Thursday, October 6, 2016

Obligatory, 10.6.16

Good morning, ladies and gents.  Normally, I do not write such a greeting.  I'm not so hot on the social graces.

Anyway, today will be a planning day.  I am going back into town on some business this weekend.  Sorry to be so vague, but this isn't True Confessions here.  What's True Confessions?  Well, I know what it used to be.  It was sort of a racy magazine with stories in them.  I leave the rest for your imagination.

While I am resting, I will make a little post, which I call obligatory.  It is obligatory to keep writing something for this blog, because if I do not, the blog will die out.  I do not want that to happen.  So, it is obligatory to keep writing, even if I do not think I have anything to say.

Usually I write about politics.  We have an election next month, in case you didn't hear.  Really, you people.  How can anybody seriously consider Hillary for president?  They can seriously consider her because of her falseness matches up with their own.   Trump wants to make America Great Again, but that is not what he should be saying.  If he loses, it might be because he didn't have the message needed.

America's greatness may be defined in many ways.  But one's greatness is dependent upon staying alive.  The real message Americans need to hear is whether or not the country can continue to exist.  The globalists do not care about that.  Americans who want to keep their country should really think hard about putting yet another globalist in the White House.  When Trump says no borders no country, he was on the right track.  What is at issue is the existence of the country.  Do we really want one anymore?

Just as it is obligatory to keep writing in order to keep this blog alive, it is also necessary to do things to keep your country alive.  Keeping it alive by putting it in the wrong hands is not a good idea.

Hillary is exactly the wrong person at the wrong time.  The only reason to keep people like that in power is if keeping a country is low on your priority list.

You don't keep a country by having no accountability . She violated the law.  No accountability according a rule of law means rule of men.  No more rule of law, like the borders, means no more country.

You don't keep a country if you won't pay your bills.  Somehow, shutting down the government has been equated with not paying your bills.  Actually, shutting down the government will be a consequence of poor financial planning, which has become habitual for this leadership class.  One of these days, the government will have to shut down involuntarily because we cannot pay our bills.  Better get used to it.

Trump wants to grow out of the debt.  That may not be possible.  But the effort is better than what the globalists want to do with the never ending debt and monetary expansion.

Trump is a better choice, but the country may not be competent enough to recognize that.  I know it seems hopeless sometimes, but the effort to try is necessary.  You might even succeed.

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