Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Home again

No extraneous comment this time.

With respect to the Kabuki Thing:  If this election is a sham, then we will know later-- not now.

Reason being is that a successful scam is discovered after the fact.  If it is discovered beforehand, then it can be dealt with as such.

You have to participate in the election with the presumption that it is on the level.  Unless you have indisputable proof of a scam, not mere speculation or suspicion, you have to go on the presumption that it is honest.

My position that the scam is to keep globalists in power.  If Trump is in on the scam, then he is globalist too.  But he doesn't sound like one.   Of all the candidates, he is the one and only candidate that wasn't globalist.  If anything, the Kabuki aspect is meant to keep Trump OUT, not in.


With respect to that last sentence:  It doesn't make sense to have Trump in on it given the possibility that he could actually win.  If he wins, running as an anti-Establishment guy, then how does the Establishment win in that scenario?  Trump MUST lose.  Therefore, to beat any such conspiracy, if there is one, you must elect Trump.

But there is no conspiracy between Hillary and Trump.  That is an Establishment talking point.  If you believe the Establishment, then you are falling for the scam.  We will know if the scam works if
Hillary wins, not if she loses.

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