Saturday, October 27, 2012

Going through my most popular posts

There's not a whole lot of feedback here, so it is really hard to tell sometimes why something is more popular than something else.

That's pretty disappointing.  It is one of the heartbreaks of doing this type of thing.  You work and slave over something that you think is pretty good and it is a big snooze at the ratings.  Sheesh.

I can see where a blogger would just give up and start taking a salary for writing what somebody's whose got the money wants him/her to write.  But I won't be doing that.  It stands or falls on its own merit.  Not what some bigwig wants.

That puts me at odds with the current sentiments and states of reality in this country and leads to a post like this.  Now that post is one of the more popular posts on this blog.  Go figure.

It also leads me to believe that someone or something may be trying to coopt this blog.  Who would put up something negative about Romney but a Obamabot?  Someone or something that wants to win above all else?

I get the feeling that the Mahablogger may be reading this blog.  I once got a comment from an anonymous commenter that seemed to fit the mold of this lady.  She kicked me off of her blog.  Why?  Because I dissented.  She's got an echo chamber over there.  And the powers that be only want echo chambers.  Not real dissent.  Especially from someone on the payroll.

This is how someone loses their independence and goes into groupthink mode.

Now she's attacking Dick Morris.  Well, Dick Morris isn't God.  He can be wrong, as we all are.  But that's not the point.  The point is that Morris isn't on the reservation anymore.  He was when he worked for Clinton, but not now.  For going off the reservation, punishment is indicated.  Hence the public flogging.

Yeah, Morris is pretty anti-Obama.  But could it be because there's something really wrong with Obama?

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.   As that no in the movie The Revenge of the Sith.

People need to get a grip on reality.  I think this lady is one of them.

Hot story getting hotter

It seems that POTUS was the one who ordered the military to stand down.  Now the lefties are out there saying that this argument--- friendlies!--- are the reason for standing down.


You don't allow the human shield argument to stop you, otherwise they own you.  Otherwise, you can never do anything.  Otherwise, the intent is to never do anything---ever.  Which is the far left's modus operandi.

The left was against doing anything at all after 9-11.  Their argument was offered in order to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe.  I remember it very well.  Ninety percent of the country wanted something done about it even if it risked war. Well, a humanitarian catastrophe already happened at Ground Zero.  The question is and should always be--- what are you prepared to do about it?  The liberals' answer--- Seinfeld.  Seinfeld was the TV sitcom:  which was a show about nothing.  It's what you get from liberals---nothing.

The story was hot because it caused my computer to lock up trying to get the web page to load it.  Sure, it was probably a linux issue, but it tells me that this story must be super hot.  And Maha wouldn't mess it with if it weren't.  She's on the payroll, I gather.


Does Obama seek to be a King?  That question comes from a thought--- that this seems rather Machiavellian of him.  You see, Ambassador Stevens is expendable, but Obama is not.  Hence, Obama cannot fire upon an armed group, lest he appear to be unpeaceable.  His reputation was at stake.  Consider this quote ( from Wikipedia)
Aside from that, Machiavelli believed that public and private morality had to be understood as two different things in order to rule well. As a result, a ruler must be concerned not only with reputation, but also positively willing to act immorally at the right times. As a political scientist, Machiavelli emphasizes the occasional need for the methodical exercise of brute force, deceit, and so on.  [ emphasis added]
Therefore, lie about why you did something because an election is the right time.  Stonewall about it because an election is the right time.  And so on and so forth.  Note: some of the emphasis above is that it coincides with post modern thought.  Post modernism is the philosophy of the left.  Unfortunately, it has infected a large part of Western "thinking".

The question isn't what he did in covering this up, but why he did it in the first place.  His place is more important than anything to him.  That's the point.  For that reason, it is Machiavellian.

The Prince was about a hereditary prince, by the way.  So, is Obama now royalty?  Is the Republic now dead, really dead, as Ann Barnhardt has been saying?  Er, could be.

Cold Fusion News


Hard to tell if anything significant is going on here, but there may be something.  Complete set of links at the post.

There is some speculation that he will endorse a Presidential candidate, but Rossi has denied this.

Most of the news isn't news after all.  Rossi has them all at the edge of their seats.  Something big could be up, or it could take another decade.  If it takes another decade, it might as well be a century.

Anyway, I found a link to a book, for what that's worth.

Looking at some blog statistics

It may be super paranoid of me, but hey, I don't care.  Looking at the blog numbers, I get this feeling that somebody or something may be attempting to coopt this here blog.

Ain't gonna happen, Charley.

It reminded me of something I read on the stock bulletin boards many moons ago.  There was this guy who posted as Peter Rotten Tail.  He always signed off with his name and this little saying "bite my rotten ass."

Well, a la Peter Rotten Tail, if there really are some "snakes" out there who want to coopt this here blog, I say  "Bite my rotten ass!"

By the way,  I looked up the name and found a cheesy movie was made by that name.  Here's the trailer.

Cheesy indeed, senor.

Why are we so screwed up?

A big, big clue right here from this quote ( via Instapundit: subject space)

Congress killed Bush's plan, at least partly because NASA estimated it would cost about $500 billion over 30 years. Bush's son, President George W. Bush, and his successor, Barack Obama, have since held up human exploration of Mars as a goal for NASA, but the funding necessary to make it happen hasn't followed during either administration. [emphasis added]

Here's the problem:  they are all trying to do this with BIG ROCKETS.  Big rockets are what Congress and big contractors LOVE TO DEATH.  But big rockets are killing any missions to Mars because BIG ROCKETS have BIG PRICE TAGS- that's why big contractors love them so much.  So, instead of trying to find a way to Mars without these big rockets gets no respect from politicians because those that advocate this don't have DEEP POCKETS.  Therefore, Mars has to be done with big rockets, and for that reason, it won't ever get done.

It ain't the lack of funding.  It is the insistence upon that which cannot be.

Obama and Space

I've written a number of criticisms of Romney's performance in the last debate.  What about Obama?

Obama did mention space.  Just one word.  That was a mistake.  It was one area in which he might well have claimed some success and with some justification.

Republicans like to talk a good game of reducing deficits and such, but their words don't always live up to their deeds.  That's how they got into so much trouble in 2006.  It has been six years though, and people forget.  The big deficits of the Bush administration started catching up to him and it led to a "thumping" in 2006.

What does that have to do with space?  Answer: The Augustine Commission and the end of the Constellation program.  That was a good move because that program was getting out of budget and off its schedule. It would never have succeeded because it would have busted the budget so many times that it would have become a white elephant long before it ever flew.  Obama could have mentioned this, but he allowed himself to get dragged into a slugging match over China.  A slugging match on that subject, he couldn't win, but a debate about space, he could have won.  He could have charged Romney with insincerity and he could have made that stick.

I suspected Romney after he ridiculed Gingrich's moon base ideas.  He claimed that it would be a trillion dollar program.  It would have been if it were ran as the way that government tends to run things- ergo Constellation.  So, Obama canned a Republican initiative that would have led to that outcome- a "Republican" move by a Democrat.  Romney is a Republican, therefore let Romney defend Constellation- a winning move for Obama.  An argument like that might have lost Florida, but it could have won Ohio.  Instead, he decided to argue about China, which is an argument that could lose Ohio for him.

Romney is suspect on this subject.  This could only be the "iceberg".  As Gingrich had a very good idea that happens to build upon something that Obama has supported--- commercial crew.  Yet Romney trashed it.  Instead, we could see the resurrection of Constellation and a further runaway government program that Romney pledged to get under control.  This is why Romney must be watched and watched very carefully.  Party loyalty has to be earned.  It isn't earned with cheap words.

Romney Obama debates wrap up- Dick Morris Lunch Alerts

Morris offers his opinion of the debates in two parts. In the first part here, says Romney won all three debates. Especially among women.

Romney Gains In Third Debate – Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert!

In the second, he says that Romney is the next Reagan. I am tempted to hurl. We shall see. He has to win the election first.  It does appear that he will do so, but anything can happen.

Romney’s Trajectory – Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert!


I'm watching the replay of the debate on video.  I'll have some comments later, but this one is the most cogent so far.  That is this:  Obama is really struggling in this part of the debate about China.  It shows when he keeps repeating himself and then launches an attack on Romney.  He hasn't got a leg to stand on and he knows it.


The most important thing to take from this debate is that Obama is just not a clever man.  The exchange mentioned above need not have happened.  Actually, Obama opened the door early in the debate and that is how Romney was able to exploit it.  To Romney's credit, he did.  By the end of the debate, this foolish mistake had done in Obama--- with the results as seen from the above post.

Over and over again, Obama demonstrated this weakness.  It reminds me of the Clint Eastwood line--- " a man has to know his limitations".  Obama doesn't know his limitations.  That's how he gets into the messes he gets into.  If he knew his limitations, he could avoid a lot of his problems.  Even with his record, he might have still won if he knew what he was doing.  He doesn't. That's why he has to go.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Mark W. Hendrickson: Obama's Trip to the Dark Side


The answer to the malevolent yearnings of America's enemies may be found in Abraham Lincoln's "Lyceum Address," delivered on January 27, 1838. Speaking of potential threats to the American Republic, Lincoln told his audience that danger "cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide."...If the Ahmadinejads of the world want to defeat us, they need inside help.


Why budget cuts would be a good thing

If Barnhardt would stop insisting upon being Joan of Arc, she might be a better position to actually help this country.  Here's why cutting the defense budget does not have to be a disaster:
The major defense contractors spend at least ten times, and probably closer to twenty times what is actually needed on every project and contract. This is done with the full knowledge and at the command of the federal government.
This is true in space as well.  In fact, it is probably true across the board.  The government wastes money like crazy.  It doesn't produce anything and it just eats up money like nobody's business.

If Romney is elected, and he doesn't do anything about it--- get somebody else who will.  You already know Obama won't.  He'll cut defense spending all right, but he won't fix the actual problem.  We'll still have the same problem, but on a lower level.  He'll just shift that inefficiency elsewhere, though.

New revelations about attack on US embassy in Benghazi


According to reporters covering the events surrounding the attack on our US embassy in Libya and the murder of Ambassador Stevens this story is bigger than Watergate or the Contra Scandal. US News agencies are now descending upon the facts surrounding the entire incident and it looks like the White House and President Obama knew all along that the attack was being conducted by heavily armed terrorists!...Jay Carney was ordered to release a deliberately misleading statement about the attacks....Even worse in all this is that President Obama and the White House knew all along that it was a terrorist attack, not a riot that got out of hand, not an obscure, low budget, film that some Egyptian in California made, who by the way was hauled out of his home by police in the middle of the night and jailed Nazi style, no folks, this was a blatant lie! It is quite clear that the life of Americans mean nothing to President Obama who refused to launch a counter strike or rescue operation to aid the embattled US embassy in Benghazi.

But Obama is sexy, according to him.  Sure, sexy like a two bit pimp.  Actually, he doesn't even rise to that level.  Even a two bit pimp would provide protection and money.  He's no jobs, no protection, but free contraceptives.  He's only using you baby.  If he won't take care of his own ambassador, why would he take care of you?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thoughts on the road

There's a lot of them, and they get lost.  My memory is short as my pecker.  I feel like Fat Bastard.  I haven't seen my willie in two years, long enough to declare it legally dead.  Anyway, I forget a lot of great thoughts, or so I thought they were until I forgot them.

Numero uno, accountability is the reason and only reason to vote for Romney.  Not that Romney will be any more accountable than Obama per se.  However, if Romney wants to be a two term President, he'd better not be bullshitting about creating all those jobs he keeps talking about.  You'll know if he won't be any good if he proceeds to ignore everything he said in the campaign and start doing a bunch of other crap he didn't talk about.  Kinda like Bush did after 2004.  He talked Social Security after the election, but not so much before.  If he paid attention to the election, he would have ordered the surge right after the election.  It took him two years for that, and by that time, the Republicans were toast.

If I knew Bush was going to be that big of a jerk, I would have voted Libertarian as a protest.

 Number two: Why does Pakistan like Romney? Because he respected their sovereignty.  A lot of people may not care about what Pakistan thinks, but relations may go a little better if a little respect is shown.  Besides, the President can be Godfather and make them an offer they can't refuse.  Know whut I mean?


Three!  I forgot this one.  So, I found a link to this from Instapundit.  My thoughts exactly.  Why diss undecideds?  Keep going after their vote.

Posting is light

I don't know if it is an empty tank or what.  The spirit is willing, but the words are ... hard to come by.

It may be another one of those WTF moments.

Let's just do a disparate thoughts post.

  1. Did I outsmart myself by approving Romney's recent debate strategy of going easy on the Obummer?  It reminds me of the scene in Little Big Man, where General Custer refuses to recognize the truth of what Little Big Man is telling him and goes down there and gets slaughtered as the "mule skinner" predicted.  I'm thinking of the convoluted reasoning that the General Custer uses in the scene.  Maybe Romney should have just pummeled Obama and let the chips fall where they may.  Still, if Matthews accuses of Romney of going to the "hard center", what difference does it make?  WTF
  2. What would a Romney Administration do in space?  I wasn't reassured during the Republican debates with what Romney said.  That's one of the reasons that I don't like him.  I'd like to see more commercial crew money.  As much as they can dish out.  Less money for the SLS.  That's a huge white elephant that will never fly.  By the way, I almost forgot about John Hunter's QuickLaunch proposal.  QuickLaunch can put fuel into LEO for less money.  It would cost a lot less than SLS and could be operational in a lot less time.  But it would make too much sense, so it probably will receive no funding.  WTF
  3. The US is on track to becoming the world's leading oil producer.  But will that last?  It will certainly foil attempts to energy starve the USA---thanks very much liberals.  Yet, what will that do for the fission and fusion research projects?  You see, if the libtards weren't so opposed to nuclear energy, they could solve the carbon problem ( assuming that there is one).  But that leads me back to the proposition that this carbon trading scheme isn't really designed to solve any problem at all.  It is a rent seeking scheme.  So, "the problem" lives on in order to politically exploited in the future.  WTF
  4. We are in the silly season.  Maybe all the silliness is hard to write about.  I refuse to succumb to the silliness.  But that may have happened anyway.  WTF
  5. The liberals believe in unlimited spending in order to revive the economy.  Or so they say.  So, why didn't they propose more spending when they had control of Congress and the Presidency?  If spending solves all problems, why didn't they do it?  Did they stop so that they could blame the failure of their previous spending on the incoming Republicans?  It may be the silly season, but if you can't find accountability now, when can you find it?  The system that breeds the silly season seems to be designed to thwart any attempts to improve and regulate it so as to achieve better performance.  It is as if there's a conspiracy to make sure that nothing works and that nothing will ever get done about it.  WTF
  6. UPDATE: One more thing about accountability.  I wrote in an earlier post that liberals are faithless.  Yet, they may be the ones that are most disappointed in Foghorn Bullcorn.  So, I'd offer a deal-except said deal would be pointless.  The deal?  Vote against Obama and if Romney doesn't deliver, I'd vote against him 4 years from now.  But the libs would never take that deal, or if they did, they would renege on it.  Faithless.  It is all a game now.  There can be no honesty nor integrity when it is all a game.  Winning the game means everything.  That includes lying, cheating, and stealing.  WTF
I'd get drunk, but I'm not a drinking man.  Like I said.  WTF

Jeff Bezos' Secretive Spaceship Project Tests Rocket Escape System

Friday's launch follows closely on the heels of another milestone for Washington-based Blue Origin. Earlier this month, the company conducted a test of the rocket engine that will blast the Space Vehicle to orbit, powering it up to its maximum 100,000 pounds of thrust on a stand at NASA's Stennis Space Center in Mississippi.


Is there a special reason why these tests are occurring in West Texas?  One speculation is that ISP improves in thinner air.  Not all that much though, but every little bit helps.  Mass is the big enemy, so if you can decrease mass, you make the job easier.

The New Shepard vehicle is a single stage to orbit design carryover from earlier work on Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Foghorn... I say Foghorn

Bullcorn here boy.

Vanity: The right strategy

Free Republic

Romney did EXACTLY what he should have done in the middle of this hot, unraveling coverup by the administration.

He has held his fire... and watched the bleeding of the opposition increase.


Yes, that does appear to be correct.  The Matthews video sealed the deal for me.  This administration is almost certainly on the way out.  Their goose is cooked.

Video: Gov. Palin talks to Greta Oct. 23, 2012 (WATCH THIS ONE!)

It appears that Obama suffered a meltdown on the debate on Monday night. It wasn't evident in reading the transcript. I haven't watched the video on replays yet.

The clincher for me was that Chris Matthews video that I put up last night. Here's Matthews pretty much conceding that Romney took it easy on Obama, and somehow this was a plus for Obama.

It couldn't have been a plus for Obama. The left, including Matthews, want to make a victim out of Obama. The President of the United States as victim!!! What kind of looney toons are these people?!?

This video below is what I'd like to have seen of Romney in the debate, but evidently, it was unnecessary. Obama and the left are croaking themselves. That's the point.

Of course Obama and his administration knew what happened in Libya. The media has been covering for him. That's what we all have been saying all along. Big time unraveling in progress. Great day.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Debate's Bean Bag, et. al

This is sort of a miscellaneous post to tie together disparate thoughts.

  1. This election looks like it needs a triple bypass, as in heart surgery.  Our politics are sclerotic, like hardened arteries, some clogged ones need to be bypassed.  Bypass?  What?  The media, academia, and the Democrat Party, that's what.  Just as a heart patient needs it in order to be saved, we need a triple bypass, or the the Republic is a dead duck.
  2. A quote attributed to Romney may well describe his performance last night.  He "bean bagged" us.  He played not to lose.  It was like a football coach playing "prevent defense".  Everyone who knows football knows what "prevent defense" actually prevents--- winning!  Maybe Romney was depending in Monday Night Football to bail him out.  Trouble with that is that single women may have been watching that debate.  He lost a chance to win them over.
  3. Liberals are on the dark side.  Of course, they like to say that about conservatives.  But the dark side is supposed to be seductive.  What is so seductive about conservatism?  Conservatism is hard.  It is liberalism that's seductive.  Liberals are also faithless.  The only reason they voted with Bush on going into Iraq was to avoid the voter's wrath.  They really didn't believe in it.  That's why they are faithless.  When Obama pretends he's the second coming of Rockefeller, you know that he is full of it.  Finally, you know they are faithless, because they always blame others for what is their own fault.  For example, if the stimulus was too small, they had the majority to add a second one before the Republicans could take over in 2010.  So, why didn't they do that?
  4. Another thing I thought of.  Our politics has become a big game.  Instead of an honest discussion about issues, it has become a game instead.  So, instead of Romney sticking to to Obama, like he did in the first debate, he goes soft and mellow.  Why not let it all hang out?  Now he's got conservatives muttering about him.  Or they should be.  If he let this kind of rhetoric stop him, he's going to have trouble in his presidency --- assuming he has one.
  5. UPDATE!  Ah, yes.  I forgot about this one.  I have figured out a new name for Obama.  Call him Foghorn Bullcorn.  The name "foghorn" comes from the blowhard cartoon rooster named Foghorn Leghorn.  Foghorn Leghorn made himself feel important when he puffs himself up and put others down.  That's what Obama does.  He builds himself up by putting others down.  The bullcorn part, I came up with earlier.  The name rhymes, so it sounds good that way.

Harvesting atmospheric gases

A quick thought that seems intriguing, but not sure it would be feasible---Would it be worth it to harvest atmospheric gases in low Martian orbit?

The goal, of course, is to not have to lift propellants and oxidizers out of deep gravity wells.  Such would be the case for the Earth, the Moon, or for Mars.

There may be ways to lift these things from the Moon and Mars--- the QuickLaunch system.  The downside of that is that you have to build the thing on the ground, and those facilities do not exist, nor will they be easy or cheap to implement.  However,  an atmospheric harvester may be feasible for any atmosphere of a planet that has one--- another example could be Venus.

Could it be possible to get hydrogen from the Venusian atmosphere, as contains sulfuric acid as well as carbon dioxide?  If so, then you have oxidizers and fuel.  You could even use a nuclear thermal rocket to power the thing, which is not what you would want on Earth.

Debate: Another snooze fest

As before, I didn't watch the debate live.  Instead, I just read the transcripts here.

There didn't appear to be any knockout punches.  It was pretty much more of the same.

One thing that I noticed is that Romney steered the conversation toward the economy as much as he could.

Another thing is that Obama claimed the military didn't want more spending, but that isn't a credible claim.  Government agencies always want more spending.

As before, in the other debates, I think an opportunity was lost.  Romney wan't all that aggressive.  For example, how is Egypt better than four years ago?  You see the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt unraveling-- how is this better than four years ago?  Romney did point out that Iran is closer to a nuclear weapon, but what would he do about that?  Now Egypt says they want a bomb too.  How is this better than before?

I noticed in some analyses of the debate, that Obama got "snarky".  Yes, it did appear to be true.  But there was no "there you go again" moment to offset it.  I don't know if this helps Obama, but it might hurt.  If you are defending a weak record, it is no time to get arrogant.  Obama is said to have an edge on foreign policy, but it was hard to see that from this debate.  Yet Romney could not take advantage as well as he could have, in my opinion.

All in all, I'd say this didn't do much to move undecideds one way or the other.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Why the Moon could have a lot of water

There's some theories about that out there.  Mostly about comets and asteroid strikes.  Here's another possibility--- solar wind.  Why solar wind?  Solar wind is composed of gases, some of which, or perhaps most of which, is hydrogen.  Now, the Moon itself is not made of cheese, but of oxygen.  The majority of the Moon is oxygen.

So, here's what may be happening:  the solar wind strikes the lunar surface.  The hydrogen combines with the oxygen giving water.  Most of this, but not all, escapes.  This water is still trapped in the lunar regolith.  That's where the story usually ends.  But wait a minute.

What if the water vapor doesn't leave the lunar gravitation field?  What if a very small atmosphere exists over the lunar surface?  What if this atmosphere is made of this same water vapor that escaped from the regolith?  What if this water vapor gets deposited continually in the form of ice at the permanently shadowed craters of the Moon?  Since it is so cold there, there's no chance for it to escape again.

Seems to me that I read somewhere on the net that the Moon does have a very, very sparse atmosphere.  So, what's in it?  Water vapor?  That water vapor could explain where the water deposits are coming from.

My two cents anyway.

Obama’s last hand to play — The Other card

legal insurrection

We have examined many times the claim by Democrats that Republicans try to turn Obama into “The Other.”[ comment:  But he is "The Other".  That's why the left loves him so much.  The worst thing he could be for them would be an all-American red-blooded American patriot.  That's why they hated Bush so much.  Bush actually tried to defend this country.  That was Bush's greatest sin. ]

Now Obama is playing The Other Card, running an ad in Ohio which concludes with the statement that Mitt Romney is: “Not One of Us.”[ comment:  That should be considered a compliment.  It is far better not to be "One of Them".  A badge of honor as far as I'm concerned.]


Of course this only shows that Obama is projecting his own hatred on the rest of us.  All of this in the name of togetherness.

Yeah, right.

Honey, I Shrunk the Country

Legal Insurrection

Great quotes that say it all with this administration:
  • “I do think that at a certain point, you’ve made enough money"
  • “You didn’t build that.”
  • “…there have been times where America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.”
  • “We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times… and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK. That’s not leadership. That’s not going to happen.”
Let's review the quotes one by one in order to show why they are bad.

The first quote:  It is bad because this administration has a problem with people making money.  He'd rather redistribute it than to create new wealth.  All that this accomplishes is that people will get equally poorer.

The second quote:  It is bad because it denies personal initiative.

The third quote:  What has he got against his own country?  That is what our problem is.  We have leaders like Obama who hate their own people.  That of course, is granting that Obama is even one of us.

The last quote:  He is going to punish America by taking away our own sovereignty.  We'll have the UN running our own country for us.  We won't have a country anymore if this type of thinking prevails.

California’s Prop. 31: The Revolution Will Not Be Publicized

NRO via Free Republic

With publics deadlocked and economies in crisis, handing undemocratic powers to bureaucrats, commissions, or political leaders feels like the quick solution. Eurocrats sap money and sovereignty from democratic electorates, Obamacare sets up a de facto rationing board that undercuts the Constitution’s balance of powers, and now California’s Proposition 31 is two months away from swallowing up America’s tradition of local government in a coercive redistributionist scheme.


The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.

What else can you say?  This is crazy, but it is California.  If we aren't careful, the rest of the country will be just like it.  Driving jobs and people away, just like California is doing now.  Remember how the USA was a magnet for people all over the world?  Not anymore if we become like this failed state.

Britain on mission to tap Moon water  via Instapundit

The Lunar Lander, the size of a car and weighing about 1,800lbs, will blast off from Earth by rocket, then detach and descend to the Moon’s surface in a 12-minute flight.

An artificial intelligence system, directing engines and rocket propulsion, will help the craft to avoid craters and boulders as it comes into land at the Moon’s south pole.

Another opportunity for me to bash our own government.  Here's the problem:  we are sending probes to Mars, a place which we can't get to.  Yet, we won't send a similar probe to the Moon, which could enable us to get to Mars.  For if you don't have to lift all of your fuel off the surface of the Earth, you will have simplified the task of getting to Mars enormously.

But that's our silly assed system for you.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Determinators Movie

Published on Oct 16, 2012 by TPPatriots

The Determinators is a chilling story which uncovers the dark underside of the massive healthcare reform bill that, once fully implemented, will significantly threaten the way Americans live...and die.

Based on the book "The Battle for America's Soul" by CL Gray, MD. The Determinators feature leading experts in the field of healthcare who have studied the law and it's impending ramifications.

The Determinators highlights several of the worst elements of Obamacare that big-government bureaucrats want to keep hidden from the public until it's too late. It's information people need to know before they decide how to vote.

Tea Party Patriots presents a Ground Floor Video production Producer - Luke Livingston Adapted and Directed by Pritchett Cotten

Countering the National Popular Vote Initiative

American Thinker

The left loves faux reforms which leverage more power in its direction, with the National Popular Vote Initiative being a great example.

It is a really bad idea to give the liberals anything at all.  This must be shot down.

The article explains how we got where we are. A short history lesson, if you will.

Lunar ground transportation

Just like on the Earth, needed stuff may not be in a convenient location.  As on Earth, one way to improve the situation is to have a device that will move the stuff around.  Like a railroad, for instance.

It so happens that a lot of iron exists on the moon.  It is combined with oxygen, so in the process of mining for oxygen, one can also extract iron.  One can make some iron rails and connect them together into a railroad line.  One line could reach from the pole regions, where water is believed to exist, down to the equatorial regions.  Or to regions where significant deposits of useful minerals, such as thorium, are located.

Could railroads be built using robots and teleoperation methods?  If so, a transportation could be put into place before significant numbers of people land on the moon in order to work there.

Cardboard bike by Izhar Gafni

He got his inspiration from somebody who made a cardboard canoe.

Gafni says the bike is strong, durable, fireproof and waterproof. And because it is made of cardboard, it will also be cheap. Gafni's business partner Nimrod Elmis told Reuters that he expects the bike to sell at retail stores for $20.

So remember this when you are tempted to scoff at anybody with some strange ideas. Some ideas turn out to be pretty good.