Saturday, August 29, 2015

What would it take to install a windmill?

Moneywise, about 3k bucks would do it.  Maybe that would produce an average of a kwh per day.  Yikes.

This post will have to be short because I'm going to take my van in for servicing.


Maybe I should have called it a wind turbine instead.  People might misunderstand my intention.

The links I am referencing are these:

air turbine  $1145, actually a little cheaper at amazon ( $895) ( but it isn't same model, really no cheaper)

pole kit  $286

tower kit $266

total comes to less than what I said, but I am padding the numbers a bit as a precaution.  Lower end is 1700 bucks.  Make that about $1500 bucks ( updated!!!)

Since these are installed on boats, I figured I could install it on a van.  Woo-hoo!

This one will go into the power and electricity subseries posts of the off-the-grid series of posts.

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