Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dick Morris getting close to jumping the shark, too

Seems like everybody out there is losing their credibility with yours truly.

Morris says that Trump was wrong not to guarantee that he will accept the outcome if he loses.

The powers-that-be have been trying to take this away from Trump for the entire cycle.  Why would he accept an outcome that is dishonest and corrupt?  Why should anybody accept such an outcome?

Evidently, an important point keeps going right over the heads of way too many people.  We have a broken system.  It needs to be fixed.   How can you elect somebody as corrupt as Hillary and expect to have a functional country anymore?  What does it take to get people to understand this?  She does not belong in the White House.  Period.

What is wrong with telling the truth?  Is telling the truth now illegal in this country?


A thought came to me recently.  The reason that "Papa" Bush endorsed Clinton is that he is afraid that he and/or his progeny may face criminal charges from acts they committed while in office.  Did Bush break the law?  There are those who say he did indeed break the law.  This lack of accountability in the so-called leadership class is nothing new.  Even "Shrub" was claimed to have broken the law.  Why no prosecutions?  Because they protect each other.  If Hillary is prosecuted, she can no longer protect their accomplices.

So, why should Dicky boy think that Trump's refusal to accept a fraudulent outcome is some kind of mistake?

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