Friday, August 28, 2015

Home again, 8/28/15 ( corrected )

Assorted thoughts on a busy day...

It was indeed a busy day and a busy week, relatively speaking.  It will be the first good check in a couple months or more.

I listened in briefly to the Limbaugh show today.  Trump appears to have won Rush over.  What does that mean?  I have not the foggiest.  It doesn't mean anything to me.  Trump could be all hype, but maybe that's all it takes in this country.  It got Hussein elected.

Maybe the Trumpster really means it.  Even so, he would need to be able to do it, but just because he is rich doesn't mean he can do the Presidency thing well too.  Skills don't necessarily translate into unrelated areas.  If you are good at business, you may be good at politics too, but not necessarily governing.

I may not go out west after all.  It is just too limited an objective.  Better to stay near home and even work a bit to make up for the lost time.

Traffic got my goat today.  It shouldn't, but people do too many dumb things.  I was in a hurry and my patience wore a bit thin and I started hollering at people a bit.  Not like me to do that, but not out of the question either.

At least I'm home, safe and sound.  Living on to see another day.


Sometimes a little proofreading helps.  Corrected a couple of glaring mistakes.

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