Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dick Morris' Lunch Alert

He says that  Obama is threatening war over the release of the emails.

Is there really any need for commentary on this?

Okay, here goes.  First and foremost is this: If this administration and the Democrat party had been doing their jobs, their own emails would not have been vulnerable, and the Russians would have nothing.  Isn't this what I have been saying all along?  How can they be trusted with protecting the country when they can't even protect themselves?  Good luck with starting a war with Russia over this.  If you lose the emails, you just may lose the war as well.  That's the whole friggin' point.  If you are too incompetent with one, how do you win the other?  Evidently, that thought does not arise with these people.  Maybe it goes right over their heads.

Get rid of them.  For them to start a war over this is the reason you must get rid of them.  Better to risk a war than to have them in power for another day longer than the law allows.

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