Thursday, October 25, 2012

Posting is light

I don't know if it is an empty tank or what.  The spirit is willing, but the words are ... hard to come by.

It may be another one of those WTF moments.

Let's just do a disparate thoughts post.

  1. Did I outsmart myself by approving Romney's recent debate strategy of going easy on the Obummer?  It reminds me of the scene in Little Big Man, where General Custer refuses to recognize the truth of what Little Big Man is telling him and goes down there and gets slaughtered as the "mule skinner" predicted.  I'm thinking of the convoluted reasoning that the General Custer uses in the scene.  Maybe Romney should have just pummeled Obama and let the chips fall where they may.  Still, if Matthews accuses of Romney of going to the "hard center", what difference does it make?  WTF
  2. What would a Romney Administration do in space?  I wasn't reassured during the Republican debates with what Romney said.  That's one of the reasons that I don't like him.  I'd like to see more commercial crew money.  As much as they can dish out.  Less money for the SLS.  That's a huge white elephant that will never fly.  By the way, I almost forgot about John Hunter's QuickLaunch proposal.  QuickLaunch can put fuel into LEO for less money.  It would cost a lot less than SLS and could be operational in a lot less time.  But it would make too much sense, so it probably will receive no funding.  WTF
  3. The US is on track to becoming the world's leading oil producer.  But will that last?  It will certainly foil attempts to energy starve the USA---thanks very much liberals.  Yet, what will that do for the fission and fusion research projects?  You see, if the libtards weren't so opposed to nuclear energy, they could solve the carbon problem ( assuming that there is one).  But that leads me back to the proposition that this carbon trading scheme isn't really designed to solve any problem at all.  It is a rent seeking scheme.  So, "the problem" lives on in order to politically exploited in the future.  WTF
  4. We are in the silly season.  Maybe all the silliness is hard to write about.  I refuse to succumb to the silliness.  But that may have happened anyway.  WTF
  5. The liberals believe in unlimited spending in order to revive the economy.  Or so they say.  So, why didn't they propose more spending when they had control of Congress and the Presidency?  If spending solves all problems, why didn't they do it?  Did they stop so that they could blame the failure of their previous spending on the incoming Republicans?  It may be the silly season, but if you can't find accountability now, when can you find it?  The system that breeds the silly season seems to be designed to thwart any attempts to improve and regulate it so as to achieve better performance.  It is as if there's a conspiracy to make sure that nothing works and that nothing will ever get done about it.  WTF
  6. UPDATE: One more thing about accountability.  I wrote in an earlier post that liberals are faithless.  Yet, they may be the ones that are most disappointed in Foghorn Bullcorn.  So, I'd offer a deal-except said deal would be pointless.  The deal?  Vote against Obama and if Romney doesn't deliver, I'd vote against him 4 years from now.  But the libs would never take that deal, or if they did, they would renege on it.  Faithless.  It is all a game now.  There can be no honesty nor integrity when it is all a game.  Winning the game means everything.  That includes lying, cheating, and stealing.  WTF
I'd get drunk, but I'm not a drinking man.  Like I said.  WTF

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