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Nightmare in Gotham City

A new video by the New Guy

Test on E-Cat Will Be Conducted on Oct 6th in Bologna, Italy with Invited Academics

Daniele Passarini has posted a copy of a letter sent by Dr. Franco Sicogna to the European Patent Office inviting representatives to attend a demonstration of one of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat modules. The letter reads in part:

"There is certainly an air of confidence about this whole event" 

Knock 'em dead!

Raising Cain

The Weekly Standard

Video: Late night with Herman Cain

Cain gets some face time with Leno. I think he goes over easy if you catch my meaning. Some people wear you down. He doesn't seem to do that. I think he can definitely beat Obama.

He was asked what he thought of the other candidates. But not Obama. I think that he should call Obama the Nutty Professor.

BECK'S BOLERO (1967) by the Jeff Beck Group - with backwards guitar ending

I remember this music from the movie "10". Not exactly the same music, but close.

How To Make Chicken Enchiladas

Pretty simple dish. However, if I were to make any of these, I wouldn't put anything on top of the enchiladas. Then, you can eat them with your hands. After they cool down, of course. yuk, yuk

How To Make Chicken Enchiladas from Jeremy Campbell on UnleashVideo

Debunking the Palestine Lie

Henry Ford was said to have called history "bunk".  Napoleon said that it was "fiction agreed upon". Others have said that the victors write the history books.  Here's a history lesson.  What you wish to think of it is your choice.  As for me, I haven't studied it, but I trust Bill Whittle.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has launched an international campaign to achieve recognition by the United Nations for an independent Palestinian state

Learn more here

Planck's constant and the process of scientific discovery

I want to share with you something that may be profitable for anybody with intelligence to keep in mind.  It is a snippet of a story about a scientific discovery, but it isn't the discovery itself, but the process of discovery. With respect to Planck's constant, I came across this:
To save his theory, Planck had to resort to using the then controversial theory of statistical mechanics,[4] which he described as "an act of despair … I was ready to sacrifice any of my previous convictions about physics."
That struck me because of how familiar it seemed to the main objection with cold fusion.  It required that for any particular member of the scientific community to "sacrifice any of my previous convictions about physics."

It is not a sacrifice if it brings you a better situation than what existed before.  But before this could happen, the thought that it is a sacrifice had to be confronted.   Planck had to be willing to confront and overcome his feelings about controversy, which in this case, caused him to resort to an "act of despair".  Could this process be typical of all scientific discoveries?

In the case of cold fusion, the critics did not want to confront the controversy and chose to avoid the feelings of despair that it could have caused.  The phenomenon of cold fusion crossed into their comfort zone, so they attacked the concept as a way of dealing with it.  By doing so, they turned their backs on the possibility of a great discovery.  But it was a mistake to consider it a sacrifice, if it meant that the new discovery could result in great benefits to mankind.

What a pity if cold fusion turns out to be real.

Falcon rockets to land on their toes

Short Sharp Science

Commentary about SpaceX's new strategy of reusable rocketry.

How can 30% of nickel in Rossi’s reactor be transmuted into copper?

by Dott. Giuliano Bettini Retired. Earlier: Selenia SpA, Rome and IDS SpA, Pisa Also Adjunct Professor at the University of PisaAdjunct Professor at Naval Academy, Leghorn (Italian Navy) link via Rossi's site or blog

This is as good of a post that can describe in as simple a fashion as possible how the E-cat may work.  It depends upon one of the many theories that attempts to explain cold fusion.  Frankly, I like the BECNF theory a bit better.  Why?

Simple, really.  I read about Bose Einstein condensates many years ago.  I think it is fair to say that you favor that which you are most familiar.  I am not familiar with Stremmenos' theory.  It is as simple as that.  It would be incorrect to say that I think one theory is better than another.  I do not know the answer to that question.

It is, after all, a post that I categorize as "armchair physics".  Not professional.  I make no such claims.  It is an attempt by yours truly to understand something that is difficult, and to try to discuss it in an intelligent manner. Hopefully, I don't botch it too badly.

Now, for Stremmenos' theory. Again, not trying to botch it too badly, so here goes a little ditty on that.

There is such a thing as muon catalyzed fusion.  Muons exist and are, for want of a better explanation, are like "heavy" electrons.  They are negatively charged, like electrons, but aren't electrons.  So, they can balance out the electrical charge of a proton, which is the nucleus of a hydrogen atom.  The heaviness of the muon shrinks the size of the hydrogen atom.  It then becomes something like Stremmenos' mini atom.  The mini atom (muon proton combo) tunnels through the Coulomb barrier and fuses with the nucleus.  Ta da!  You have fusion. That's muon catalyzed fusion.

But Stremmenos doesn't depend upon muons, but some other mechanism for making mini atoms.  Let's look at a quote from that post:
it is conceivable that, for a very short time period (e.g. 10ˆ-18 sec), a series of neutral mini atoms of hydrogen could be formed, in an unstable state, of various size and energy level, distributed within the Fermi band, which is enlarged due to the very short time (Heisenberg).

The neutral mini-atoms of high energy and very short wave length – which is in phase with the “cyclic” orbit (de Broglie) – are statistically captured be the nickel nuclei of the crystal structure with the speed of nuclear reactions (10ˆ-20 sec).

It appears that the mini atoms can exist for a long enough period to be captured.  That's because 10 -18 is a bigger number than 10 -20 . The mini atoms exist long enough for the nuclear reaction to take place. I think that may be the key understanding here. That is, if I didn't botch it.


You get steam heat from that reaction

Friday, September 30, 2011

Self-growing lunar factory.

This is impressive looking, especially since it is all accomplished without any people being there to do the work.  The date was 1982 also.  Makes you wonder if we're going backward.

NASA Conference Publication 2255 (1982), based on the Advanced Automation for Space Missions NASA/ASEE summer study Held at the University of Santa Clara in Santa Clara, California, from June 23-August 29, 1980.

It's time to reconsider the nuclear option for spaceflight

I agree, but there will be opposition. You need to find a way to do it that will get around the opposition. Just mine the uranium and thorium and make the fuel on the moon. Fuel up the rocket and blast off the lunar surface.

How To Make Creamy Polenta

How To Make Creamy Polenta from Karen Bukolt on UnleashVideo

Flibe Energy in the UK, part 1: DECC and AMR

Part 1 out a 3 part series.
  1. The UK is planning to shut down most of their advanced gas-cooled nuclear reactors over the next decade, along with a great number of their coal-fired power generation facilities. [ comment: they will need a replacement source of energy]
  2. Flibe Energy travelled to the United Kingdom to participate in the launch of the Weinberg Foundation, a new non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to the advancement of thorium and the fluid-fuelled reactor. [ comment: link to a video of Sorensen's group meeting with members of Parliament over lunch, and a session of the House of Lords]
  3. Finally we came to the highlight of the day and the true reason for our trip to the UK–the “launch” of the Weinberg Foundation in the River Room of the Palace of Westminster.  Energy Future: Guest Kirk Sorensen speaks at Weinberg Foundation Launch 

Darker than black? I gotta see this

'Darker-than-black' metamaterial could lead to more efficient solar cells
( -- If typical black paint absorbs about 85% of incoming light, then a newly designed metamaterial that absorbs up to 99% of incoming light may be considered “darker than black." By taking advantage of the unique light-scattering properties of metamaterials, researchers have discovered that a hyperbolic metamaterial with a corrugated surface can have a very low reflectance, which could make it promising for high-efficiency solar cells, photodetectors, and radar stealth technology.

An Economist’s Thoughts on The E-Cat — Part One: Will the E-Cat Supplant Traditional Energy Sources?

This is the first of a three part series which is already completed.

I've read through it, and it confirms some of what I thought.   If energy prices come down as he indicates, the price of gold is likely to come down as well.  He doesn't say anything about gold, that's why I said some of what he said confirms what I said.  It isn't entirely guaranteed that gold will come down at all.  But, if I were placing a bet on it, I'd say that it would.

Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Live Free or Die

Can we make everything free from risk? Benefits entail risk.

Armadillo CH4K LOX/Methane rocket engine test for Nasa Project Morpheus

A liquid oxygen/liquid methane engine under development for Nasa's Project Morpheus. This 4000lb-force engine was designed, built, and tested by Armadillo Aerospace. It's a pressure-fed engine with a pintle injector of particularly low pressure drop, with replaceable injector elements for tuning mixing behavior.

Methane could be obtained in situ from the Martian atmosphere via the Sabatier reaction, CO2 + 4H2 → CH4 + 2H2O.

Electrodynamic Tether Propulsion- can you use it for Single Stage to Orbit?

The idea is to get that final bit of thrust needed in order to get to orbit.  By the time a spacecraft is to that point, it will be hypersonic, but less than orbital velocity.  The idea is to be able to reduce mass using propellant-less thrust.  The same system can be used later for reentry as well.

In an earlier post, getting energy from reentry was discussed so as to provide active cooling.  That method entails a means to reject energy into space by way of a solid state laser.  By using a similar method, generating electricity from heat, you can store- via a capacitor- some of these electrons not used for active cooling. Upon reaching sufficient altitude, deploy an electrodynamic tether and send the current into the tether which will add lift.  That gives a propellant-less boost, saving mass and helping get to orbit.   The same tether's current can be reversed and be useful in storing electrons for the descent back down.  The energy will go into the capacitor, causing drag, while the tether will used a little later on in order to provide lift so as to slow down the descent.  This bleeds off energy while keeping the use of mass to a minimum.

Both systems, laser cooling, and electrodynamic tethers, will be useful in ascent and descent, while helping save enough mass so as to make the Single Stage to Orbit concept more feasible.

DeFranco going to Europe

  • Moving his location 
  • International Coffee Day 
  • Cure for Aids?
  • Killer Cantalopes, no relationship to Jackalopes, which is a mystical beast, and I am one of these (verified), I have the patch to prove it  

Is Holly Madison a mythical beast?

Cold Fusion is politically incorrect

If you are going to be a cold fusioneer, you may as well realize you're a renegade.  Anybody who believes in cold fusion has got to be a renegade.  The hot fusion people are the conventional types who are also the politically correct types.  It looks to me like LENR wants to go mainstream and curry favor with the politically correct.  As a believer of cold fusion, you may be forced into a renegade's role.  But that isn't new for cold fusioneers.  The difference is that LENR doesn't want to be in the out group, and doesn't want to be the renegade.  They want to be "in".  It has its counter part in politics, if you will, with the other out groups who are consistently being marginalized by the "ins".  If government won't do you right, you may have to rebel, or threaten to.

LENR is not cold fusion, cold fusion is not LENR- a competition for fame and fortune

It seems a bit too obvious to say it, but the confusion seems to be out there. Some may see it as nothing more than a public relations stunt to rename cold fusion as LENR, but it is completely different. Fusion means two different elements uniting to form yet a third new element. For example, hydrogen to helium. LENR, if I understand it correctly, needs neutrons to combine with nucleii.  Neutrons, which are unstable on their own, bombard elements which bring about radioactive decay.  New elements are formed too, but the difference is that neutrons can't exist on their own, and therefore aren't nucleii. There is no fusion in LENR, LENR does not fuse.

Thus the fundamental conflict between cold fusion and LENR.  The proposition that cold fusion is advancing is that there is a way around the coulomb barrier without the need for high energy.  This is not entirely unheard of- muon catalyzed fusion doesn't require high temperatures. If there's another process that can get around the coulomb barrier, it too will be low energy.  Low Energy fusion is indeed nothing more than a semantic change. But it is for all intents and purposes, cold fusion.

This semantic difference may mask the real differences between LENR and cold fusion. And it brings forth the confusion, as it all appears to be the same, when it isn't.

There's this feud going on between Krivit and Rossi, which illustrates the confusion. Who do you believe? One of the other or both?  The fact of the matter is that both processes may be valid.  It isn't one or the other intellectually, but it could mean a competition for real world business.  Or real world fame.  That isn't new in science nor business.  Witness the historic argument between Westinghouse and Edison over AC or DC current, respectively.  Nowadays, AC and DC current are both valid ways of transmitting electricity.  One or the other had to win in the economic sense though, and AC won.

Krivit and Rossi can't be friends because they are competitors.  It is a high stakes game for fame and fortune. One or the other must win economically because the two processes are completely different from each other.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

SpaceX's Plans for the Future

Here's a video showing how the Falcon 9 can be made fully reusable with the fast turnaround time.

Laser cooling for spacecraft reentry

The usual technique is to cool things down to near absolute zero. But the proposition here is a bit different. The problem to be solved is getting rid of a lot of heat that does unpleasant things to spacecraft.  What to do about this heat?

Can you cool something large that is really hot?  How?  I am currently looking at solid state lasers.  Now, what happens when you do the laser cooling a bit differently?   Let's say that something's really hot and you can convert that to electricity, and then use that electricity to start up a laser.  Send that light energy out of the system by way of the laser.  The laser could be sent out into space, perhaps in a convenient direction, of course.

Is it possible to use the heat of reentry to make this electricity and then convert it to a laser that is fired into space?  The energy is rejected into space away from the vehicle in a form that does it no harm.  The energy loss to the system is the means by which the spacecraft can survive reentry.

The laser produces no thrust as photons have no mass.  The production of electricity leads to energy losses, which is normally an inefficiency, but in this case, it is an advantage, as that leads to the cooling that we are after.

I'll look further into this in order to figure if this is a practical way of approaching this problem.

Gold Stupidity???

"Backed by the US Dollar is a more comfortable investment for them."

Contrast this with the institution she is comfortable about:

There has to be a standard of value somehow. That function has always been supplied by gold. Governments fail. Civilizations collapse. Gold is always worth something. But these disagreements are what make markets. If everybody agreed, then nobody would own paper currency, and would demand gold for all payments.

Cold Fusion Five : 5 World Changing Benefits of Cold Fusion Technology

Here are 5 world changing benefits of cold fusion. Learn what Cold Fusion technology consists of, where it started and where it is headed.

I don't know how this video may be received by some. It could be taken as more pathological science. It is a nice dream, but until it is definitely proven and successful, it is still only a dream. All of the benefits that could come from this dream- should it be realized- is reflected in this video. Well worth finding out if the dream can be made into reality. The E-cat just may make the dream come true.

How Obama could win if Obamacare loses

by Stephen G. Smith

bottom line excerpt:
He could rally his base by arguing that he had pushed through a great “progressive” reform only to be foiled by the conservative-leaning Supreme Court.

If he really believed in Obamacare, why the need to politicize it?


Six Figures 6 - Dude Where Is My Porn? (video)

Rated PG ( uh huh ) What you guys thinking of out there, anyway?

Six Figures 6 - Dude Where Is My Porn? from Six Figures on UnleashVideo

Free Energy Truth: Rossi eCat US Partner Firm: Is It KPCB?

Rossi eCat US Partner Firm: Is It KPCB?

Comment: What got my attention was the Bloom Box.   I've never heard of it before.  It appears to work, as it has several well known corporations who are using it.

Anyway, there's not a whole lot of time to comment upon the Free Energy post linked above.  I wanted to make note of the Bloom Box.

I don't understand the Bloom Box, you see.  I need to get up to date on that.  If it looks good, I will have something to post about it later, time permitting.


The Bloom Box uses Scandium, a rare element, usually found with Rare Earths.  These can be found on the moon.  They can be found on the Earth as well, but evidently not in great abundance as I quote from Wikipedia:
 The absence of reliable, secure, stable and long term production has limited commercial applications of scandium. Despite this low level of use, scandium offers significant benefits. Particularly promising is the strengthening of aluminium alloys with as little as 0.5% scandium. Scandium-stabilized zirconia enjoys a growing market demand for use as a high efficiency electrolyte in solid oxide fuel cells.

What about making Scandium?  You can try to make it from Calcium, if you have neutrons.  But that looks to be easier said than done.

Just conquer space and all this stuff will be in such abundance that you won't know what to do with it all.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Elon Musk and Reusable Rockets

Musk says making a reusable rocket is "super damn hard".  But that is where the fun begins, to borrow a phrase.

progress on reusability "sucks", say Musk

Well, the fun begins, but only in thinking about it. Musk has built rockets, I can only speculate about them.  I don't want to seem too presumptuous, so let's keep it real.  There's a rival of sorts of Musk's in the UK who is building an SSTO, the Skylon,, which I'd like to speculate upon for a little bit.  A Skylon would be an Single Stage to Orbit, fully reusable, fast turnaround type of spacecraft.   Just what we want in terms of re-usability.

First, let me mention that I've looked at the Saturn IV-B from the Apollo Era to get an idea about relative masses of hydrogen and oxygen.  Let's say the ratios can be altered somehow.  If so, you can save a lot of mass if you use a lot of hydrogen and a lot less oxygen.  Instead of carrying the oxygen, pull the oxygen out of the atmosphere.  The S IV-B had a ratio of 4 kg oxygen for every kg of hydrogen.

Now, if that ratio can be reduced to something less than the Saturn, it could lead to significant mass savings.  The Skylon concept is an attempt at doing this.  I am using the Saturn rocket as an example because of sixties rocket guy said that this rocket had nearly enough thrust to get to orbit on its own.  This may not be realistic though, and the Skylon's mass is closer to the mass of the Falcon 9.

But the Skylon is horizontally launched.  My thought is, what if you can make it launch mostly vertical?  Or go vertical really soon after getting airborne? 

The idea is to take atmospheric oxygen with as little drag penalty as possible.  Use as little oxygen as you can while in the densest part of the atmosphere.  Gain enough altitude and defer forward thrust until higher in altitude.  Shift to forward thrust while still having enough oxygen to propel the spacecraft forward.  This is to avoid the use of on-board oxygen for as long as possible.  Gain as much velocity as is permissible and then convert to a conventional rocket mode only when absolutely unavoidable. 

The SR71 Blackbird could fly up to 100,000 feet, and was an air-breather.  Let's say you get to 100k, then go horizontal.  The Blackbird could go Mach 3, but we need a lot more than that.
The speculation of mine isn't likely to produce a flight trajectory chart like the one above of the Skylon, though.  So, perhaps going vertical soon after takeoff isn't feasible.  On the other hand, Elon Musk was asked about using atmospheric oxygen, and he believes that it isn't worth it because of the extra drag.  Hence the early vertical ascent.  Is it feasible to go vertical early, or is it better to wait?

The Skylon is said to be able to carry significant amount of cargo.  What if further mass saving could gained by reducing mass further?  Let's say a bare minimum for a two man crew.

Let's say you can save your use of oxygen and reduce the mass for cargo to a bare minimum.  The above discussion is only into the ascent part.  The descent can be discussed at another time, as I am out of time.


Additional thoughts about going vertical early in the trajectory:
  • throttle down on ascent so as to conserve fuel, reduce drag
  • use the nitrogen taken from the atmosphere for active cooling  
  • reverse direction of engines' thrust, use it for braking on reentry 

How to make biodiesel

Mike Pelly's biodiesel method

Actually, I was looking for something else, but found this instead.  It is interesting to know that you can do this, but I haven't, so I can't vouch for it at all.

Amazing Ferrofluid

Does this have any practical use? It is neat to watch, but what exactly can you do with this?

Ferrofluid is a magnetic liquid. It is composed of tiny nanoparticles of magnetic material. It flows like a liquid and attracts to a magnet.

Amazing Ferrofluid from Jeremy Campbell on UnleashVideo

More about E-cat, gold and LENR

Seriously, the idea of making gold this way is a disservice to the idea of wealth creation.  When it comes to gold, you can't do anything with it.  Sure, it is a traditional store of value, but you can't use it for much of anything. 

Contrast this with platinum, which can be used for catalysts.  You can make fuel cells much more affordable if you can come up with a source of platinum.  I can look further into that today, if I get the time.

If you want platinum, you can mine it, or in this case, you can even make it.  But why?  Platinum is usually found with platinum group metals, and you have to start with a platinum group metal (pgm) in order to get it to platinum by way of neutrons and beta decays.  Since pgms are valuable in their own right, it makes sense to use it all, instead of converting it to platinum.  But you may be able to convert it if you want more platinum.  For this, you need neutrons. 

The trouble with neutrons is that it this means radioactivity, which is a problem.  You don't want to go there.

Rather than make platinum from pgms, you can mine them off the moon.  Or some folks think you can.  This is what I'll look into further, since I purchased Wingo's book "Moonrush".  It is about mining the moon for pgms, if I am not mistaken.

I am going to check back into Platinum Moon, which I read last year and wrote about on this blog.  The author is said to have gotten his inspiration from Wingo's book.

NC governor: Suspend elections so Congress can focus on economy

The Hill's Blog Briefing Room
Seems like I heard something like this before. Ah, here it is:

Top political strategist Woody Allen thinks Obama would get much more done as dictator; No, really

There is an attempt to pass this all off as just a joke, but there's a serious component to this story. Perhaps there are those who take this subject a bit more seriously.

Can the US Constitution Survive Dictator Obama?

When you start counting up the transgressions, it gets to be more than just a joke. You begin to worry about what their intentions really are.


Looks like the "dictator" is in trouble for reelection. Perhaps this is why the Democrats don't like the idea of elections anymore.

Blacks leave Obama -

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Renewable Electricity…From Poop!

CBS Tampa

There's not enough poop to run the city- as the article points out, it's only for 1000 homes. Not exactly a new idea either. This is more of a pollution reduction idea than an energy idea.

Jump swing boogie rhythm guitar chords bass lines lesson ala Bill Jennings Tiny Grimes T Bone

Whimsical idea: create your own gold mine

This is an idea that is similar to the old alchemist's dream of turning lead to gold. What you could do instead is to turn mercury into gold. How? You need a source of neutrons and a some Hg 196, an isotope of mercury, which is in sparse concentration in nature.
the isotope needed would only be in concentrations of less than 1 percent
It appears that mercury will accept a neutron, since it has a pretty good size barn .  There's two problems (that I know of).  1) getting a source of neutrons and 2) getting the isotope needed, since it is rather sparse.  Assuming you could do that, you could make gold by bombarding the mercury with neutrons.  It will beta decay (electron capture) into gold, which assumes that you get a stable isotope.

How do you get neutrons?  Usually this is done with radioactive sources ( as far as I know).  There may be a couple other ways.  The first way is by making a Polywell device and fusing deuterium.  This will produce your neutrons all right, but you may want to slow them down.  Also, you don't know if this is going to produce the number you need in order to make it worthwhile.

Another way is by way of LENR.  Widom Larsen proposes that a suitable hydride can make ultra low momentum neutrons.  These neutrons, assuming that they exist, can be used to bombard the mercury and make gold.

mercury to gold?  you gotta be kiddin' me

This is a bit whimsical because- once you make the gold, and assuming that you can make a lot of it at a relatively cheap price ( quite a presumption by the way), you will have destroyed its economic basis.  Sort of self defeating.  But diamonds can be made artificially.  If there was no way to tell them from the real ones, diamonds would be worthless. ( ha ha)

Planet Plots: Going to Mars, Grasshopper!

Planet Plots: Going to Mars, Grasshopper!: Elon Musk's keynote address.  In the second video, he discusses the need for a fully reusable, fast turnaround spacecraft.  That's as much as I had time to watch.  I'll watch more later.

Interesting that he doesn't want to mine anything and bring it back to Earth.  Well, if access to space gets cheap enough, you should be able to do that.  Sure, there's plenty of stuff on Earth, but there's resistance to mining on Earth.  Why not mine a dead, lifeless heavenly body, and be able to use it to benefit people on Earth?  You need an economic basis for it, and, although that probably doesn't work economically now, it may work in a future time.


Some interesting questions and discussion from the audience

The Philip DeFranco Show

I guess he isn't perfect in giving the news, but it may be a little more interesting than watching the conventional stuff. Hardly a ringing endorsement, but hey, I am pretty hard to please sometimes. Sorry.

SHOCKER: Herman Cain Now Leading Rick Perry 28%-18% in New Zogby Poll

UPDATE: Dennis Miller Endorses Cain, Invites Me* to Hang Out in Hollywood

It's an internet poll.  Not exactly scientific. This video appears to be calling Herman Cain a "nobody".

You have liberals who like to say that there is no bias. I can think of one who did indeed deny that there was liberal media bias. I won't name names here, but he is on record as saying it.

Why would the media be biased against Cain? I can think of one very good reason- it makes race hustling much harder.  Obama wouldn't have been elected if he was a white man.  The Democrats "race hustled" this guy into office, and want to keep him in office by the same tactic.  When it comes to Presidential politics, it may be seen as a threat that the Republicans could try to fight fire with fire.  After all, if the Democrats are going to use race in Presidential politics, what would stop the Republicans?  It would make sense that the Democrats and their willing accomplices in the media would want to corner the market on race hustling tactics with respect to Presidential politics.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Gold made bullish move today

A bearish scenario for gold was speculated yesterday, but what about a bullish scenario? I think that's simple. Nothing fundamental has changed. Unless something drastic happens that changes outlooks, like the E-cat for example. But if the E-cat isn't successful, that could be bullish for gold - provided that nothing else happens.

The Fed's move is supposed to help the economy, but it isn't a growth policy. This will have to come from the government, and so far, I haven't seen anything. Obama's jobs plan is political, not economic.

Nevertheless, the Fed's move may help a little. If it can change the incentives a little towards risk taking. For example, if short range yields go up as expected, while long term yields go down, this could make the prime rate a bit more appealing. At least that is moving a little more towards risk taking.

If all the banks do is keep their money, and not lend, this won't help the economy. But if a little more money gets loaned out, it could be helpful. But this isn't a growth policy. It provides a helpful nudge, but I don't believe that it is a growth policy per se.

For that, you need something bold- like space colonization. People think that's impractical and foolish, but I think that this could be the time to do it. No need for me to repeat everything here- you'll have to read the blog to understand my point of view.


Einstein wrong? You mean you can't say that "it doesn't take an Einstein to figure it out", anymore?

Maybe brain surgeons still rank pretty high. Oh, yeah. Rocket scientists too. Now, if they'd just give the rocket scientists the money to make new rockets.

Washington Post and WSJ online trying tricks and gimmicks?

I've been noticing something when I go to a website and it starts to remove the page and loading something else.  I am thinking that this is some sort of trick or gimmick.  That's because I've been trying to read the page and then it goes blank when I am in the middle of it.  This annoys me, so I reload the page only to have it go blank again while reloading the next page it tried to load before.  So, I can't read what they've got unless I click on it twice.  It may be a trick in order to get more pageviews or to try to wring something out of a websurfer.  I won't do that on this site.  This sucks.

E-cat and Gold

A quick thought here as I work my way through the day.  Time is short, so I have to make this quick.  Okay, the thought is this:  If the E-cat is successful, and it looks like it could get a great credibility boost in the near future, then it could have a moderating impact on energy pricing.  That would lower inflation expectations and be bearish for gold.  If on the other hand, it is not successful, then energy prices could face upward pressure.  In such a case as that, I would expect that to be inflationary, and bullish for gold.

Gold is bearish lately, but it may not have anything to do with the E-cat.  Of course, the media isn't covering it.

But don't underestimate the intelligence of market participants.  Anybody with any brains for this business knows what the E-cat can mean for energy markets.  And that can impact gold too.

Morning Summary, 9/26 Posting will be light

It looks like I am going to be busy for awhile.  I will keep you posted on my thoughts as the days unfold.

For now, I am keeping my eyes on the following: gold, Presidential politics, and developing technology.  As for developing technology, the E-cat of course.  I think we need a space program worthy of the name, too.

One more thing about politics, I'm really getting interested in Cain.  I think he could be the answer.  For now, I am out of time.  I'll try to come back before lunch for another short post.

Also, with respect to gold, it took a big dive over night and bounced.  I am a bit surprised by that, frankly.

Thanks for coming by.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Can you take a joke?

I thought I could, but maybe I was wrong.  Back last November, I wrote a post titled "Space Cadet".  Since that time, I think I must have been working overtime just to prove that guy wrong.

What the guy said was that it was too expensive.  Now that I have studied this for almost a year, it appears that, with a concerted effort, an Single Stage to Orbit spacecraft could be developed.  It wouldn't bankrupt the treasury to do it either.  All it would take is the will to actually do it.  And if we did?  It could mean a reduction of the cost to get to space by an order of magnitude.  And that would be just the beginning.

I guess I am pretty serious about this.  If because someone says something critical and I'm willing to spend all this time in response to it, I must not have as much a sense of humor as I thought.

What if the joke is that no one is going to let you do these things even if the doing of them will improve life on this planet?  You don't think such a joke is possible?  Just look at what is being done to stop the use of fossil fuels.  The claim that it causes harm may be the joke.  Why?  Well, just suppose that it isn't, and these people making the claims know full well that there isn't any harm in it.  They could be doing this for purely selfish reasons.  Could you take that joke with equanimity, if that were the case?

If people can say that space travel is too expensive, and if in fact it isn't, it just goes to show you that people can say anything to manipulate you.  For instance, space travel was once considered impossible.  Now that space travel is possible, the goalposts have to move, so now it is too expensive.  If it becomes cheaper, then the manipulators will just come up with another excuse for why you can't do it.  Just like oil.  You can't use it because somebody says you can't.  But there doesn't have to be any reason why you can't.  You are just being told that you can't, and you are letting yourself be talked into doing what someone wants you to do, even if it isn't in your own best interest.

Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?  That's a joke too, but it sums it up perfectly.

You can't get to space?  You can't do cold fusion?  You can't and you wouldn't have liked it anyway.  ( that's a joke too, by the way)

Chris Laird loses it

I just got this in my email.  It is an amazing meltdown to me.  I like his work, but the guy disappears sometimes without any word about what the problem is.  It looks like he took some criticism for it and he responds like this.  Very unfortunate.
We are going to have a newsletter probably today maybe later tonight. Usually I get this done before the Asian markets open. Pls refer to the alert on the last public article. I am thinking abou t that article and its gonna take me sime time. Now. Those few who complained about whatever can easily hit the cancel button on your account at the top of the articles in our site. (one measly complaint so far not bad but I despise it. if what your getting is not enough, please please cancel. I am working now on this next newsletter. But I cannot say I will beat the opening of the Asian markets this Sunday.) I know when im thinking deeply and if this is not fast enough PLEASE cancel. in any case, for my own health we are going to move the newsletter to a yearly subscription with no fixed number of issues.For those nit pickers who complain about my spelling, you DONT get it I never allow an editor between me and you. In that case anyone who loses like some issues, will be ! prorated ahead accordingly so dont worry we are benchmarking your sub lenght this week so nothing will be lost - but I am sure I can continue at 44 issues - i like this work but i cannot work under this fixed system - so present subscribers will definitely recieve all issues regardless. I doubt very much I will not be able to do 44 issues but just knowing that pressure is off will help the entire effort. Dont say you are not getting value here. Also, take advantage of this price because we ARE going to raise. If my performance this year is not good enough, (its epic so drop dead...) if you dont like it. Leave. sorry for the heat on this email.

I won't renew because of the financial costs.  Even if that wasn't an issue, this email raises issues.

Lesbian Alien Sexbot

A little bit overboard, but it ain't bad. If this kind of thing bothers you, be advised in advance that there is a part here that may not be 100% alright.
Lesbian Alien Sexbot from Deron on UnleashVideo

Gong Show

This is a new label or category.  It refers to a post that has no interest, therefore it rates a "gong".  Despite appearances, this blog doesn't quite rate a gong, since I can actually claim a few that have shown some interest. These are categorized under new labels as well, with the new labels of "best of".

I haven't decided how long to leave a post up there until it reaches a point where I have to give it a gong.  Plus it goes back only a hundred posts or so.  It takes a lot of time to go throw 2000 posts that I've got here.  I'd say the vast majority are gongs, unfortunately.

Quantity is not quality, which is something I am trying to correct.

Cain's Convincing Fla. Straw Poll Win

Refutes Press Meme That GOP Nomination Is a Two-Person Race

Herman Cain won the Florida straw poll tonight, winning the votes of 37% of those who participated. No other candidate came within 20 points of Cain 
Cain seems to do a good job expressing himself, as Perry seems to stumble at times.

Here's Limbaugh on Cain:

Have I got a book for you (sort of)

I see that a new book is out:  Secrets of the E-cat, but not at Amazon.  When I tried to find that title on Amazon, I got cats , you know, the furry, four legged type.  I'm not a catblogger.


Ah! Now I see where you can get one.  It is a pdf format and you can get it here.  That may help that writer, but what does it do for me?


I bet you 5 bucks I can get you to "call me"

Check this video and see how

Make your own parabolic mirror

Green Power Science

I was looking for how to make a fresnel lens, but this is pretty cool too.

Morning Summary, 9/25/11 Cold Fusion v LENR

Cold Fusion is the way to go.  I think that it is better than LENR.  You may want to argue about that, but I have my reasons. 

You will have to follow the links if you want to get a feel for my thinking.  So, let's move forward with a discussion about the blog.  It has been awhile since I've done a Morning Summary.  I'll use that a little to discuss a few things about the blog.  One thing is, links to other posts in the blog are in boldface.  If you want to follow my thinking, click on a label that accompanies the post.  This post is a sidebar entry post, because I want to remember it because it gives a history of the evolution of this blog.  When you click on a label on the left sidebar, a lists of posts associated with that label will come up.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Blogger is changing their interface. One of the effects of that is that it isn't so easy anymore to put links to Amazon's books and stuff. I need to do this if I am to have a revenue source for this blog. That thought is with me this morning as I began today. So, I'm looking into bringing this back. It so happens that Amazon will allow you to link to their page and get credit for it, so that is a way for me to implement it in a different way.

I noticed yesterday while going through my posts how popular cold fusion and the E-cat is. That's another thing I have to keep in mind. I need an audience, and that audience is going to have to help me in some way. But why? Well, if you like to read about cold fusion, well here's some books from Amazon that you can read:

Cold Fusion Books for Sale on Amazon

Please notice that the link is in italics.  I put it in italics because I want you to read my stuff and not be disturbed, and possibly you would appreciate if I did this, and come here more often.  Other web pages force you to listen to or watch their advertisements.  I won't do that, so I hope that will make my site a bit more fun for you to read.  I don't know about you, but I don't like being forced into looking at something I don't want to see.

This blog is intended to make money though, so I will have to do something to try to monetize the blog.  I hope that there's something that you may need that Amazon can provide, and by buying it through this blog, you can help me continue to do this.  Because if I don't find a way to monetize this blog, it will have to become low priority for me.  It takes money to live on, I'm sure you understand.  At the same time, I don't want to be begging for money, or anything that annoys or irritates.  It should be a pleasure to do business, and if it is not, then I'm not doing my job right.

Those books in the link above are a bit pricey, so let's look at something more affordable, like Eugene Mallove Books On Amazon

Since I am no longer using Netflix, I am considering using Amazon Instant Video.   Sorry, there does not appear to be any links to videos like The Saint.   I snuck in that last link from one of my older posts.  Google, you can't beat me.  Yuk, yuk.  By the way, The Saint is about cold fusion and Eugene Mallove collaborated in its production.  I've watched it and it ain't bad.  That cold fusion scientist lady is purdy.  (Texican for "pretty") Also, you may find The Saint on Instant Video.  Give it a spin, willya?

Well, that does it for this post.  Onward, through the fog.