Sunday, October 16, 2016

Obligatory, 10.16.16

A few more thoughts while I rest up for another day at the salt mine...

  1. All of the media, including Fox, is the problem.  If you think Fox helps Trump, you are wrong.  Fox is as bad as the rest.  It's only my opinion, of course.  The problem is that the media has a different agenda.  Their agenda is to make money, since it is a business.  They are not as interested in the future of the country as they are interested in their own respective futures.  NOBODY SEEMS TO GIVE A HOOT THAT THIS COUNTRY IS EFFED UP.  If they did, they'd stop focusing in on this other junk, and start talking about what is important.
  2. Therefore, turn off your TeeVees and talk to each other.  Maybe that will improve things, and maybe not.  I hear that people get into arguments with each other over these bozos.  If there is something over which you would want to risk your good relations with people close to you, it should not be about these bozos.  These bozos aren't worth fighting over.  Come to an understanding as to which of these bozos will speak to what is important to you personally.  It cannot be because Trump talks nasty sometimes.  Come off it. You are letting THEM decide what is important.  Come on people, you ought to know what is important to you.  Decide on THAT, and then choose accordingly.
  3. One of my Basic Concepts is conflict over problem solving.  The media is about conflict, not about problem solving.  Conflict is entertainment, which drives ratings.  Ratings drive ad revenues, and therefore what you are watching is only devoted toward maximizing conflict--- not in solving our problems.  We need to focus in on solving our problems.  Making money is a media problem that we should not concern ourselves over.
  4. Having said that, nobody will pay attention.  Of course.  Sensible things are boring, and nobody wants to be bored.  God help us.

That is all...

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