Saturday, August 29, 2015

Rise and Shine, 8/29/15

Not going to work today.  What the heck?  If I don't feel like working, I don't have to.  Did enough yesterday.  Can always make up for it later.  lol

Haven't done a "rise and shine" for awhile.  It's a bit more spunky than an "obligatory".  What the heck?

Now that I have all this time, don't know what to say here.  What the heck?

That bit yesterday about people doing dumb things.  Yesterday, this chick was trying to force her way through a line of cars in order to enter a parking lot.  She was blocking the lane of traffic she was in, and this annoyed me because it was also slowing down traffic in my lane, which was backed up for a block.

It was dumb because all she had to do was go about a 100 yards to the next intersection, turn left, and enter that same parking lot from a different location.  But no, she had to enter right there, like it was only there, and nowhere else on this Earth where she could enter that parking lot.

People were doing that continually.  She did that, and then somebody else turned in behind, and then that person started doing the same damned thing.  No wonder I got mad.  Just pure stupidity, no other word for it.

That entire episode reminded me of the way liberals act.  They barge in and take over whatever institution and demand that it be done their way, or there would be hell to pay.  So, you get homosexual activism, feminist activism, and so forth.  The homosexuals have done that to the Boy Scouts now, and to the institution of marriage.  Everybody just gives in to them.

It is like that with that chick yesterday.  The homosexuals could have set up their own arrangements for their own benefit, and did not have to deprive others of the use of whatever institution.  Do you see what I  mean?  There was no need for what the homosexuals were doing.  They could still "marry" each other if they wanted to.  But no, they had to ruin it for everybody else because they felt their "rights" were being violated.  That chick was inconveniencing everybody else when she could have done it a different way.  It wasn't necessary for her to enter that parking lot from the location she was trying to enter it.  But evidently, she's a special, special little snowflake and everything has to be just so and nothing else will do.

I didn't give in to that chick.  She tried to force her way into my lane and I wouldn't let her.  Most people probably think I was being a jerk.  But I wasn't inconveniencing anybody, not even this chick.  She honks her horn and makes a face at me.  So, I yell back "go around!"

Somebody else let her in after I passed her up.  Yep.  I'm the bad guy even though I wasn't the one inconveniencing everybody.  That's liberalism for you in a nutshell.  You have to say no to them and be willing to be the bad guy because being the nice guy only gets you a big headache.

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