Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Count me skeptical

Scientists Accidentaly Discover How To Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Ethanol

"Perhaps most importantly, it works at room temperature, which means that it can be started and stopped easily and with little energy cost. This means that this conversion process could be used as temporary energy storage during a lull in renewable energy generation, smoothing out fluctuations in a renewable energy grid."


For several years, I read about things like this and nothing ever seemed to come of it.  It will if it is any good, or if it doesn't get blocked by those who do not want to solve any problems like this ( if it exists is another question ).

Count me as skeptical because there is no simple way to capture energy without any energy source.

You have to have any energy source regardless of how it is produced.  This article writes it as a method to overcome "climate change", but the real benefit, should it be legit, is that it would be another energy source.  But that is not what these people really want.

What do they want?  If it is connected to money and power, then you have a pretty good clue.

The late Merle Haggard's Rainbow Stew comes to mind.

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