Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Video: Gov. Palin talks to Greta Oct. 23, 2012 (WATCH THIS ONE!)

It appears that Obama suffered a meltdown on the debate on Monday night. It wasn't evident in reading the transcript. I haven't watched the video on replays yet.

The clincher for me was that Chris Matthews video that I put up last night. Here's Matthews pretty much conceding that Romney took it easy on Obama, and somehow this was a plus for Obama.

It couldn't have been a plus for Obama. The left, including Matthews, want to make a victim out of Obama. The President of the United States as victim!!! What kind of looney toons are these people?!?

This video below is what I'd like to have seen of Romney in the debate, but evidently, it was unnecessary. Obama and the left are croaking themselves. That's the point.

Of course Obama and his administration knew what happened in Libya. The media has been covering for him. That's what we all have been saying all along. Big time unraveling in progress. Great day.

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