Saturday, October 8, 2016

Not believing this

After all those years when it didn't matter what Bill Clinton did, these people want to be taken seriously about Trump stepping aside for saying something that hurts iddy biddy feewings.

It's also typical how the GOP is falling in line with this, too.  If Jon Huntsman wants to see a pussy, all he has to do is look in the mirror.  There isn't too many men who have not used the word, for crying out loud.  What are you going to do, ban masculinity?  Guys talk like that.

Once again, the GOP response is worse than the news itself.

Friday, October 7, 2016

On the road again

For the weekend.  The plan is to return on Sunday evening.

Posting will be lite during this time.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Gold Manipulation Small Potatoes


The article doesn't call it "small potatoes"-- I did.

It is small potatoes because if what I think is correct, the manipulation is far more pervasive than some banks.  The manipulation is coming from the government itself.

How?  The government isn't really enforcing anything.  It is like Hillary's emails.  No accountability.  If what I think is correct, then there is a phantom gold supply out there.  If they ever have to produce the gold that they say exists, there'd be a BIG PROBLEM.

Since they don't have accountability, you won't hear about it until it is too late.

Obligatory, 10.6.16

Good morning, ladies and gents.  Normally, I do not write such a greeting.  I'm not so hot on the social graces.

Anyway, today will be a planning day.  I am going back into town on some business this weekend.  Sorry to be so vague, but this isn't True Confessions here.  What's True Confessions?  Well, I know what it used to be.  It was sort of a racy magazine with stories in them.  I leave the rest for your imagination.

While I am resting, I will make a little post, which I call obligatory.  It is obligatory to keep writing something for this blog, because if I do not, the blog will die out.  I do not want that to happen.  So, it is obligatory to keep writing, even if I do not think I have anything to say.

Usually I write about politics.  We have an election next month, in case you didn't hear.  Really, you people.  How can anybody seriously consider Hillary for president?  They can seriously consider her because of her falseness matches up with their own.   Trump wants to make America Great Again, but that is not what he should be saying.  If he loses, it might be because he didn't have the message needed.

America's greatness may be defined in many ways.  But one's greatness is dependent upon staying alive.  The real message Americans need to hear is whether or not the country can continue to exist.  The globalists do not care about that.  Americans who want to keep their country should really think hard about putting yet another globalist in the White House.  When Trump says no borders no country, he was on the right track.  What is at issue is the existence of the country.  Do we really want one anymore?

Just as it is obligatory to keep writing in order to keep this blog alive, it is also necessary to do things to keep your country alive.  Keeping it alive by putting it in the wrong hands is not a good idea.

Hillary is exactly the wrong person at the wrong time.  The only reason to keep people like that in power is if keeping a country is low on your priority list.

You don't keep a country by having no accountability . She violated the law.  No accountability according a rule of law means rule of men.  No more rule of law, like the borders, means no more country.

You don't keep a country if you won't pay your bills.  Somehow, shutting down the government has been equated with not paying your bills.  Actually, shutting down the government will be a consequence of poor financial planning, which has become habitual for this leadership class.  One of these days, the government will have to shut down involuntarily because we cannot pay our bills.  Better get used to it.

Trump wants to grow out of the debt.  That may not be possible.  But the effort is better than what the globalists want to do with the never ending debt and monetary expansion.

Trump is a better choice, but the country may not be competent enough to recognize that.  I know it seems hopeless sometimes, but the effort to try is necessary.  You might even succeed.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Am I boring you?

Maybe this explains it.

Sometimes, I do wonder about stuff like this.  If you get bored, you may be a boring person yourself.

Or maybe I don't give a poop.

Climate change blather

Blah, blah, blah.

You don't do science by polls.  You do politics with polls, though.  That's what it is --- politics.

Once again, let me try to inject some scientific discussion into a political subject.

What the climate change folks want you to believe is that carbon dioxide will cause the Earth's climate to warm up unacceptably.  A bit of high school chemistry ( as I recall ), should cast some doubt upon that.  All gases, like carbon dioxide, follow a pattern of behavior with respect to temperature.  Temperature of a gas is proportional to the volume and pressure.

The equation PV= nRT is what I am referring to.  It is called Boyle's Law or the Ideal Gas Law.    Solving for T, where T is temperature gives:  T = PV/nR, where P is pressure, V is volume, n is number of molecules expressed as moles, and R is a constant.

If the Earth's atmosphere heats up, then it must expand in volume.  Pressure should increase as well. When you argue about global warming, you cannot just argue about temperatures.  You must also assert that these other numbers will move proportionally with temperature.

Let's run some numbers.

Let P = 1 atmosphere.  Let V= sea level barometric pressure.  Then you have (1 atmosphere) * (1 unit of sea level pressure, say 1000 millibars) = temperature expressed in units of temperature atmosphere and pressure.  Let's say 270 degree Kelvin atmosphere millibars.

Double the temperature to 2 * temperature.  Then Pressure times volume must equal 2 atmospheres-millibars degree Kelvin, right?  If pressure is the same, then volume is equal to 2.  And vice versa.  If both increase at the same rate , then you have the square root of 2 times itself, which is equal to 2. 

Thus when you talk about a warming atmosphere, you must also talk about barometric pressures and volume of the atmosphere.   The Karman line would go higher, don't you think?  This could be tested scientifically.  Pressures can be tested scientifically.

But the argument isn't about these things.  It is about polls.  Polls may make more interesting reading for most people.  Polls may be easier to understand.  Polls may be easier to lie about and misrepresent.  Polls can be misconstrued as science, when they are really about politics.

People don't want to read about the science.  They want to read about polls.  Then they claim that it is about science, but it isn't.  If it were, they would be talking about these other numbers.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What Trump Should Have Done In The First Debate

What Trump Should Have Done In The First Debate


Of course, I missed these items.  Trump may have been too easy on her after all.  But people should already know all this.

Nevertheless, there are some who need to be told.

Sidebar changes

Google had a notice about links to other pages and such.  For some reason, I paid little heed to it.  All of a sudden, my sidebar has been altered.  Evidently, Google doesn't want to link outside of the Blogger interface.  Consequently, a lot of good links have been discombobulated. 

Thanks, Google.  /sarc

Passive solar experiment, part two

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This post will go into the Power and electricity sub-series of the off-the-grid main series of posts.  These posts can be accessed from a table of contents and watched individually or in series from beginning to end.

Cooler weather is on the way, and I'd like to try out these experiments in order to get some first hand knowledge before I go out and try to make it work for real.

Last post, I found that the water will stay warm if insulated.  It therefore has the capacity to warm the insides of a dwelling after dark.  Now the trick is to get it to do that when and where you want.  It must be outside, then be transported inside.  Hence the gallon jugs.  If there were enough of these jugs, it could be sufficient energy stored in them during a sunny day which will heat up a room at night.  Such is the theory.

How to make these jugs?  I don't want to buy ice chests.  That would get too expensive.  It may be possible to buy insulated pieces that can be fabricated into a box which will hold a gallon jug.  One box for each jug.  Each jug will be covered with black material, like garbage bags, but with one side uncovered to face the  sun.   The black material will heat up the water in the jug, and the insulation will keep it warm during the day.

When night approaches, take the jugs inside and place them on a stand constructed for that purpose.  A fan can be set up so as to do a heat exchange via the air inside the dwelling.

This may be a crude mechanism, but its simplicity may make it effective enough.  Worth a try, anyway.

The materials are easy enough to obtain, and to put together.  It shouldn't cost a lot, and it should deliver some heat, at least.

I may work on this today, but there are other things that are on the list as well.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Passive solar experiment

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This post will go into the Power and electricity sub-series of the off-the-grid main series of posts.  These posts can be accessed from a table of contents and watched individually or in series from beginning to end.

Now that I am in the countryside, I have a bit more freedom of action.  It is now possible to try a few things.  One experiment is to heat water, and then use it as a means of supplying heat on a cool to cold night.  It is already getting cold out here, relatively speaking.  Being used to Houston weather, cold may mean temps in the low fifties at night. 

I am not set up for central heating yet.  The night before last was especially uncomfortable.  That is what prompted this experiment.  Why not try cutting expenses on energy while learning something new?

The experiment consists of using gallon water jugs that have been sitting all day in the sunlight.  These will heat up considerably, and then give off its heat at night.  The gallons jugs are portable enough to move indoors from the outdoors, and then back again.

To improve efficiency, I plan to paste garbage bag plastic to the jugs so that the sunlight is more efficiently captured and transmitted to the water.

Yesterday, I did this:  I took a ice chest and place the water jug inside of it.  In addition to the jug, I place a black trash bag underneath the jug.  Sunlight goes through the water, and hits the garbage bag.  The garbage bag heats up and transmits its heat to the water.  This seemed to work well, as the water got hot.  How hot?  Hard to say.  Don't have a thermometer, except for a refrigerator variety that only goes to ninety degrees.  This thing buried the thermometer reading, so temps must have been well over a hundred.  It stayed hot for several hours as measured by the device.

Now that it has been established that I can trap heat, I need to expand upon the idea.  Let's use up to ten jugs, and see if it can make a difference in warming up a room at night.

That will be the next part of the experiment.