Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Obligatory, 8/26/15

The big picture situation, as it appears to me, could be on the verge of becoming chaotic.

On the national level, you've got the elections coming up, and Trump has disturbed the Establishment wing of the GOP.  Democrats have their own problems with Hillary v. Sanders.  Will the people running the show allow these two guys to become the standard bearers of each of the respective parties?  Or will they deny the nomination to them both, and have more conventional candidates?  If so, what will these guys do?  Will Trump run as an independent, and Sanders too?  You could have a 4 way race as a possibility.

Then you've got the possibility of the market melting down like it did in 2008.

There's the Iran deal in the mix.  Plus a trade deal coming down the pike eventually.  The trade deal isn't popular, but the powers-that-be want to ram it down our throats.

The Establishment is said to be surprised at the alienation.  Spare me.  There should be no surprise.  These guys have been pushing stuff on us and ignoring us for so long that they should expect a push back.

It's all adding up to a volatile mix that could explode into a real mess.  The winner of the presidency could be a minority president with a vote count in the thirty percent range.

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