Saturday, October 22, 2016

Passive solar experiment, part three

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This post will go into the Power and electricity sub-series of the off-the-grid main series of posts.  These posts can be accessed from a table of contents and watched individually or in series from beginning to end.

As noted in another location on this blog, I brought back from Houston some passive solar equipment that I've been holding for over a year.  I unpacked it recently to discover that I had ordered TWO devices.

Now the trick is to get something useful constructed here at my new dwelling.  It so happens that I did some work on some unrelated project and, while doing so, I discovered an interesting fact that I  could put to use.  Thus, most of the elements are coming together for a humdinger of an experiment.

Not only that, I managed to conceive a realistic plan to make my coffin, too.  If you recall, the "coffin" is a small area devoted to sleeping ( like Dracula ), and by sleeping in it, I may keep my energy expenditure to a bare minimum.  ( Not sleeping in the nude, if you were curious. )

What else needs to be done?  I need a place to put the passive solar device.  I need a tank that will contain heated water.  I need the pumps and the lines from the tank to the device.  Finally, I need a pump and some lines to run from the tank to a radiator that will heat the coffin.  Sounds like a lot of hardware, doesn't it?

Still in the planning stage.

What to do next?

As I stated before, on many occasions, I want to keep blogging.  So, I have a number of posts, which I have titled as "obligatory".  Obligatory in the sense that to keep an audience, you need to put content up on a regular basis.

This post is not to be so titled.  Because what to do with one's time is something you have to decide every day.  It is a principle.  The principle here is time management.  I try to think in terms of principles.

So, off I go to write another post.  I fire up the Blogger interface and look at my stats  Whoa!  Lots of pageviews.    Where did these come from?

But I won't spend time trying to answer that question.  First principle is time management.  I have things to do.  All I can say is that I have an audience for the moment.  Let's say the most time efficient thing to do here is to remind people that I have blogged regularly for six years now.  I have info on the left sidebar that may interest new readers.

Why I started the blog is that I sensed that something was wrong and I went off on a mental quest to research what that was, and to come here and write about it.  I have come to the conclusion that our leadership has failed us and we need a new direction in Washington DC.

We have a chance to do that in less than a month.  Will we make that change?  I don't know, but I sure hope so.

Trump is the most viable alternative.  The real choice is between Hillary or Trump.  Hillary represents where we have been.  I don't think we should do the same things as before.  We need to make a change.  For my reasons, check out this blog.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Deficit was really $1.4 trillion last year, not the reported half a trillion

market ticker dot com

Incidentally, something else is really rotten in Denmark:

You see, according to the media and Hillary Clinton the most-important thing to talk about is whether someone made lewd comments 10 years in the past.  We cannot, of course, have the first question in the debate be about a 12 year old******victim that was sewed up after being violated, and yet Hillary Clinton, in defending the rapist, filed a motion in court alleging that she liked older menhad filed false allegations of sexual assault in the past and was taken to fantasies.  I've read that motion (it's available at the above link) and it was filed without presenting any objective evidence for those assertions in Hillary's bid to argue for a psych evaluation of the victim -- despite knowing that the original report of the******came about as a result of a call from the hospital where the victim was sewn up after being physically injured from being violated (to an extent sufficient to preclude her from ever being able to have children!) and the presence of forensic evidence linking her client to the offense (which she managed to argue had been compromised.)---The Question That DID NOT Get Asked

Evidently, the real purpose of discussing the "pussy grabbing" was to divert attention from the real issues.  Didn't I say that already?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dick Morris getting close to jumping the shark, too

Seems like everybody out there is losing their credibility with yours truly.

Morris says that Trump was wrong not to guarantee that he will accept the outcome if he loses.

The powers-that-be have been trying to take this away from Trump for the entire cycle.  Why would he accept an outcome that is dishonest and corrupt?  Why should anybody accept such an outcome?

Evidently, an important point keeps going right over the heads of way too many people.  We have a broken system.  It needs to be fixed.   How can you elect somebody as corrupt as Hillary and expect to have a functional country anymore?  What does it take to get people to understand this?  She does not belong in the White House.  Period.

What is wrong with telling the truth?  Is telling the truth now illegal in this country?


A thought came to me recently.  The reason that "Papa" Bush endorsed Clinton is that he is afraid that he and/or his progeny may face criminal charges from acts they committed while in office.  Did Bush break the law?  There are those who say he did indeed break the law.  This lack of accountability in the so-called leadership class is nothing new.  Even "Shrub" was claimed to have broken the law.  Why no prosecutions?  Because they protect each other.  If Hillary is prosecuted, she can no longer protect their accomplices.

So, why should Dicky boy think that Trump's refusal to accept a fraudulent outcome is some kind of mistake?

Video of observation stand

I want to hack this and make it into a windpower stand.  I do not like the ideas presented in the usual way of installing a wind turbine.  This seems cheaper and easier to construct.  I can attach a wind turbine on the top of this tripod, in place of where the chair is.  I can remove the rails, as they may get in the way.  Or perhaps they can stay!

Here's the video I made on my last trip into Houston.


May need two of these.  One as the base, the other used as an access point.  This is what I have in mind.  Attach this device to the top where the chair is, and lean the pole down to the other side in order to access the turbine when needed.

Stephen Hawking says artificial intelligence could be humanity's greatest disaster

Could spell the end for human civilization.


Microsoft says that their artificial intelligence can now recognize human speech on par with humans.  It seems to me that the only thing holding back human level intelligent machines is the hardware.  With quantum computers, the breakthrough may be within sight.

It is scary stuff to me.  What are we doing?

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I used to pay a lot of attention to articles like this...

9 horrible body language habits

The point of the article is that it isn't what you say, but how you say it.  In other words, if you say it the wrong way, even though it may be 100 percent correct, it will be disregarded or deemed untrustworthy.

You could be the biggest liar on Earth, but if you say it the right way, you will be believed.  Hillary, anyone?

On the other hand, you could be the most reliable and trustworthy person around, but if you say it the wrong way, people won't believe you.

Anybody studying this will learn the appropriate lessons, but I cannot say that it is the right ones.

People are irrational.


There is this person out there, whose name shall not be mentioned, who says this election is "Kayfabe".  What is that, this Kayfabe?  Briefly stated, it means fake.  Basically, the argument goes that Trump just pretends to run against Hillary, and his payoff will be an enhanced brand name.  Trump gets richer as a result.  Hillary gets the presidency.  Hillary was to be president all along.  Fake.  A conspiratorial fake, at that.

If you are convinced by this argument, then what?

As I wrote before, you vote for Trump anyway.   If he is in a conspiracy to make Hillary president, then to defeat that, you deny her the office.  If he doesn't want the office, you deny Trump his brand name enhancement, provided that he never intended to do anything he claims that he wants to do--- which is to "Make America Great Again".

Trump would have to deal with the problems, even if he doesn't want to.  Get it?  He can't back out if he is elected.  I thought that one through.  He pisses off everybody, he is defenseless against what is going to be coming his way.  He won't have Hillary to give him cover until it all blows over because she isn't in the Oval Office.  The only one to give Trump cover would be Trump himself.

In other words, he will have to produce in order to keep his enemies at bay.  If he screws up, they will go after him.  He may even face jail time.  He doesn't have the GOP apparatchiks there to help him.  They don't like him anyway.  The Democrats don't like him, either.  In fact, Trump would be in trouble from all sides.  He will have to work with both sides and try to bring them together if for no other reason than self-preservation.  He will have to produce.

So, Kayfabe doesn't convince me to change my plans.  That is, I am not convinced that it is true, and even if it were true, it still doesn't make any difference to me.

Hillary shouldn't be president.  Period.

Dick Morris' Lunch Alert

He says that  Obama is threatening war over the release of the emails.

Is there really any need for commentary on this?

Okay, here goes.  First and foremost is this: If this administration and the Democrat party had been doing their jobs, their own emails would not have been vulnerable, and the Russians would have nothing.  Isn't this what I have been saying all along?  How can they be trusted with protecting the country when they can't even protect themselves?  Good luck with starting a war with Russia over this.  If you lose the emails, you just may lose the war as well.  That's the whole friggin' point.  If you are too incompetent with one, how do you win the other?  Evidently, that thought does not arise with these people.  Maybe it goes right over their heads.

Get rid of them.  For them to start a war over this is the reason you must get rid of them.  Better to risk a war than to have them in power for another day longer than the law allows.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Off the grid thoughts

On my last trip to Houston, I managed to bring back my solar panel, amongst some other things.  Slowly, but surely, I am working down the contents of that storage space.  Eventually, I'll have everything out, but it is a slow process.

I forgot something, though.  Without all the equipment, I cannot set up the panel and see if it works.  It did work a couple years ago, after exchanged the one I bought, which didn't work.  My confidence level is not that high in this equipment.

If it works, I can use it for experiments here.  But I am not doing any experiments.  Somehow, I have got to get that going.  My time here in the sticks has got to get more productive.

I want to get my power consumption way down.  To that end, I shopped around for some L.E.D. lighting.  It looks like I can get some lights for this place, which will not take up too much power, nor cost too much money to buy.  I use an LED light already.  I may not need anything more than another bulb for the other fixture.  Trouble is, these things I am using don't clamp down on anything anymore because they are broken.  I need some clamps.

I brought back the device I want to use for passive solar heating.  But there's no place to put it just yet.  I was thinking of putting it on top of the van, and pumping the hot water out of it after sundown.

So, there's some slow progress.  Things are moving along, but I wish it went a little faster.

Count me skeptical

Scientists Accidentaly Discover How To Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Ethanol

"Perhaps most importantly, it works at room temperature, which means that it can be started and stopped easily and with little energy cost. This means that this conversion process could be used as temporary energy storage during a lull in renewable energy generation, smoothing out fluctuations in a renewable energy grid."


For several years, I read about things like this and nothing ever seemed to come of it.  It will if it is any good, or if it doesn't get blocked by those who do not want to solve any problems like this ( if it exists is another question ).

Count me as skeptical because there is no simple way to capture energy without any energy source.

You have to have any energy source regardless of how it is produced.  This article writes it as a method to overcome "climate change", but the real benefit, should it be legit, is that it would be another energy source.  But that is not what these people really want.

What do they want?  If it is connected to money and power, then you have a pretty good clue.

The late Merle Haggard's Rainbow Stew comes to mind.

Home again

No extraneous comment this time.

With respect to the Kabuki Thing:  If this election is a sham, then we will know later-- not now.

Reason being is that a successful scam is discovered after the fact.  If it is discovered beforehand, then it can be dealt with as such.

You have to participate in the election with the presumption that it is on the level.  Unless you have indisputable proof of a scam, not mere speculation or suspicion, you have to go on the presumption that it is honest.

My position that the scam is to keep globalists in power.  If Trump is in on the scam, then he is globalist too.  But he doesn't sound like one.   Of all the candidates, he is the one and only candidate that wasn't globalist.  If anything, the Kabuki aspect is meant to keep Trump OUT, not in.


With respect to that last sentence:  It doesn't make sense to have Trump in on it given the possibility that he could actually win.  If he wins, running as an anti-Establishment guy, then how does the Establishment win in that scenario?  Trump MUST lose.  Therefore, to beat any such conspiracy, if there is one, you must elect Trump.

But there is no conspiracy between Hillary and Trump.  That is an Establishment talking point.  If you believe the Establishment, then you are falling for the scam.  We will know if the scam works if
Hillary wins, not if she loses.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Obligatory, 10.17.16

Just a few more hours, and it will be time to go home.

I could use a rest, let me tell you.

If only I could do more.  If I could, I would have stayed put.  Just can't do it anymore, but I can do a little.  A little is better than nothing.

Hopefully, I will be back in the saddle manana.  Later.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Obligatory, 10.16.16

A few more thoughts while I rest up for another day at the salt mine...

  1. All of the media, including Fox, is the problem.  If you think Fox helps Trump, you are wrong.  Fox is as bad as the rest.  It's only my opinion, of course.  The problem is that the media has a different agenda.  Their agenda is to make money, since it is a business.  They are not as interested in the future of the country as they are interested in their own respective futures.  NOBODY SEEMS TO GIVE A HOOT THAT THIS COUNTRY IS EFFED UP.  If they did, they'd stop focusing in on this other junk, and start talking about what is important.
  2. Therefore, turn off your TeeVees and talk to each other.  Maybe that will improve things, and maybe not.  I hear that people get into arguments with each other over these bozos.  If there is something over which you would want to risk your good relations with people close to you, it should not be about these bozos.  These bozos aren't worth fighting over.  Come to an understanding as to which of these bozos will speak to what is important to you personally.  It cannot be because Trump talks nasty sometimes.  Come off it. You are letting THEM decide what is important.  Come on people, you ought to know what is important to you.  Decide on THAT, and then choose accordingly.
  3. One of my Basic Concepts is conflict over problem solving.  The media is about conflict, not about problem solving.  Conflict is entertainment, which drives ratings.  Ratings drive ad revenues, and therefore what you are watching is only devoted toward maximizing conflict--- not in solving our problems.  We need to focus in on solving our problems.  Making money is a media problem that we should not concern ourselves over.
  4. Having said that, nobody will pay attention.  Of course.  Sensible things are boring, and nobody wants to be bored.  God help us.

That is all...