Saturday, November 23, 2013

Oh, my

Dick Morris is one of the JFK conspiracy buffs.

That is too bad.  I'm going to have to cut him off this blog.  No more links to him.

Look, Morris can cite a partisan Congressional investigation in the seventies or whatever, but I did my own research.  When Morris says that Oswald didn't do it, he jumped the shark, as far as I am concerned.  His credibility just went bye-bye.

The filibuster ends, what does it all mean?

Evidently, nothing much.  Just a lot of "sound and fury, signifying nothing".

Rush Limbaugh says that the GOP could retaliate, but probably won't.

RedState points out that McConnell thinks its time "to be sad".

The Tea Party normally shows more spirit than this, but the only thing that they are willing to threaten the GOP-establishment-types like McConnell with is a primary fight.

The problem goes pretty deep.  Maybe the entire culture is screwed.  Everybody is more into serving themselves than their country.  It's all about me, me, me.  It is a money obsessed culture too, when money is worshipped above all other things, it will be the root of all evil that will befall us.

So the country sinks into the abyss, and all the political hacks can think of is the next election.  Such is the state we are in.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Nuclear option shows GOP where they stand

The GOP's wolf v lamb strategy is doomed as the lamb was in Aesop's Fable. The Dems have bared their teeth in the wolf tradition. Shall the GOP meet these wolves on their own terms, or will they swallow their spit, and put on their sheep costumes?

Democrats were forced to go ‘nuclear’ at last

Eugene Robinson, Wapo Editorial

The ideological reason is that, without the three nominees, the court is balanced: Four of its judges are Republican appointees, four are Democratic appointees.

So, it is only ideological to block appointees?  It isn't ideological to appoint nominees?  Clearly, the Democrats want ideological control over this court.  Why?  What do they have in mind?

The seats have been vacant for a long time.  One of them was held by John Roberts, who left the seat in 2005 in order to become Chief Justice.  Why appoint somebody there for that seat NOW?

I suspect Obama is trying to create a controversy where one wasn't necessary.  Some of these vacancies are judges still on the court, but who are now "senior" and leave their seats vacant.  There are those who have been "senior" for years now.  Why fill those vacancies that have been fine up to just now.  Where's the need?

The benighted Presidency

We have a code red situation here.

The Democrats in the Senate have made a statement.  They have demonstrated that they think the two party system is a problem, and the answer is a one party government.

This is ass backward.  The problem is in thinking that the other guy is the problem when the problem really starts upstairs in your own head.

This President and his cohorts seem to think we exist to serve them.  This is a big country with a lot of people in it.  It isn't just full of Democrats who seem to think that we all must sing the same tune whether we like it or not.

The "lightgiver" lives in the dark.  His is a benighted soul trapped deep within the darkness.

Next Big Future: Planetary Resources explains how asteroid mining w...

Next Big Future: Planetary Resources explains how asteroid mining w...: All of the transportation needs in space –— from orbit raises to station keeping to Lunar landings or even expeditions to the outer planets ...


There is an astounding amount of material that strikes the Earth each and every day.  Space isn't exactly empty.  It is actually full of a lot of stuff that we can use.

Obama And Reid Stage De Facto Coup D’État

Dick Morris

But on Thursday, there was a virtual coup d’état on the floor of the U.S. Senate when the Democrats — in a party-line vote — stripped the Republicans of any role in judicial confirmations.

Paging Mark Levin.  Paging Mark Levin.

Articles: Lee Harvey Oswald's Call Did Not Go Through

American Thinker

This article is for the conspiracy buffs.  Question:  Why does this so-called right wing site put this article up?

It seems to me that the propaganda of this administration only works in ways that help it.  So, why does AT put this up?  Puzzling.

Today is the day

Fifty years ago, today, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

We are all made to understand what a great crime that was.  A thought occurred to me.  Ronald Reagan was nearly assassinated.    If that assassination had succeeded, would we have been made aware of it all the time?  No.  Reagan was a Republican.  Republicans don't count.

Not everybody loved John F. Kennedy.  My old man said "good" when asked about it.  No, my old man wasn't a right wing extremist.  He was probably more of a Democrat than a Republican.  Evidently, he just didn't give a hoot about the Kennedys.

These days, the so-called right seems to like Kennedy.  Reagan himself spoke well of him.  Somehow, though, it is all the fault of the right that he was killed.  If Kennedy could have been transported to this day and time, the left would hate his guts.  But he is a big hero to them now because they can use him to bash the GOP.

Funny how all these anti-government right wingers the left likes to talk about don't ever seem to be the ones who want us to lose faith in the government.  It is the left that attacks the Warren Commission report, not the so-called right wing.  The Warren Commission report was the official government report of the assassination.  The self-described champions of the government, the left, seem hell bent on destroying the credibility of the official government report, yet the so-called right wing are the ones who are anti-government.

Why did Bugliosi write a 1500 page book that debunks the conspiracy theories about the assassination?  Bugliosi is a rabid left winger.  In my opinion, Bugliosi wrote that for the same reason he writes most of his stuff.  To rehabilitate the left.  He has to go in there and repair the damage the crazies do to their image.  In other words, sombody on the left has to defend the government, and that's what Bugliosi does.  If it weren't for Bugliosi, the entire left wing would be denouncing the government and trying to grow it at the same time.  Something there just doesn't add up.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

50 year anniversary of JFK assassination

It is all rather obligatory to observe the date.  Lots of people seem to have their say on the subject.  I looked into it myself and concluded that Oswald did it without the least shadow of a doubt.

If you look close enough at the Zapruder film, as I did repeatedly, you can see evidence of the bullet hitting JFK from BEHIND.  That was the clincher for me.  No other possibilities can be seriously considered.  I could go into why, but what's the point?  If you can see the bullet hit Kennedy, that pretty much settles it.

I may consider reading Bugliosi's book.  He seems to be rather thorough in his investigations.  I wonder if he found what I found.

It gets a bit murkier with the conspiracy theories.  However, I thought of this:  if it were a high level conspiracy, why wait several days later to snuff Oswald?  Killing Oswald to silence him would have made much more sense if it had been done simultaneously with Oswald's attempt upon Kennedy's life.  All the alleged conspirators had to do was to place someone who could see Oswald and have a clear shot at him at the time of the assassination.  That would not have been hard.  If there was a conspiracy, they would have known the place and time.  It would make a lot more sense to kill him in the very act, then there would be little other need for a cover up.  It would all have been in the line of duty.  Very nice and neat.

I am not a fan of the government.  But a government led conspiracy here just doesn't make sense.  Besides, the evidence doesn't support it.  However, as for the conspiracy part itself, I'd have to look further.  It seems doubtful based upon what I have read about it thus far.  Perhaps Bugliosi's book is worth a read for answers here.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Going to Mars: Billionaire Dennis Tito plans manned mission with possible 2017 launch


This is the link to the comment section.  One person there said that the Earth is all that we will ever have.  Imagine that.  What a total lack of imagination and courage.  Columbus wouldn't have sailed the ocean blue in 1492 if he had an attitude like that.  But for these benighted souls, that would have been a good thing.

Police: Examples Of Troubling ‘Knockout’ Game Popping Up All Over « CBS New York

Police: Examples Of Troubling ‘Knockout’ Game Popping Up All Over « CBS New York

All of the victims are Jews.  Jews vote for Democrats.  Jews are for gun control.  What would happen if these people were armed?  No more games, that's what.

Fear not gold bugs

Why the fed has lost control. Gold is down 30 bucks, so what gives? Traders must be watching the news. The news is that inflation is under control and the economy is growing. Thus, the fed is held in high esteem, for they seem to be the master of events, not the slave. But the truth is that the fed cannot escape quantitative easing. This makes the fed out of control, as they react to events. Once the fed and the government lose credibility, the house of cards will start to fall. The cause of such an event is not likely to come from within. The American population is much too gullible and passive to force an event on an out of control government such as the one in charge today. The event will be external in origin. In the meantime, you can only shake your head at this nonsense.

Obama steals Gingrich's line

But can he steal America's mojo?

Antique restoration

I saw a 56 Chevy bel air in great condition. Reminded me of my own dabbling with antique cars. I got an idea that you could create parts for it with 3d printing. Getting parts for these old cars is hard, you know. 3d printing could help with that.

If climate change is a problem we can solve, what is your solution?

The article doesn't say.

Self healing battery extends its lifetime

Why the Jesus reference?

Democrats really do think they are better than you are

That's why this little pic amuses me.

Badge of Liberal Self-Esteem
Limbaugh once said something quite similar.  He added to something like the above: "you on the other hand are pond scum".

Yep.  That's what we are dealing with here.  We are so, so lucky to have such enlightened people to lord it over us.  /sarc

Bread and Circus America

PJ media via Ace of Spades


Watching Oprah during the day with access to free food while tweeting, Facebooking and video-gaming is not quite Dickensian London, and therefore the elemental struggle to climb out is far harder. It was always more difficult for wily Odysseus to escape the Lotus-eaters than the Cyclopes.

People are becoming well-heeled slaves.  Big Brother watches us all the time and bribes and coerces us into serving them without question.  Too fat and dumb to care about asking any questions.

NHTSA May Mandate That New Cars Broadcast Location, Direction and Speed

CNS News

Oh, lovely.  Just what we need.  More government controls.

  • would give the government at least the capability to exert increasing control over when, where, if--or for how much additional taxation--people are allowed to go places in individually owned vehicles. It could also give government the ability to track where people go and when. 
  • that in fifteen years we are likely to be discussing whether people should be allowed to drive 
  • use of vehicles’ speed and location data to issue tickets or track drivers’ movements. 
  • The Obama administration has included at least two senior officials who have expressed a desire to use government power to curb the use of vehicles. John P. a 1973 book...with population-control advocates Paul and Anne Ehrlich. 
  • Holdren and his co-authors said a “massive campaign must be launched to restore a high-quality environment in North America and to de-develop the United States.”  [emphasis added]
  • “It is a way to coerce people out of their cars,”

Yeah.  This is another reason why I couldn't endorse Gingrich's new book.  This is 1984-ish type stuff.  Big Brother really wants to watch you--- all the damned time.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Let the Obamacare body count begin

american thinker


Some fancy pants prosecutor could write a book claiming Obama is guilty of murder.

Urbee update

Russia remembers Stalin's purges

We may have our own Stalin in the White House now.  His good buddy, Bill Ayers, was a member of the Weathermen, who wanted to kill millions of Americans who they feared would never capitulate to their power.

They may not need to kill millions.  The opposition to leftist thuggery seems pretty tame.

Obama Purge Of Military Officers?



Makes sense.  Leftists do not tolerate dissent.  It's only natural that they remove all obstacles to their power.

If there's another leftist in the White House after Obama, we'll probably see a coup.  Maybe sooner than that.

Next Big Future: Why Instagrams get built but Hyperloops have not

Next Big Future: Why Instagrams get built but Hyperloops have not: If Hyperloop could succeed it would disrupt airline and rail travel as we know it and improve the whole economy with more economical and eff...

That's a question I've explored on this here blog.

Perhaps civilizations have life cycles in the same way as organisms.  Maybe Western Civilization is dying because it has gotten old.

Democracy out of style?

Democracy is in a lot of trouble, because there are people like this all over

Then there was the outright lying about Benghazi, the NSA spying upon innocent people, the IRS persecution of Tea Party groups, Obama cracking down upon the media, and so on and so forth.

President George Herbert Walker Bush in his inaugural speech in 1989 said that the day of the dictator was over.  Maybe not.  It seems to be making a comeback, even in this country.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood Producer And Obama Donor: Obama's Not Embarrassing, U.S. Is Embarrassing



Three things he's saying.
  1. Failure of ObamaCare rollout no big deal.
  2. US should be ashamed of itself for not having healthcare.
  3. US should be ashamed of itself for not having gun control.
Responses to each:
  1. If people die because of this, it's a prosecutable offense because it was fraudulent.  Not my words, but Vincent Bugliosi's words with respect to George W. Bush and Iraq.  If someone lies and that lie results in a death, they could be liable for murder, according to Bugliosi.  If true for Bush, it is also true for Obama if someone dies because of what he did as President.
  2. Not having socialism isn't anything to be ashamed of.  Socialism is an embarrassment for mankind.
  3. Gun control is necessary because of people like Weinberg.  You have to defend yourself against a dangerous threat, and a guy like Weinberg is too dangerous to be running around free.  We need Weinberg control.
If anything is embarrassing about this country, it is that it elected a guy like Obama twice.  Now, that's embarrassing.

Haiku aboard maven, launched ok

More haiku for maven

Above lifeless sky
Eagle eye hunting dead prey
Giving food for thought

Haiku for Maven

Amidst Strum und Drang
Listen to a silent world
To quiet our own.

60% chance of favorable weather for launch

It has to get past the Earth's atmosphere before it can study Mars'.

Ringer's HIP strategy

On how to deal with "dicks", Ringer suggests the HIP strategy---humor, ignore, and part.  My reaction is a bit different than his.

I don't like bullies.  My first impulse is to fight.  Perhaps that is not always a good idea.   Perhaps there's another way.  But sometimes the bully won't let you walk away.

I see the left as bullies.  To me, a bully has to be stood up to at the very least.  When it comes to the left, it is an absolute must.  For the left is DANGEROUS.  They are so sure of their purity and good intentions and everything.  They are totally incapable of policing themselves.  So, if they won't police themselves, somebody's gotta do it.

We need some Grants in the GOP who will fight back against the left.  But what we have is a bunch of McClellans.  The McClellans will always give an excuse for why they can't do something about these bullies.  They can at least stand up to these bullies and say "no" to them once in awhile.  It's not too much to ask and it may prevent another disaster like Obama.

Woodward says no scandal in false promise of Obamacare

How can it not be a scandal?  If people die because they cannot get healthcare because of the broken promise?  Secondly, the broken promise was deceitful, deliberately so.  How is this not scandalous?

There were those who wanted to prosecute Bush because of Iraq.  It was claimed that Bush lied and people died.  So, how is this different? Actually, it is different.  It is arguable that Bush lied, but not arguable that Obama lied.  For Bush to have lied about Iraq, he would have had to be able to read Saddam Hussein's mind. But no such thing is necessary in Obama's case. He knew what he was doing.

The definition of fraud basically means to lie when the lie makes a difference.  You have to prove deliberate deception and that the deception made a diffference in the defrauded person's behavior.  Bush could not have committed fraud, but Obama sure did.  Obama could be prosecuted for fraud and possibly murder.

Those who attacked Bush would defend Obama.  It wouldn't be based upon facts, however.  Neither was it based upon facts in Bush's case.  These who attacked Bush did so for political reasons.  They would defend Obama because of blind partisanship.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Articles: Obama's fallen and he can't get up

American Thinker Article


This is because of the biggest Obamacare lie of all: that somehow providing insurance to people who never had it could be accomplished without adding to the deficit and saving the average family $2500 a year on their insurance. This is free lunch-ism of the highest order, nonsense on a stick. Yet buoyed by Obama's self-assurance and a supportive media, the American people bought it.
Yeah.  The American people bought it.  But I didn't.  I never believed in his shtick. I've got the paper trail to prove it.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t »

Now You See It, Now You Don’t »


I thought this one was going to be like my observation that the truth is a slippery thing.  It is that, in a way.  But for the most part, it is a bit different.

There is this quote about money:

The value of paper money — which is no longer linked to real money (i.e., gold) — is based solely on faith

Anything that disrupts that faith can cause the currency to become worthless literally over night.  A pretty thin reed to lean upon.

Next Big Future: A basic income of about $10,000 per US citizen wou...

Next Big Future: A basic income of about $10,000 per US citizen wou...: Switzerland will soon be voting on a proposal for a basic income for all of their citizens. Certain wonks on the libertarian right and lib...


I really hate this idea.  But those in the comment section seem to like it.  This explains a lot, I suppose.

What is the reason for work?  To support yourself and feed yourself and your family?  You could do the entire thing without money.  Money is for the government, the people don't really need it.  Think about that.

I don't want  a system that reduces everybody to being a dependent upon government to redistribute the goods of society.

Fools and their Futile Appeals

White Sun of the Desert blog via Samizdata

To paraphrase Mark: Solzhenitsyn, a die-hard Marxist and supporter of the Communist regime, was down with the violence until some of it came his way. 

Striking parallels between some of those who had their insurance canceled and some of those in Communist lands who got caught up in the purges.

It reminds me once again of the Sandmen of the movie Logan's Run.  Somehow, it doesn't matter when it doesn't affect you personally; but when it does, it tends to change your outlook.

Kirk Sorensen of Flibe Energy: Why We Need LFTR

Link to video available from The Energy From Thorium  website.  I will break down the video on this here post.  Note: Comments are in the captions and are in italics.  Some of the graphics are modified for additional explanation.

Let's begin:


How we do it today.  We use nuclear sub technology that isn't necessarily optimal for energy production on the surface of the Earth.  In a sub, it is compact because it is surrounded by water.  On land, getting water to it in an emergency can be a problem.

Higher temperatures in the reactor can enable greater efficiency in energy production

Water has great heat capacity, but has to be kept under pressure.  Molten-salts exist at atmospheric pressure, and are unaffected by radiation.  This simplifies construction and is much safer to operate.

Passive safety feature.  If anything goes wrong, the molten-salt will drain into a safe configuration.  No power required.

Proof of concept already done.  Commercialization has been available to us since the late sixties  Flibe Energy is a company founded to commercialize the work that was done back then..

Wind and solar are diffuse and intermittent sources of energy.

Not only does the LFTR produce electricity efficiently, it also can produce with its waste heat some important byproducts.

The only natural fissile material is U235.  You can breed plutonium with U238 and use it in a fast reactor.  Or not use uranium at all.  You can bypass uranium  and breed thorium and use it in a thermal reactor.

A discussion of waste.  Thorium will burn more efficiently while the wastes can be separated more easily; and besides that, the wastes can be useful products in their own right.

Why should we care?  What does it mean?  A cubic meter of dirt has enough thorium in it to create as much energy as 30 cubic meters of crude oil.  We will never run out of this stuff.

LFTRs are the solution

The full video below:

How did Mars lose its atmosphere?

The MAVEN probe is set to launch on Monday in order to get answers to this question.  A theory based upon what we know about the Earth can serve as a model.  The Earth has a magnetic field, Mars doesn't really have one ( it is localized in spots, but not over the entire planet).  As a consequence, the solar wind gets diverted around the Earth and spares its atmosphere.  Mars was not so lucky.  When Mars lost its atmosphere, it also lost its oceans, which made it the dry barren place it is today.  So, MAVEN will investigate Mars' upper atmosphere to confirm what is already suspected.

Infographic: How the Maven Mars Orbiter probe works.
Source All about our solar system, outer space and exploration.

Great mention of the LFTR at Economist

Via Instapundit

With respect to this welcomed news and Gingrich's new book, Breakout, a point should be emphasized.  That is that this technology is over 40 years old and it never caught on.  That's one of the points of Gingrich's book.  It was not because there was something wrong with LFTRs.  Rather than there was something wrong with us in not implementing it.

There's good tech and there's not so good tech.  How do you know the difference?  How can it be evaluated accurately?

It's good that the Economist mentions the LFTR, but you have to also ask why did it take so long?