about all chicks would refuse.  So, that leaves me with the option of going alone, or not going at all.

I think I could make it out there alone, but if anything happens, as my brother pointed out, you are alone, and you may not be able to help yourself.

If it comes to that, I may go anyway, and hang the risk.  Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!

Don't know if I am of that spirit yet, but I am getting there.

News roundup, 2/25/15

I get these primarily from Drudge and Memeorandum.  No time really for other sources.  These are picked out by moi, because they fit in with what I usually discuss here.  Here goes:

Rise and shine, 2/25/15

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This morning, it will be another post in the off-the-grid food subseries.  This is in continuation of the post that I began with on a system discussed on video by the LDS Prepper.  What is good about his posts is that he includes a lot of links to get the stuff that you need to implement his system.  It's in the video, and he includes a bunch of links in the description section of the youtube page.

I watched a couple of other videos in the series so as to round out the system.  Here's the basic system, and then the links to the other two follow it.

A "labor free" system he discusses,  and he shows an example of Richard's system, which is on cinder blocks.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Home again: 2/24/15

Another slow day.  It's getting to suck at work, it really is.  If I am not working late, I'm doing less and less work and getting small checks because of it.  If you average out the last two days, you get an average week of late, which sucks.

The feeling that gave me made me once again look to make some kind of deal that will get me out of here.  But no, it is just not in the cards.  Not at this time.

Arggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!  I have to be patient, that's all.  Maybe one more year will do it, and then I'm outta here.


The blog I've been referring to is not working properly.  It may have to be completely redone.  No time for this.


It's working again ( I think ).  It needs to be updated, but it advises a backup first, which appears to be a bit more complicated than I'd prefer.  No time for that now, maybe later.

Quickie before I go, 2/24/15

Just a note here that weather information for Sierra Blanca is a bit hard to come by.  I may have to default to El Paso.  For some strange reason, it used to be easier to obtain this info.

I've spent considerable time this morning looking for better information than what is available.  That leaves me with a question as to how reliable that information really is.

Cross posted to other blog soon.

Judge rules that Christians should be persecuted if they disagree with gays

Judge rules that Christians should be persecuted if they disagree with gays

Not about ability of same sex partners to "get married", or even to get service elsewhere, but to force others who disagree to participate in their behavior, it says.

The GOP could flip all this around if they wanted to.  Just sayin'.

Update:  A reminder to self to cross post this at the Wordpress version of this blog.

News roundup, 2/24/15

A late start on this project this morning.  Two other posts already in, so that explains it.  Well, here we go...

With respect to debts...

In case you read Ann Barnhardt, she hasn't been posting much lately.  She finally put up something, which she points out in her DVDs that you should get out of debt, if you have any.

As for myself, I do have debt, and I'm thinking of increasing said debt.  This is in conflict with her advice.

The debt is for my land, and for my credit accounts.  In order to pay for what I'm doing, or attempting to do on "da Ranch", I'm thinking of taking on more debt for that purpose.  I was thinking of that subject this very morning.  She says don't take on debt, what am I to do?  Quit on the idea?

I don't think I can follow her advice.

Funny thing.  For many years there, I have been virtually debt free.  Aside from revolving credit card debt, which I paid off in full every month, I had no debts to speak of.  But that changed with the purchase of the land.

I have more debt than I used to have, but it still isn't much.  I'd prefer to keep it that way.  However, this in conflict with other desires, among which, is to get out there as quickly as possible.

To check those desires, I'd have to stay put, and not go out there.  Even to default on the debt and allow the property to be taken back, if the goal is to get completely debt-free.

Do I follow that advice, or keep going the way that I am?  Or to go into even deeper debt?

Update:  To be cross posted on the Wordpress blog soon.

Rise and shine, 2/24/15

Hmm.  First thing this morning, I fire up the blog, and I'm presented with a change of terms for the blog.  I don't think it affects me directly, but it appears to be ominous.  The reason it appears ominous is that it is retroactive.  Blogger allowed certain kind of content, apparently, but is now retroactively policing it.  If they can do this for one type of content, can they not do it for other content?  For example, could they outlaw any type of posts that are "offensive" to certain groups?

What I'm referring to here is adult content policy.  It seems a bit draconian to force an entire blog to go into "private" mode if there is any explicit adult content on the site.

I may have to leave Blogger because there may not be any recourse to what they are doing.  If they want to take down a blog for any reason, they probably can.  I still have my own privately paid for site.  I can export everything there, and start blogging there at any time I choose.

For now on, I'll add a link to the private blog for every post.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Home again, 2/23/15

One of those days, again.  It started late and ended late.  Anyway, glad to be home, as always.

Lots of ideas swirling around in my head.  It's times like these that I need to be on my toes.  Sometimes, there's an urge to do something, when the best thing to do may be to do nothing at all.

There are times when you really can't do anything.  A thing is what it is.  What I mean to say is that I want to do things, but I feel restrained from doing things, and I end up doing something that I probably shouldn't.  Does that make sense?  There's this pressure to do something and it may be the kind of pressure that you should ignore.

One thing I know:  I can get more value than that RV that the mechanic down the street was trying to sell me.  I had this temptation to make that deal, but now I think that it's too much money.  But, I've always thought that.  Well, now I have one more reason to think so.  Or maybe even two.

Another thing I know:  you cannot control what other people do.  Or maybe I cannot control what other people do.  You know what?  I had to correct myself there because there are people in this world who do nothing but try to figure out ways to control people.  Maybe they can do it.  I know I can't.

An interruption:  Well, how 'bout dat?  My tarps just arrived.  The world just got more interesting.

There are other things going on right now, but I don't think I'll comment upon them.  As always, time is short.

2/23/15: Quickie before I go: Growing Yeast from the Yeast Bank

I'd like a source of carbon dioxide for my spirulina.  Yeast may be helpful in making some of that.  This is an idea I just thought up.  Not enough time to explore it, since I have to go shave, shower, and what have you, cuz I gotta work for that E Pluribus Unum.


It only makes sense to get carbon dioxide this way if you are making brew.  Otherwise, another way should be found to make carbon dioxide, or just buy the stuff.

News roundup, 2/23/15

Restarting this habit, as the weekend interrupted it.  Can't blame the weekend, but there are other things I'd rather do than watch the news.  Besides, I may make a new twist with it.  Positive stuff may be featured a bit more than with of all that dreary stuff.

Okay, that's my news scan for this morning. It wasn't all that cheery after all.

Rise and shine, 2/23/15, Growing spirulina

I was thinking of freeze drying it.  Here's an article on the subject of Spirulina.

I was cruising around the youtubes looking for videos on how to grow it, supposedly according to the link to the left, it is quite easy.  Here's a playlist of videos that shows this one man's system that uses bottles.  The bottle system can grow other plants besides spirulina.

Finally, I'll embed this video, which is the first I viewed this am:

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A few tidbits I found scanning the web

At NextBigFuture, there was a mention of a development in the Internal Combustion Engine that could improve efficiency by 27% or so.  If true, that would be a remarkable development.  It involves laser spark plugs.  Even something like this could be eclipsed soon.  He says Elon Musk is winning with Tesla.  Well, it's interesting.  The reason he's doing so well is that he knows how to make money.  With his big battery plant revving up one of these days, and his entry into the home battery market, he could make the concept work that has no business working at all.  It's all in economies of scale.  The more batteries that can be made, the faster and quicker the advances will come.  Batteries will improve to the point in which they will take over the market.

Also at NextBigFuture, I noted the huge cash surplus at Apple.  I've heard about it before.  For a company to have this much cash lying around is downright incredible.

But Apple could be eclipsed by Elon Musk.  He's well on his way towards reusable rockets.  He's taking over the automotive business, or probably will eventually.  To top all this off, his getting into the internet service business.  His rockets can launch the communications devices that will power space internet provider system.


Jeb Bush is second behind Mike Huckabee in the polls.  Walker is third.  But none of it may matter because they can't win the electoral college the way things stand now.

With respect to Giuliani, it seems that the Democrats are in a huff about his comments about Obama's lack of patriotism.  I find no fault with him at all.  Are the Democrats really patriotic?  I find them opposed to patriotism as a matter of principle.  Why should they object?  Obama is doing what they want.  It may be that they don't want anybody to see it for what it is.

Things don't seem all that bad in some ways.  So, the GOP needs something.  They really can't run Bush again.

Internet service at da Ranch

Looks like good news.  I should be able to get wireless service at the Ranch.

Just looked at the coverage map for a big name carrier.  I can get a mobile hotspot, and can connect from there.

There will have to be a service contract with this carrier.

Camping out trip

Back to that conversation with Wishbone.  He was advising that I stay out there overnight for a few days in order to get a feel for what I'm doing.

Not a bad idea.  I can do that while I build out some basic infrastructure.  I started a canopy.  I can finish that, and begin on a quonset hut that will be used for basic construction and storage.  The first thing to build after that will be the coffin, and then ???

My thinking hasn't gotten that far along yet.  I wasn't planning on being buried in the coffin, if that's what anybody's thinking.

As for when to make the trip, maybe when it gets a bit warmer.  A date has yet to be determined.


I think I should forget this trip for now.  It is really too late for the purposes of persuading Wishbone, for which it was being contemplated.

Nope.  Time to move on to other projects.  I'll probably be here in H-Town for at least another year.

Feasibility of a move in May 2015

Been crunching the numbers on that possibility.

I was starting to feel a little cocky yesterday, but that was just temporary.  The money is where the problem is.  The farm/ranch is going to have to not only save money, it will have to generate money.  I knew that  anyway, but the number crunching just confirmed that.  It's not rocket science. Money going out eventually gets you to zero balances.  After that, you are living on credit.  No way I want such a scenario.

What made me cocky, is that I feel I can grow enough surplus to sell.  I figured that would raise enough money to cover some of the expenses.  Even running those numbers start to get intimidating.  Let's say the average produce price is 1 buck per pound.  In order to generate $1000 bucks profit, you have to grow at least a thousand pounds of food.  That may be hard.  Ten thousand for ten thousand.  You'd have to be phenomenal to do that well.

It may be possible to sell deer meat, but I don't know.  If you can, you could bag a few deer and sell the meat.  Probably more than a few.  It would also take a lot of chickens to make much money.

Some food for thought, if you'd pardon the pun.

I'm trying to think of the farm/ranch as an asset that can pay for itself.

This one will go into the general subseries.

Before I close this post, here are some useful links that can go for the ride:

About the wind out there
Getting the mail setup out there

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How to receive mail in the middle of nowhere?

That's been a question on my mind since I thought up this idea of living off the grid.  The Post Office won't go all the way out there to deliver one piece of mail  ( I don't think).  There may be a way to do those arrangements, or some other way.  I once did some research on it and you may get the post office to set up a RFD type arrangement.  But I don't remember how that worked.  Here's something I just checked into that will serve as an alternate method.  I've known about the Postal Centers of course, they are all over the place.  If the location will forward the mail to a post office box close to where I live out there, I could use an El Paso address, for example, and then have the mail forwarded to my post office box.

That may satisfy some folks who demand a street address.


Join an RV club.  Lots of other benefits besides.  This is a real possibility.

A couple minor changes to the blog

Changed the header to add the "off the grid" flavor that is becoming more and more dominant on this blog.

Secondly, changed the title from "Boots and Oil" to "Boots and Oil Blog".

I steal some ideas from all over.  Let's say I stole the "slightly off" part of the title from Huckleberry Finn.  The part where Jim is on a raft pretending to be a "Sick Arab, Harmless When Not Out of His Head".

It's a joke directed at myself.  Just trying to be humble even though I don't think that way really.

The "blog" part added to the title is just to identify the webpage as a blog, in case you haven't figured that out.

Rise and shine, 2/22/15

A bit of an early start this am.  Picking up where I left off yesterday, with respect to the Wishbone visit:  One other thing we discussed was wind.  Sometimes out west, there can be a lot of wind.  This seemed like a good point to me, and therefore, I am giving it consideration.

It's not as if I gave wind no consideration at all.  A quick glance at the quonset I plan to build gives credence to the view that they may not stand up very well to strong winds.

It looks to me that there is going to be a need for some type of windbreak for the quonsets.   How to do this?

One thing I'm thinking of is to drill holes into the ground like I wanted to do previously.  Into the holes, drive some 10 foot rebar about 3 feet deep.  Pour concrete in for about the last 1 1/2 feet.  To these rebar posts, attach some metal roofing material I found last week.  These would be laid sideways and attached to each other and to the rebar.  They would overlap a bit so as to have about 7 feet in height.  If needed, some additional support could be attached so that they will stack without sagging or falling.

I could make it go around a perimeter, with a gate that allow entrance into  "da compound".  On top, I'd put some water catchment material, or just use greenhouse plastic.  Chicken wire and rope could be used as described before, with the chicken wire replacing the cattle panels.  This would keep out birds and insects.  It could replace the quonsets completely.  Or perhaps not.  Perhaps each structure could be used to support the other, come to think of it.

This will block sun, and alternatives are costly.  Nope.
Well, scratch that idea.  Another possibility would be to do a second layer of plastic over the cattle panels.  This would make that part of it stronger and the rebar could be driven into the ground and attached to the wood studs in order to anchor it to the ground.  That should give it the additional strength and stability that could withstand strong winds.

The downside is that I will lose some sunlight.  This could hinder growth.  But it may also be helpful to the plants not to receive too much sun.  Hopefully, the loss would not be too much.  This choice is my preference for the moment.


Don't know if it would be more expensive or cheaper, but shrink wrap could be.  The stuff is clear, so it could strengthen the cover, without adding too much sun blockage.