Monday, October 22, 2012

Britain on mission to tap Moon water  via Instapundit

The Lunar Lander, the size of a car and weighing about 1,800lbs, will blast off from Earth by rocket, then detach and descend to the Moon’s surface in a 12-minute flight.

An artificial intelligence system, directing engines and rocket propulsion, will help the craft to avoid craters and boulders as it comes into land at the Moon’s south pole.

Another opportunity for me to bash our own government.  Here's the problem:  we are sending probes to Mars, a place which we can't get to.  Yet, we won't send a similar probe to the Moon, which could enable us to get to Mars.  For if you don't have to lift all of your fuel off the surface of the Earth, you will have simplified the task of getting to Mars enormously.

But that's our silly assed system for you.

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