Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Debate's Bean Bag, et. al

This is sort of a miscellaneous post to tie together disparate thoughts.

  1. This election looks like it needs a triple bypass, as in heart surgery.  Our politics are sclerotic, like hardened arteries, some clogged ones need to be bypassed.  Bypass?  What?  The media, academia, and the Democrat Party, that's what.  Just as a heart patient needs it in order to be saved, we need a triple bypass, or the the Republic is a dead duck.
  2. A quote attributed to Romney may well describe his performance last night.  He "bean bagged" us.  He played not to lose.  It was like a football coach playing "prevent defense".  Everyone who knows football knows what "prevent defense" actually prevents--- winning!  Maybe Romney was depending in Monday Night Football to bail him out.  Trouble with that is that single women may have been watching that debate.  He lost a chance to win them over.
  3. Liberals are on the dark side.  Of course, they like to say that about conservatives.  But the dark side is supposed to be seductive.  What is so seductive about conservatism?  Conservatism is hard.  It is liberalism that's seductive.  Liberals are also faithless.  The only reason they voted with Bush on going into Iraq was to avoid the voter's wrath.  They really didn't believe in it.  That's why they are faithless.  When Obama pretends he's the second coming of Rockefeller, you know that he is full of it.  Finally, you know they are faithless, because they always blame others for what is their own fault.  For example, if the stimulus was too small, they had the majority to add a second one before the Republicans could take over in 2010.  So, why didn't they do that?
  4. Another thing I thought of.  Our politics has become a big game.  Instead of an honest discussion about issues, it has become a game instead.  So, instead of Romney sticking to to Obama, like he did in the first debate, he goes soft and mellow.  Why not let it all hang out?  Now he's got conservatives muttering about him.  Or they should be.  If he let this kind of rhetoric stop him, he's going to have trouble in his presidency --- assuming he has one.
  5. UPDATE!  Ah, yes.  I forgot about this one.  I have figured out a new name for Obama.  Call him Foghorn Bullcorn.  The name "foghorn" comes from the blowhard cartoon rooster named Foghorn Leghorn.  Foghorn Leghorn made himself feel important when he puffs himself up and put others down.  That's what Obama does.  He builds himself up by putting others down.  The bullcorn part, I came up with earlier.  The name rhymes, so it sounds good that way.

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