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The Electric Car Boondoggle

American Thinker


I've done this type of comparisons before on this blog.  My opinion is a lot more friendly to electric cars, but there is still a problem.  Particularly with the battery powered vehicles, like the Tesla and the Volt.

The author's analysis is probably a bit off because it is an apples-to-oranges comparison.  This is two different kinds of locomotion and how they'll stack up is going to depend a lot upon other factors not taken into account.

An example is to include the cost of replacing a battery.  Since the battery is expensive in a vehicle like this, this adds a great deal to the cost per mile calculation.  The second example is the resale cost after 150k miles.  It is deemed by this author that the Tesla may not have much of a resale value after 150k miles, but if the battery is good for 8 years, then replacing it at 8 leaves 6 more years of service left.  That should increase the resale value of the car, especially since it should be more economical to drive.  Finally, some other costs are not considered, like repair costs.  It is assumed that there wouldn't be any repair costs to gas-powered engines---oil changes, tune-ups, emission repairs, etc.

Another unrelated thought: since coal powered energy is the cheapest, and since the Obama administration is closing down coal powered plants, he is effectively raising the cost of energy that is required to operate an electric vehicle.  This won't help keep costs down.  It is counter productive, in other words.  They would possibly sell more electric cars if they keep energy prices as low as possible---which they won't do, oddly enough.

Added drag to the spreadsheet calcs

I don't know if these calcs are anywhere near being correct.  It does give you some idea of what the requirements may be.

Last two columns are drag for orbital velocity and 1/2 orbital velocity in kilograms per square meter
You may be able to see that most of the acceleration will probably take place between airplane mode at 260k feet to the Karman line and possible beyond.  Acceleration at lower altitudes will probably create too much drag.

But I may be way off anyway, so these calcs may be thrown out.


When I was a kid, I liked to stick my hand out the window when the car was moving.  It gave an idea of the force of drag.  Using that memory and a little guessing, I'd say these calcs for drag are way off.  Maybe by up to 3 orders of magnitude.

I did a sea level drag comparison, which yielded a number that was a bit too low in my estimation.  Something like 3 kg per meter.  But, in reality, it may be as high as 3k kg per meter.

Also, did one for a plane doing about 600 mph.

The drag problem for the  ATO is likely to come from its very large size.  Duh.

Breaking: Ukrainian Parliament Votes Out Yanukovich


Parliament then declared the president constitutionally unable to carry out his duties and set an early election for May 25. Protesters took over the president's office, and rumors are swirling that Yanukovich has already resigned.---Rick Moran

Is it a coup?  There's a theory that I've worked out that says coups in a country with a written constitution aren't necessarily coups if the leader is behaving contrary to the constitution.  I don't know about Ukraine's constitution, but if it is anything like ours, then it may not be a coup to oust the president.  However, it may not be the rule of law either.  It all depends on what the law actually is.

Thoughts on the Airship To Orbit

of JP Aerospace.

That's part of what that spreadsheet was about.  Now, I'm looking at lift-drag ratios and such. Just trying to understand how the concept might actually work.

The drag equation looks a lot like the kinetic energy equation.  It's

Drag Force equals one half times the mass density of the "fluid" times velocity squared times the drag coefficient times the reference area.  The reference area is the projection of a 3d object into 2 dimensions.
I guess John Powell has it all figured out.  Not me.

Update a short time later:

This may all seem discombobulated in terms of what I'm writing today.  But it is all related in what you believe.  John Powell believes he can get to space this way.  Nobody else does.  If and/or when he proves it, then everyone will be forced to believe because it will be a fait accompli.

Another update about an hour later:

abbreviated form of the equation about drag

FD = 1/2*m*v2*CD*A

It occurred to me what the mass might be in the equation above.  At one mile per second, you have to move a miles worth of mass out of the way.  But the kinetic energy equation indicates that has already been accounted for ( I think ).  So, we just use the density as the air pressure for mass "m" at a given altitude.  That comes from the spreadsheet calcs in the previous post.  Drag coefficients are usually less than 1.  An X-15 rocket plane of the 50-60's era  was 0.095.

That leaves the Area, which is kinda hard to figure with JP Aerospace's ATO ship.

Back from a chore

That's why there's so little time.  Stuff that can't be done on a workday, has to be done on a weekend.  So, I just ran a chore.  Had to be done.

Anyway, on the way to the chore, I ran into a guy in the neighborhood who is from Iran.  He told me that if you wanted to sing a song in Iran, you have to get it approved by the authorities.  He went on to say that if it weren't for the government there, Iran would be one of the best places in the world to live.

Clearly, he left Iran because of its government.

That the government there cracks down on immorality, was my impression of that conversation.  You won't see a Miley Cyrus in Iran, for example.  That may not be so bad.  But there is two sides to that coin.  Smart people are leaving Iran for places like the United States because of their government.

So, what are people to do?  You get people who take advantage of the freedom and corrupt the morals of the youth.  Then a revolution occurs that puts people in charge like those in Iran.  You go from one extreme to another.

With freedom comes responsibility.  It seems that that are those who think that freedom means irresponsibility.  But that is how you lose your freedom.

Air pressure spreadsheet calcs

This post falls under the title of what people believe too.  It is in connection to the air pressure question, which I brought up in that post recently.  It may not lead to the conclusions I thought, but that is another post, perhaps some other day.  The point here is that there is little atmosphere at 40 miles and that the air pressure at that altitude is consistent with the air pressure component of carbon dioxide at sea level.  There are those who may dispute this, but whatever.  I don't have the time.

ppm=parts per million; ppb=parts per billion; ppt=parts per trillion

Why do people believe the way they believe?, part 2

Perhaps a new series?  Not exactly! I've written a number of posts about this idea, but not under this title.  The previous posts were about "churches", or schools of thought, if you will.  People will join up with a certain community based upon some shared beliefs.  If you don't like "church", then think "community".  Either way, it's pretty much the same thing as far as I can tell.

So, that's what I am looking at again.  This morning I did a little research on miracles and religious shrines.  As time is short, I don't have time to comment upon what I saw in my short research period.  No, there is little time.  This blog post is short too, for which I regret.  There just isn't enough time.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Time flies

It's Friday and it's time to go to work soon.  Later, there will be the weekend and some time for posts.

It has been lite posting this morning.  Can't say why.  As always, I am curious about things, and seek to understand them.  The last post yesterday about beliefs was included in the category of history of the blog because I want to remember it.  There was something I want to research, but I don't want to say anything about that just yet.

Why DO people believe things, indeed.  If I were to post something about the Earth's atmosphere that would contradict global warming theories, would any of those people stop believing what they do?  The answer is probably "no", because they are invested in the belief that human activity is harming the Earth.

Well, here goes anyway:

There's a simple calculation that can determine what percent of the atmospheric pressure exists at a given altitude.  It just so happens at 140k feet, the atmospheric pressure is just 1% of what it is at sea level.  In order to get to about .04% atmospheric pressure would require an altitude of nearly 40 miles, if my calculations are correct.  If that number sounds familiar, it coincides with the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  400 parts per million is another way of saying it.  Yet, we are to believe that such a small concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can have an impact upon climate.  The little calculation I just described should lay that notion to rest, provided that you are a rational human being on that subject.  40 miles above ground is almost to space, for goodness sake!  400 parts per million is almost nothing!

Interview with Kiev woman about protests

Another perspective on the events in Ukraine.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Why do people believe the way they believe?

I saw a theory about this just the other day, but I didn't make a note on where I saw it, so I can't cite it and link to it.

Anyway, the theory goes that a lot of people, not necessarily all people, believe what they believe so as to feel superior to those who do not believe the same way they do.  By the way, this applies to any belief system, whether religious or not.  So, the type of people who tend to believe in political theories or movements are also prone to this phenomenon.

Incidentally, I believe that the person who wrote this was correct.  People really do believe what they believe so as to feel superior.

I relate this to what Freud is said to have said --- that there are two primary urges of all people
  1. the sexual urge, and
  2. the urge to feel great
The urge to feel great and the drive for self-importance are pretty much the same as far as I can tell.

So, people will join up and get their sense of importance from what they believe in.  They will look down upon those who do not share their beliefs.

How do I apply this to myself?  What do I get my sense of importance?  Well, it isn't from money, that's for sure.  I don't have much of that.  You could get a sense of importance from money---no doubt about it.  Especially if you did something of note in order to obtain it.

I don't belong to a church or any belief system that I know of.  So, it isn't that.  Note:  no claim of atheism of agnosticism here.  Simply relating that I do not trust the formal systems of religions that I am aware of.  Pretty much working it all out for myself.

Frankly, I don't know exactly where I get my sense of importance, but this blog is giving some to me.  Otherwise, why do it?  In fact, I think that's a deeper motivation for wanting to start this thing.  I sure wasn't getting a sense of importance out of my work.

So, there.  I am laying my soul out there.  Sometimes I think I do a little too much of that.

I'm sure that I don't want to feel superior to other people, but maybe I am not acknowledging something.  Perhaps there's something deeper going on there that I'm not aware of.

Relating this to people in general, I'll bet people would deny believing what they believe because it makes them feel superior. You'll get denial about this.  But there is a deep truth to that, in my opinion.

By the way, I like to refer to "truth" and that it is slippery.  Those who believe what they believe are certain, certain that they are in possession of truth.

As for me, I have found out by way of experience that the mere belief in something does not make it so.  You can believe that the universe is centered on the Earth and that everything revolves around it, but that isn't so, now is it?  It was once believed to be true by even the "best people".

Believing something with great fervor doesn't make it any truer than believing it only partially.  The truth is independent of what anyone believes it to be.

Anyway, I believe that, so it must be true.

Stratfor piece on Ukraine

Analysis of Ukrainian situation.

The Texas Primary is Big

It will tell us where we stand politically.  If the Tea Party can keep Cornyn below 50%, it will be big news.  If Cornyn cornballs his way past this primary, it may well be business as usual in the GOP.

Joe Biden let it slip that he doesn't consider the GOP as a party.  Given the failure of leadership at the top, who could blame him?  But being Joe Biden, he probably should have kept his mouth shut.

The GOP doesn't have any leadership.  That could start changing on March 4th.  Keep an eye on this.

Truce Brings Hope of Ukraine Peace After Days of Fighting


No quotes will be given on this article.  Within the article is the mention that weapons stores have been raided by the protesters.  This is a serious development if true.  Also mentioned that the Ukrainian army is weak and mostly sympathetic to the protesters.  Politically, their president has got a very serious problem on his hands and may ask for Russian intervention.

If that happens, all bets are off.  No telling how the West responds to that.  A resumption of the Cold War could be a possibility.

Three Ukrainian lessons for the United States

Legal Insurrection


I don't think we know very much about that country.  It is too easy for us to be misled.  But I trust this source more than distrust it.

Ted Cruz: The World Cannot Afford to Be Distracted as Ukrainians Are Brutalized

Free Republic  The Foundry


We should be defending our interests in Ukraine both by quickly imposing economic sanctions against the government officials responsible for human rights abuses and by offering mutually-beneficial economic cooperation in the event that real democratic reforms are implemented.---Ted Cruz


I like Ted Cruz in some respects.  But not all.  He has a disturbing tendency to think along the lines that has gotten his party in a lot of trouble recently.

We do not need to intervene in Ukraine.  Frankly, it is hard to know what we should do here.  We've got our own problems, most of which is the totally destructive influence of the left upon our traditions and culture.  Cruz should be addressing that.

Sure, we should not like to see Ukrainians beaten up just because they want freedom.  But we can't intervene militarily nor should we do anything economic.  Besides, not everything that Putin is doing is bad.  There is way too much tendency to think along old Cold War themes that are now hopelessly out of date.

If Putin is against homosexuality, then he can't be all bad.  Ukraine really shouldn't emulate Western Europe and its fascination with cultural perversions that will only destroy its people.  It will destroy Ukraine, if they adopt their ways.

We can offer our moral support.  That much we can do.  If Putin goes too far, we can respond to that.  Otherwise, we should stay out of it.

'There's no room for anything manly now': Feminist speaks out AGAINST the loss of masculine virtues

Free Republic   London Daily Mail

Bizarrely Paglia claims that the only place that you can hear what men really feel these days is on sports radio.--- Daily Mail Reporter

"Bizarrely"?  You can almost feel the resistance from the Daily Mail Reporter, whoever that is.

Anyway, a counter point to Barnhardt's claim that sports is a bad thing.

Also, there's no war on women.  There's a war on men and they are winning.  That's the whole point.  The "Daily Mail Reporter" appears to be one of the zombies in the PC Death Cult.

Everything you need to know about PC, but were afraid to ask

The Twisted Motives Behind Political Correctness

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dick Morris: Obama vs. First Amendment | TheHill

Dick Morris: Obama vs. First Amendment | TheHill


Where's the GOP on this one?  Asleep at the wheel?

Demanding information from newspapers on how they report the news has got to be unprecedented.  What is on the minds of the people in this administration to even want to know this kind of information?  Do they want to co-opt the media and get it completely in their service?  As if they don't already.  But what they already have isn't good enough for them.  Maybe they'll use this to go after Fox and Rush Limbaugh.

25 dead in Ukraine clashes

This may be headed to a conclusion.

Anybody bother to ask what the protesters want?

"Freedom" needs concrete definitions.

Obama won't help them

A plea for help from a Ukrainian protester.

My opinion of Obama is that he is the same as what she is fighting against.

The world in ferment

Change is the natural course of things.  Or so it seems to be the case in recent history.  But even in times that were stable, individuals change over time.  There does seem to be a lot of things happening out there that portends a change in the making in the larger scene.  But where it goes, it is impossible to say.

What do people really want?  There seems to be dissatisfaction out there in many places.  If these people got what they wanted, would they be happy with what they created?

I was thinking about that on a personal level yesterday.  Sometimes it seems like I would just like to be anywhere but where I am.  It is this kind of discontent that leads to change, but in the end, I seem to always come right back where I always was.  You can change things just so much.  You can change your circumstances, but it is hard to change what goes on inside your own skin.

I internalize these things too much.  I need to step back and view it as if in a distance and separated from it.  A bit of distance may help to discern what is truly going on.  If this blog is to be anything, it should be a guide to what to expect in the future.  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in this stuff that it clouds my vision.

Suffice it to say, at least for the moment, things seem to be changing.  Whether it is for the good or for the worse, I don't know.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hillary was part of that administration, if anybody bothered to notice

71% Of Obama Voters "Regret" His Re-Election

Wisdom and Virtue

Today was one of those days that seemed like a tough day, but really wasn't.  Maybe it was because it took too long to finish up and now I'm late again in getting home.  But that doesn't give satisfaction at the moment either.

Something I wanted to take note of follows:  I saw a sign that said the following:  "Wisdom is knowing what to do.  Virtue is doing it."  I don't know if that makes me feel good or bad.  Maybe you've got the wisdom, but not the virtue.  I have the notion of what needs to be done, but I'm not doing it.

I can almost see Ann Barnhardt nodding her head.  She might say of us all:  "If you aren't a fool, then you are a coward. There seems to be no shortage of either, nowadays".  To which I could not say anything intelligent in reply.

The Economy can be a winning issue for GOP

If they could stop acting like Democrats for a moment and open their eyes.

A Plea To The GOP: Enough Already! Stop Talking About "Tactics". The Country Needs More From You.

Ace of Spades Blog

A step in the right direction.

The Democrats can broadly be said to have a vision for America that is based on an ever growing and more powerful public sector (especially at that the federal level). From that basic vision all other things flow. What is the corresponding vision from the GOP? It's clearly not the opposite.---Drew M.

Here's an idea:  stress individualism over collectivism.  Tax corporations at higher rates that will allow for lower personal rates.  It sounds leftist, but there's a sound basis for it.  For one, corporations are just getting too doggone powerful.  They are driving this bigger is better drive for bigger government that isn't necessarily better.  A smaller government is safer for individual liberty.  A bigger government is a threat.

You can tax unions too.  The left wants to organize unions in order to overwhelm the individual.  Need to put a stop to that.  You should be free to choose how your money is spent.  That includes your union dues.

Democrats are about collectivism.  Class warfare.  Don't play that game.

Barnhardt discusses Keynes

It wasn't so much of an economic discussion, but a moral one.  She dislikes Keynes for his immorality.  She calls him a fraud.

No doubt that Keynes was an unusual fellow.  He was generally well-liked if what I read about him was accurate.  He was quite intelligent also.

Personally, I'd rather dispense with the type of argument that Barnhardt was making.  It is not so much the general thrust of the argument.  The general thrust of the argument is that our economy and social structures have become hollowed out.  I've thought along the same lines myself.  But the argument looks like an ad hominem attack against Keynes himself.  It may well be dismissed as such, and the better part of the argument may be tossed out like a baby in the bath water.  My opinion is that Barnhardt is more focused on conflict than solutions.  It seems that people prefer the combat as opposed to solving the problems.

Theoretical discussions bore me, obviously I'm not well-versed on economic theory.   However, some economic thoughts briefly sketched below:
  • I agree with Milton Friedman's assertion that monetary policy is responsible for inflation and deflation
  • Federal Reserve's policies need closer scrutiny. I agree with Ayn Rand that money should be linked to some objective value.  Gold may be too limiting.  Therefore, we could consider pegging interest rates to commodities.  There is an interest rate that would keep the prices of commodities stable.  The interest rate should float freely so that could be accomplished.
  • I do not agree with all of Friedman's ideas on international trade.  I've discussed that before.  Trade deficits, in my opinion, are bad and should be avoided.  The importation of oil is the biggest target, so that would be a good start to eliminating the huge US trade deficit.
  • Wikipedia has something about 1968 and when Bretton Woods started to fail.  Another reference to  1968 ---seems like a pivotal year in economic history.  It was probably more about Limits to Growth than anything else.
  • With respect to financing the Vietnam War, and the Iraq war:  Taxes were not raised to finance either and economic turmoil followed.  A mere coincidence?  The political cause, or the economic cause?  I think political because it ushered in the Limits to Growth ethos into society.  The Vietnam War was the catalyst for that.  The Iraq War reminded people of the Vietnam War, and enabled the leftists to impose their Limits to Growth mentality back into the political sphere.  This has hampered economic growth.
  • Keynes favored wealth creation with his deficit spending.  Yet he said that digging holes and filling them up again was better than nothing.  Wrong.  It is worse than nothing.  He was on a better track when he said that government spending on wealth creation is not a bad idea.  An example would be the Hoover Dam.

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Coward’s Conundrum (Cruz, McConnell, Cornyn)

Free Republic, Erik Erickson Red State

The reason I wrote this was a response to this quote

I think it would have been bad for the economy, bad for the American people, and I don’t think it would have been good politics either.”--- John Cornyn quote of quote in Austin-American Statesman

Erickson went on to slam the Dynamic Duo for the cloture vote on the debt raising bill.  He pointed out the obvious fact that if Cornyn and McConnell actually believed that raising the debt ceiling was a good thing, why did they vote against it?  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm????

Well, they might actually believe that it was bad for the economy.  If they did, it was because they are weak minded enough to fall for the notion that the threat of default was real.  Even if the threat was real, it should not be seen as the GOP's fault if it were to occur.  In other words, they accepted the premise that the GOP would get the blame for a default if it were to occur.  They believed, therefore, that they "saved the economy".  This is weak minded because it is left wing propaganda.  If there was any threat to the economy, it is from the left, not the GOP.

That's why they have to go.  They are like the weak minded sentries in Star Wars.  The Jedi media propagandists do a mind trick on them, and they fall for it every time.

Cornball in trouble?

Gravis poll says he's under 50%.  When an incumbent is under 50%, it is said to mean trouble for an incumbent.

"Cornball" moniker seems to be catching on.  I wonder who started that?  /snicker, snicker

Here's a David

In answer to the question of where's the Army?  One guy doesn't look like an army.

Feed me!

Coulter column about Christie

She starts out by saying Christie deserves to be defended, then proceeds to show why he shouldn't be.

But it is a good read.  One problem though.  She points out that Christie gave the keynote to the GOP convention in 2012.  Romney probably selected him, or had a big say in selecting him to give that speech.  Coulter disassembles that speech in this piece, which was good.  Trouble is that Coulter supported Romney--- his judgment was questionable in the selection of Christie for this speech.  That implies a reflection upon Coulter's judgment as well.

Christie should be defended because the charges are ridiculous.  Secondly, even though I don't like him, I don't think the left should be able to select the GOP's nominees---neither pro or con.  If the left can get their favorite squish in so much trouble as a governor of a small state over something as Mickey Mouse as this, just think of the kind of trouble he can get into as President.

Hopefully, Christie won't be the GOP nominee.  Hopefully, New Jersey will be stuck with him for the rest of his term.  They don't know how good they've got it.  Even a half-baked Republican is a lot better than a lefty.

Wendy Davis calls on Greg Abbott to stop defending same-sex marriage ban

The abortion queen wants same-sex marriage too.

That should tell you everything you need to know about her.

The assault on Texas continues.

When The Government Targets Constitutionalists

American Thinker

The basic premise of leftism is deeply flawed, here's why:

It's no wonder that the Leftists who seek to "fundamentally transform" this country make it part of their agenda to attack our Judeo-Christian values, our Founders' reverence, and even the very notion of God. Without God, there is no power higher than government itself. If there is nothing more powerful than government, then whatever rights we have do emanate from government. And it follows that, if government can grant us such rights, it can just as easily take them away.--- Stu Tarlowe

We should not worship the elite as Gods.  They are no more perfect than anyone else.


The Bear Case For A Significant Market Decline

"From Self-Reinforcing Speculation To Fragile Instability"

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Texas Tea Party challengers fizzle (Cornyn panic, GOP-e, LSM fear alert...)

Free Republic


Link to The Hill commentary with the title above.  Just goes to show you how the outcome will be perceived if Cornball wins.  Cornball has the money and the name recognition.  The only excuse for his winning is the lack of organized effort against him.  That needs to change fast or its 6 more years of Cornball.

Airship to Orbit

The interesting thing about John Powell's ideas is that it requires a lot less mass.  How?  It uses the atmosphere instead of fighting it.

His airship to orbit proposition depends upon the following assumptions:

  • That from 140,000 feet to 200,000 feet, his craft will operate as an airship
  • From 200,000 feet to 260,000 feet, his craft will transition from airship to airplane
  • From 260,000 feet to orbit, his craft will be like an airplane
260,000 feet is but 65,000 feet from the Karman Line that separates space from the atmosphere.  That means he only has to climb that far from the point that it stops being an airship and becomes an airplane.  At 325,000 feet, he needs to reach orbital velocity.

This implies that he gets a lot of the lift needed from the velocity.  That also implies not much velocity is needed to stay at 200,000 feet and below.  Presumably, he needs velocity to transition from 200,000 feet to 260,000 feet.  Even more velocity between 260,000 feet and orbit.

The energy requirements are spread out over time.  A conventional orbiter requires so much mass because it requires so much fuel.  The fuel has to be expended quickly, which intensifies the expenditure of energy over a short time period.  It's a race against time, as the fuel is expended at a rate that won't allow it to burn for long.  The Shuttle got to orbit in 8 minutes.  His airship may take days to get to orbit.  The reduction in mass makes it much more efficient in using its mass.  Consequently, it will use less energy and much less fuel.

Useful mass fraction is crazy high with his airship proposition.  (Provided that it works, of course.)  A conventional rocket may be well south of 5% of a rocket being useful mass.  This thing may be 50% or higher.

Skeptics will say that he won't have enough energy and the drag will be too much to overcome.  I don't know who is right on this one.

Perhaps it won't be as difficult to reach orbit when you're on Mars with one of these things.  The velocity required is less than 1/2 of what is required to reach orbit on Earth.  The significance of that should not be underestimated, but will be just the same.

Gold rally

While a stock market sell off may have been premature, there is a gold rally underway.  Looks like there may be a double bottom that was just set at the end of the year.  The first part of the bottom was set in June.  There was a rally and then a retest that just concluded.  This is evidence of a solid bottom at about 1200.  Similar price action can be found in the other precious metals as well.

The object of the game is to buy low and sell high.  This may be the time to buy.  As always, do your own due diligence.

Brain Gremlin

He could run for Congress.

Little Shop of Horrors

A young Jack Nicholson was in this one.  Anyway, there's a plant in the movie that eats people.  When it wanted to eat, it would exclaim "feed me!"

This morning, there was something I saw in the grocery store that reminded me of this plant.  Then an idea tickled me a bit.  The idea was to make a movie using this item as a prop.  It would say "feed me!" and I would feed it pictures of politicians.

It would eat pictures of RINOS and donkeys, too.

But it would be too cheesy, so I gave up on the idea.

Feed me!

What Army of Davids?

If Cornyn wins, it disproves the Army of Davids.  Cornyn is big money.  Cornyn is Establishment.  Cornyn just enabled ObamaCare because he gave Obama a blank check with this debt deal.  He did it all under the table.  He should at least explain why he says one thing and does something else.  But where's the Army?  All I see is the big money and its about to buy the primary here in Texas.  If the Tea Party loses here, the Establishment will crow that the Tea Party is dead.

So this is the kind of result you would expect from an Army of Davids?  Goliath is having a field day.

A New Site to Explore on the Moon | Daily Planet | Air & Space Magazine

A New Site to Explore on the Moon | Daily Planet | Air & Space Magazine


The Chinese lunar mission landed in an area rich in iron, titanium, and KREEP.  KREEP includes Thorium and rare earths.

Eco fascists looks like KKK

Is the only thing missing here are the white robes and masks?  Maybe they'll burn a cross on his doorstep next.
This happened in Houston, of all places.  Deep in the heart of the reddest of the red states.

The Establishment, Allegations of Purity, and Reality | RedState

The Establishment, Allegations of Purity, and Reality | RedState

link via Behind the Black blog


This is the kind of thing that should open people's eyes and to stop being led by the noses of these lying scumbags
 Roll Call explains in plain English how Democrats and Republicans worked together to fool the American people by instructing the clerk not to call their names publicly and then by switching their votes.---Daniel Horowitz
You can't keep the Republic if you don't pay attention.  If things fall apart, it will be because of the negligence of the people who can stop rewarding this kind of behavior.  Don't let them buy your votes.  Make them represent our interests and actually represent us.  It isn't about purity, it's about corruption.  They are deceiving us.

The Reagan Election Of 1980 – Dick Morris TV: History Video!

The Reagan Election Of 1980 – Dick Morris TV: History Video!


Dick Morris recounts the history of Reagan's election.  The economic and diplomatic failures of the previous Presidencies, concluding with Jimmy Carter.


Reagan was called an "amiable dunce" by his opponents, but he was a lot smarter than he got credit for.  The way he could appeal across the partisan divide was especially first rate and appropriate for today's times as well.  There are those on the so-called right who admire Reagan, yet never learned this vital lesson.