Friday, October 26, 2012

Why budget cuts would be a good thing

If Barnhardt would stop insisting upon being Joan of Arc, she might be a better position to actually help this country.  Here's why cutting the defense budget does not have to be a disaster:
The major defense contractors spend at least ten times, and probably closer to twenty times what is actually needed on every project and contract. This is done with the full knowledge and at the command of the federal government.
This is true in space as well.  In fact, it is probably true across the board.  The government wastes money like crazy.  It doesn't produce anything and it just eats up money like nobody's business.

If Romney is elected, and he doesn't do anything about it--- get somebody else who will.  You already know Obama won't.  He'll cut defense spending all right, but he won't fix the actual problem.  We'll still have the same problem, but on a lower level.  He'll just shift that inefficiency elsewhere, though.