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America Has A Fever And The Only Cure Is…Welfare Reform?

Drew at AOSHQ

It may be unfair of me to write this, because I didn't read all the way through it.  Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I think it should be pretty evident what's wrong with this proposal if you are a regular reader of this blog.

Hint:  It can be summarized in one word starting with the letter "M" and ending with "Y".

A Peaceful Neo-Nazi?

American Thinker

Ann Barnhardt wrote this?  I have read American Thinker for a long time, but didn't recall seeing her stuff there before her video on burning the Koran.  Come to think of it, I don't read every single thing I see on that website.

Anyway, I thought the so-called Religion of Peace is evil for years now.  Long before I heard of Ann Barnhardt, I thought this.

I am writing this in case some readers get the impression that she and I are on the "same team".  Her views are her own, as well as mine are my own.

I've written a lot about Barnhardt, but until I started looking through the posts manually, I couldn't find where I discovered her.  It must have been shortly before this.

I don't think I'm stealing any of her stuff.  Just thought I'd make that clear.

By the way, a lot of interesting posts in the history of this blog.  Here's some of them I kept in a tab while searching for the above link:

Checking in: 7/26/14

I'm rather tired and didn't sleep well.

Actually, I got up about 5 am or so, and researched something related to the property out west.

Sorry to be so secretive, but not everything is going to be disclosed.  There is no "right to know".  There is only the willingness to share.  I'll share what I feel comfortable about sharing.

I suppose it is necessary to discuss a few things though, in order that the blog is to have content.  Frankly, the content part is getting a bit harder to produce, most likely because it is getting a little too close and personal.

This outside stuff, like yesterday's demonstration, is precisely the kind of stuff I won't miss.  Yet, one is obliged to pay attention to it, despite one's preferences.  After all, it is our country.  Or it used to be.

Really, the presence of foreigners of a hostile part of the world on our soil is a bit too much to take.  What are our "leaders" thinking?  I'm thinking that if they won't serve the interests of the people and the Constitution that they swore an oath to, then they must be replaced.  If it takes force to remove them, then so be it.  They are not the government.  They are only agents of the government.  Their authority is only as good as their fidelity to the Constitution.  The Constitution is sovereign --- they are not.  That is an important distinction for people to make.  Removal of THEM doesn't not necessarily imply treason because for it to be so, they have to be the state.  If they are not faithful to the sovereign, then they are traitors, and SHOULD be removed for the good of the sovereign.  The Constitution means the Constitution as written.  Not as it has been "interpreted" for interpretation may be just an attempt at usurpation.  Anybody can read the Constitution and see that it doesn't say what the interpreters say that it says.

If there is to be a forceful removal of unfaithful elected officials, somebody has to lead it.  As for myself, I can come up with these thoughts, but I'm not the type who would lead such an endeavor.  The trouble is this: for one who is capable of such a thing might well be the type of person who would be even more unfaithful than the ones currently occupying the offices.

The US government is itself an "occupied territory".  To free American, the occupiers might well have to be removed.

Then how can it be successful?  Well, the ones leading the forceful removal cannot be considered for office themselves.  They will have to set up the machinery that will allow an honest election to take place so that trust can be restored.

Is an election possible in such a scenario?  Don't know.  It would be unprecedented as far as I can tell.

If a war is to take place, sides will have to be chosen.  My opinion is that with the current crop of worthless "leaders", we are most likely to get something worse from the outcome of a war.  Unless somebody emerges that is worthy of trust and will be unquestionably faithful to the Constitution as written, I will not support them in any way.  And I won't take sides.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Idiots who complain that have nothing to complain about

Demonstrating in Galleria area Houston:

Seriously, y'all.  What are these people doing in America?  They have no business being here and wouldn't be here if we had a serious country.  After 9-11?  Not a chance.  They don't belong here and they shouldn't be here.  They especially shouldn't be allowed to demonstrate here.  They have no legitimate reason to be demonstrating anyway.  What territory they have was given to them by Israel for the sake of peace, which isn't good enough for them.  It will never be good enough.  Nothing will ever be good enough.  Send them back to their shit hole where they came from and good riddance.

Next Big Future: Elon Musk says 500 mile range electric car will so...

Next Big Future: Elon Musk says 500 mile range electric car will so...: Elon Musk explains why the Tesla Model S has twice the range of the Nissan Leaf and why Tesla will soon have electric cars with 500 mile ran...


There is good news out there.  Just when you thought the world was going to drag everybody and everything into the sewer, along comes some good news like this.

Actually, it isn't news yet.  But with Elon Musk, you have to take some of the "blue skying" seriously.

How would he do it?  Make a very light weight and small car like Jim Kor did.

Falcon 9 soft lands on water

Behind the Black Blog

Looks like it was more of a success than what was initially reported.  They didn't succeed in getting a reusable rocket casing, but they did appear to succeed in getting it to soft land on water.

Congrats, SpaceX.

Liberals Go Crazy After a “Straight White Guy” Festival is Planned

Free Republic

It seems pretty obvious this event is a big joke, one that is likely trying to prove a point. Why is it okay to be proud of being gay, but not proud of being straight? Better yet, why does one have to be “proud” of their sexual orientation, skin color, or anything else outside of the realm of personal achievement?---Conservative Tribune

comment:  This gives me the opportunity to express a thought that I've had rumbling back and forth in my noggin.  Is there a such a thing as "gay"?  All being "gay" is is the rejection of Judeo-Christian moral ethics.  Nobody is "gay" even if they practice same-sex sexual habits.  "Gayness" is more a political and social identity than a sexual one.  When somebody "comes out", they are making a political and social statement, not a sexual statement.   After all, the sexual practice doesn't change, but the attitude towards it does.

Let's make a comparison to illustrate the point I hope to make.  Let's say you are morbidly obese.  Then some "brilliant" jackass gets the idea that being morbidly obese is actually a good thing and sets up an organization that celebrates members' morbid obesity.  This doesn't help the morbid obese person to lose weight and be more healthy, but it does help them feel better about themselves.  The question is who is really benefiting from this state of affairs?  The ones organizing the "pride" event, or the morbidly obese persons?

Politics tends to help the agitators, not the ones who are purporting being "cared about".

How a solar storm two years ago nearly caused a catastrophe on Earth

Washington Post via Free Republic

Analysts believe that a direct hit … could cause widespread power blackouts, disabling everything that plugs into a wall socket. Most people wouldn’t even be able to flush their toilet because urban water supplies largely rely on electric pumps.

Yeah, and the polity is worried about "global warming" even though there's no evidence to support it.  Even if there was, it won't happen for decades.  Here's something that can happen at any time, and we aren't prepared for it.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Where were you back then?

The Instapundit guy says the election of Obama was "dangerously foolish" in 2008, and the reelection was the same.

Funny.  I don't remember him writing that way back when it counted in 2008.

Jobless future?

That piqued my curiosity.

There won’t be much work for human beings. Self-driving cars will be commercially available by the end of this decade and will eventually displace human drivers—just as automobiles displaced the horse and buggy—and will eliminate the jobs of taxi, bus, and truck drivers. Drones will take the jobs of postmen and delivery people.---Vivek Wadhwa

This is progress???

Back to the future.  Go back to the farm.  At least there you'll have independence and freedom.  No machine will have to keep you alive.

20 Signs The Epic Drought In The Western United States Is Starting To Become Apocalyptic

20 Signs The Epic Drought In The Western United States Is Starting To Become Apocalyptic

comment:  You may need only one thing to disrupt the economy as fragile as it is.  This could be it.

A little story that has the possibility of growing

Something happened today.  Maybe today was "one of those" days.  Perhaps you could say that stuff was happening all day, and by the time the day was near over, I was getting rather cranky.  Then as I thought about what happened, I weighed it on the scale as to worthiness of being mentioned on this blog.

For better or worse, here goes...

Some dude tried to flag me down for help.  Evidently, he had a vehicle that wouldn't start.  Can't say why, but I just ignored the dude, who is black by the way.  In my rearview mirror, this dude started waving his arms like he was pissed or something.  I was real close to my destination, and this dude followed me inside.

He hadn't caught up until I came back and got into my van.  As I was backing out, he asked if I could give him a jump.  I was thinking... what the fuck are you doing following me around, motherfucker?!?  I was in no mood to argue the point, and there wasn't an argument, but it may be possible that I will see this dude again.

Anyway, as I was thinking about what happened, this kind of thing has happened before with black dudes.  Evidently, they seem to think that I am obligated to help them because I'm white and they're black.  I mean, any white dude wouldn't have acted like that.  Maybe panhandlers, who have the same kind of attitude.  But this dude was a working stiff---he was in uniform.  So, what gives with this?

One other time, some black dude asked for a jump and I refused.  He got mad, started calling me names --- white motherfucker, stuff like that.  I wasn't interested in fighting him and it is rather curious to me why there is an issue to fight over.  I am not obligated to help him or anybody else, but evidently he and a lot of other black dudes seem to think so.

Hey, I don't mind helping people.  But if I do, it's going to be on MY terms, not anybody else's.  If I say no, it's going to stick.  I don't feel as though I owe anybody any explanations either.  That includes Reverend Jesse Jackass.  So, if there's some shit over this, it just may flare up into something bigger.

I'm a peaceable fella.  But I ain't no pushover.  Don't push me the wrong way.

Why I am right

Why we won't need a civil war.

Simple.  Reestablish integrity.  You are going to have to ask Obama some very pointed questions.  If you don't get them, you'll have to assume the worst.

This principle applies across the board for all officialdom.

Number one question:  Do you or do you not believe in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ?

Why ask this question?  Because Obama is posing as a Christian, and I, as well as many others, doubt this.  If he says he does, then press forward with more pointed questions that will discover whether or not he is LYING about his Christianity.

Ask some more questions that point to whether or not he is a Muslim.  He cannot lie forever if the questions are insistent enough.  Eventually, the truth will out if the truth is actually sought.  The media will never do this because the media is complicit in the fraud being perpetrated against America.  The media, in my opinion, are sellouts for the almighty dollar, which is about to become extinct.  The dollar will become extinct if we don't establish integrity.

Is there any right or wrong answer about Obama's true religion?  Yes.  But if the country is truly lost, the people won't care.  I think enough people will care that Obama must lie about his supposed Christianity because people need to believe it.  Otherwise, he could have never become President in the first place.  That is why he is lying.

If you think Obama is an enemy, this will flush him out.  If he isn't an enemy of a country that is no longer Christian, it won't matter to the people.  If it does matter, he won't last.  If it doesn't matter to the people, then Barnhardt will be right and a war will be necessary in order to overthrow the usurper.

First, establish the facts.  As of the moment, the facts are being hidden by those with an agenda.  Treason may be afoot in many quarters.  To establish confidence, establish the facts I say, and then integrity can be assured.  At that point, no war will be necessary.

"Brevity is the soul of wit"

If you are a Limbaugh listener, you may recognize that quote.

How can you distill the essence of a thing and get to its core meaning, and having done so, achieve the "soul of wit"?

That's what I'm trying to do with this piece by Barnhardt.

Is it really necessary to fight?  What good is fighting if you've lost your integrity?  You have to decide what you are fighting for before you fight.  Besides that, you will have to be assured that when you fight and win your objective, you will have achieved that objective and not have it stolen from you at your moment of triumph.  All this requires INTEGRITY in the LEADERSHIP.

If America is failing, it is because its leaders have lost their integrity and are no longer fit to lead a free people.  Clearly, there are problems.  Clearly, the integrity is not there.  What is not so clear to me is that the situation is hopeless.  She seems to think so.

Hopefully, that is the "soul of wit" I'm looking for.

11 Skills Your Great-Grandparents Had That You Don’t

Our parents and grandparents may shake their heads every time we grab our smart phones to get turn-by-turn directions or calculate the tip. But when it comes to life skills, our great-grandparents have us all beat. Here are some skills our great-grandparents had 90 years ago that most of us don’t.--- ancestry dot com

You can contrast this with the video here and maybe, just maybe, you might see the danger we are in.  On the other hand, it may go completely over your head.

The point is that I did this with GOLD and the numbers show that the US has DECLINED in the last 40 years.

If you can't wrap your mind around that one, I don't know what to tell you.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

War is often ruinous

Even for the victors, war is ruinous.  It may have seemed different with World War II and the United States.  For many people to this day think that war made the US prosperous.  No doubt, the US was prosperous after that war and was the only untouched major power of that time.  But even for the US, the war was ruinous because it solidified the state at the expense of liberty.  Even though the US appeared to have profited, something greater was lost.

I can cite the source, but why bother?  The best wars are the ones that are not fought.  It doesn't have to come from MY knowledge and wisdom, but from someone who is respected in that subject.

On the other hand, it does appear that much was won over the course of many other wars of the past.  Wars can be profitable.  Again, the source says so.  You should know WHEN to fight and WHEN not to fight.  This may not be obvious.

Certainly, an example of profitable wars were the wars of independence in the US and in Texas.  The Mexican War was also profitable.  But I hold that the Civil War was not.  Although slavery was abolished, the all powerful state was born.  The Civil War might have been averted, thus it was a war that should not have been fought.  Some may argue that it was better to have been fought, but I am not so sure.  The all powerful state threatens to overrun the entire society, and when that happens, liberty will be lost forever.

If a general rule can be devised:  maybe a war for independence can be profitable, a war of conquest of territory could be profitable.  But idealistic wars can be ruinous.  Vietnam was idealistic in a sense---a war for capitalism over communism.  The War in Iraq was idealistic in a sense---terror versus civilization.  The objective in each was ill defined and more emotional that concrete and substantive.  If the idea was to conquer all of those territories and subjugate them, it may have been profitable.  But we are too "civilized" for that.  To conquer them for emotional reasons would probably be ruinous.

One thing that can be noticed about American history of late.  Too many wars and for the wrong reasons.  If you put freedom on the line for profit, you risk losing your money and your freedom.  What kind of sense is that?  Once again, the source says go easy on the wars.  No state can profit from too many of them.

USD days numbered?

By "Punishing" France, The US Just Accelerated The Demise Of The Dollar

News roundup

Market 'Black Swan' Fear at Record High

Groundwater level in California basin hits historic low

Price of Beef and Bacon Reach All-Time High

Dueling rulings: Courts split on health care clash

Welfare Cash for Weed in Colorado

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Plans are coming together nicely

In theory that is.

This is with respect to the going off the grid project.  For the last couple days, I've been researching two issues that are going to have to be resolved

  • Sewage
  • Electricity
I think I have viable solutions for both, but that is in theory.

What are the solutions?

I'd provide links, but I'm too lazy to do that.  I've bookmarked what I need to bookmark.  Suffice it here to say that I would use a typical, in existence solutions for these two issues.  None of these problems have to be solved by me and me alone.  Okay?  The solutions already exist because people are facing these issues already.  No need to invent something new or make something new.

The last one was water, but it looks like a more stubborn problem that I thought.  But there's a solution for that too.  Just collect the rainwater.  Over as many square feet as I've got, there'll be plenty of water.

This post will go into the series.


Link for electricity here.    Link for Sewage?  Can't find it.  Rats.  Here it is.

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If you want a challenge, try uncluttering your mind

Something about that last Whittle offering leaves me unsatisfied.  What is it?

Awhile back, there was this post about the difference between wealth and money.  We are so money-obsessed in this culture.  But are we really as wealthy as our money suggests?  If money was an honest store of value, the answer is yes.  However, if money is not an honest store of value, then the answer must be no.  It is not reassuring to contemplate that we are much more likely to be better described as the latter than the former.

So, what's the difference between wealth and money?  I've tried to answer that before.  I'll try it again.  Who is more wealthy?  The man who can feed and shelter himself, or the man who sits on top of a tall stack of money?  If the money becomes worthless, the stack isn't useful for anything but to keep warm when you burn it.  Thus, the answer is the latter---the man on the stack of money--- as long as the money has an honest value.  Therein lies the answer to the question of who is wealthy and who is not.  The answer is this:  who has a skill has wealth in spite of a lack of money.  In contrast, the man without skill has no wealth in spite of his money.  The latter is totally dependent upon those with skill to keep him alive.  Therefore, despite his money, he is destitute.  His money cannot save him.  He must have wealth in order to do that.  Money and wealth are not synonymous unless the money has an honest value.

Wrap your minds around that one and you will have the key to a lot of answers.  The failure to do so will keep you stumbling in the dark.

Afterburner w/Bill Whittle-- Apogee: America Needs Another Great Challenge

Whittle says what I've been saying.  We reached an "apogee" in our culture in the 1968 ish time frame.  Whittle's idea is to challenge ourselves to go higher and further.

Once again, nothing wrong with this.  But who will do it?  Government?  Not a chance.  No, the ones who will go will not be government sponsored, but will have to be privately sponsored.  Otherwise, it will never be done.

Secondly, if it is privately sponsored, it cannot be purely scientific.  It MUST be commercial, because there's no way that even the richest individual can afford to take on such a project without having some means to defray the cost, or even to turn a profit.

We are looking at things the exact wrong way.  A challenge won't change that.  A poll pointed out by PJ Media cites that the younger generation prefers socialism.  Socialism is not going to take us anywhere but to the bottom of the heap.

The problem is the government and those who are running it.  Dammit.  Where there's no vision, the people perish.  Yep.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Perry calls up Guard

Gotta look tough doncha know.

Watching videos over the weekend

Two of them actually.  They were biblical stories.

First of them was Samson and Delilah.  Why?  Well, Samson had a secret to his strength.  A woman found a way to get him to reveal the secret so as to destroy him.  A moral in there somewhere?  Sure.  ( I leave that as an exercise. yuk, yuk )

Second of these was found from the links from watching the first.  It was David v. Goliath.  What brought this post into being was this one and something I just realized.  The government is Goliath.  Somehow, a David is going to have to slingshot this frickin' huge mother in order to cut it down to manageable size.

Glenn Reynolds likes to talk about an Army of Davids.  Nope.  You don't get Armies of Davids.  David was unique.  An Army is a bunch of cookie cutter look a likes.

Okay, now I'm done for the morning.

Propaganda or truth, which do you listen to?

Three Charts Of The Week: Money Printing Is Not Bringing Prosperity To Main Street

On being prepared

What if the worst thing happens and you're in a survival situation?

I've been reading a book on that subject recently.  You're biggest problem is maintaining proper body temperature.  Either you are in danger of becoming too hot, or becoming too cold.  Water is very important in keeping your body temperature mechanisms working properly.

More info about the art of survival  at Al Fin's blog.

Civilization isn't as rock solid as you may want to believe.  Be prepared.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Overview of Septic Systems

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Your favorite subject, I'm sure.  It's necessary to treat wastewater if I'm going to live on my land.  I'm putting this up because I want to come back to it later.


Here's a very simple, low cost system.  Maybe it will pass inspection, eh?

This system bypasses the use of water, I think.  A key consideration in that part of the world.

The Element of Predictable Surprise

Belmont Club, PJ Media

Kitfield’s sources think that something’s up, though nobody is sure what it is. “As a number of ascendant terrorist groups jockey for primacy, U.S. intelligence experts also fear they will compete for legitimacy by launching spectacular attacks on the West, the coin of the realm when Islamic extremists compete for followers and funds. Given the number of European jihadists now fighting in Syria and their proximity to the continent, the first blow may well fall in Europe, but no one can be sure. What the U.S. and Western intelligence agencies share is a vague foreboding that they are about to be blindsided.”--- Richard Fernandez

Blindsided?  You've got BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA in the White House.  There's no way you can be BLINDSIDED.  The assumption is that you have vision, but were blinded by something somehow.  IF YOU PUT THIS ISLAMIC SYMPATHIZER in the White House, you should not be BLINDSIDED by anything, because you are already blind.

You should have known better than that, Assholes.  You guaranteed another big attack by putting this dude in the White House.

 If the so-called opposition party, the GOP, had any cojones, they would have been calling a spade a spade when it mattered.

Yeah, I know this is provocative, but somebody has got the idea that I'm going to back off BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

Ain't gonna happen.  You can stick a gun in my face and I will still say the same damned thing.  Maybe even louder.

“Mr. President, when did the Democratic Party declare war on the Catholic Church?” [Darleen Click]

“Mr. President, when did the Democratic Party declare war on the Catholic Church?” [Darleen Click]


A first amendment issue.

Soil test, part 2

On my second trip out there, I took another soil sample.   Just now, I put together the soil sample inside a plastic jug that I filled up part way with water.  Then a complete shaking that distributed the water completely through the soil, so as to give it a chance to mingle pretty good.  Now, I've set it down and let it separate out.

The last soil test revealed a couple distinct layers.  This wasn't detectable at first, but after letting it sit for a few weeks, it is quite noticeable now.

The soil samples look slightly different from each other, as the first one looks redder than the second.  Both are somewhat more red than the soil in this part of the world.  The soil around here looks black or grey.

I may have mentioned this already, but it bears repeating.  While I was there, I noticed that the soil sample was at the surface, mainly, because there is a hard layer just beneath the surface.  Less than a foot, I'd say.  This is indicative of a hard pan layer that may be typical of the region.  It could explain the rather small number of trees, and the ones that do exist, do not get very tall.

Something to keep in mind on my next trip.  This next trip will not come soon.  They cost a lot and I've got to get this spending under control.

Government isn't the solution, it is the problem

That was one of Reagan's lines.  I agree, especially when I consider the space program.  Sure, a government program got us to the moon, but it hasn't been able to do anything since.  Why?

Here's the problem:  it is said to cost too much.  That's it in a nutshell.  We can't do anything because it is too gosh darn expensive.  The trouble is that the government has no incentive to save money.  Governments don't go out of business.  If you are in business, you have a powerful incentive to cut costs, because if you don't, you are out of business.  Therefore, if you rely upon the government to go further than the moon, which was canceled because of high costs, then you aren't going to go anywhere.  You have to bring in private enterprise in order to bring costs down, and to make it financially feasible to accomplish.  In other words, the government is the problem here, not the solution.

Paul Spudis was on the Space Show recently, and he goes into his disappointment with the government report on space.  Why, of course he would be disappointed. Why should you expect anything else?  It seems that to look to the government for guidance here is a huge waste of time.

No, Elon Musk seems to have the right kind of ideas.  Get the launch costs down, and you can open up space.  But even that isn't enough.  That's because, what do you do when you get there?  Going to Mars may be really cool, but what do you do there?  How do you set up an off world civilization and make the human race a multi-world species?  Once again, you rely upon private enterprise.

I suggested mining the multi-trillion dollar asteroids for their platinum and gold.

All this leads up to what I brainstormed just now.  It seems that osmium is the most dense element known.  Because it is so dense, it is hard to work it.  But it can be produced as a powder.  What if you take that powder and mix it up with plastic?  I'm thinking such a concoction could make a relatively thin iron man suit that would protect an astronaut from the radiation in outer space.

As you may recall, if you read my series, that the human body only covers a small area.  I reasoned that you can save a lot of weight by protecting just the human body as opposed to protecting a large area.  It makes sense to do this if you want to reduce weight, which is the biggest enemy in space travel.  Whatever helps with weight will be a big advantage in completing the mission.

The problem here is that nobody has tried this.  Well, maybe when I get on my land, I will try it some day.  You sure can't do it in an apartment.

If only I can live another 30 years.  Ah, the possibilities.  As long as the government doesn't do anything to screw things up so badly that it will never be done by anybody ever.


I downloaded two Space Shows, with the second one featuring John Powell of JP Aerospace.  The remarkable thing about it is the man is not the type to rub people the wrong way.  You can disagree with him without it turning into a war.  Good for John Powell.  It may be one of the reasons why he may succeed, while others who may be better funded will fail.