Friday, October 26, 2012

New revelations about attack on US embassy in Benghazi


According to reporters covering the events surrounding the attack on our US embassy in Libya and the murder of Ambassador Stevens this story is bigger than Watergate or the Contra Scandal. US News agencies are now descending upon the facts surrounding the entire incident and it looks like the White House and President Obama knew all along that the attack was being conducted by heavily armed terrorists!...Jay Carney was ordered to release a deliberately misleading statement about the attacks....Even worse in all this is that President Obama and the White House knew all along that it was a terrorist attack, not a riot that got out of hand, not an obscure, low budget, film that some Egyptian in California made, who by the way was hauled out of his home by police in the middle of the night and jailed Nazi style, no folks, this was a blatant lie! It is quite clear that the life of Americans mean nothing to President Obama who refused to launch a counter strike or rescue operation to aid the embattled US embassy in Benghazi.

But Obama is sexy, according to him.  Sure, sexy like a two bit pimp.  Actually, he doesn't even rise to that level.  Even a two bit pimp would provide protection and money.  He's no jobs, no protection, but free contraceptives.  He's only using you baby.  If he won't take care of his own ambassador, why would he take care of you?

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