Friday, August 28, 2015

Quick thought before I go, 8/28/15

Everyone is shocked by Trump's success so far.  They shouldn't be.  The reason Trump can succeed is that there's no accountability in the GOP.  None.

Are you really shocked that Boehner and McConnell do the things they do?  Why are you surprised if you are one of those who are?  The GOP had its chance to dump those guys a long time ago, and REFUSED.  Why be surprised now?  Why be shocked?  Why should anyone be surprised that they are acting the way they are acting?  If you don't hold them accountable, then why should you be surprised that there's no accountability for Trump either?

Trump's not a real conservative?  Show me the real ones, then.  There aren't any, or there are few of them, and the voices are pretty weak.

Not even Limbaugh is as conservative as you think.  I've detected some squishing on his part.  There are all squishes.  Big time.

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