Monday, October 22, 2012

Obama’s last hand to play — The Other card

legal insurrection

We have examined many times the claim by Democrats that Republicans try to turn Obama into “The Other.”[ comment:  But he is "The Other".  That's why the left loves him so much.  The worst thing he could be for them would be an all-American red-blooded American patriot.  That's why they hated Bush so much.  Bush actually tried to defend this country.  That was Bush's greatest sin. ]

Now Obama is playing The Other Card, running an ad in Ohio which concludes with the statement that Mitt Romney is: “Not One of Us.”[ comment:  That should be considered a compliment.  It is far better not to be "One of Them".  A badge of honor as far as I'm concerned.]


Of course this only shows that Obama is projecting his own hatred on the rest of us.  All of this in the name of togetherness.

Yeah, right.

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