Sunday, August 23, 2015

More reasons to believe the Iranian deal is bad

There is some strange belief amongst liberals that if you are nice to somebody, they will be nice to you.  That might work in a civil society, where most people are reasonable and kind, but in a mean world, as this world can be sometimes, it just might get your head chopped off.

So, Obama is nice to the Russians, and ends the Bush era work on missile defense in Europe.  What did he get from the Russians?  Not very much, it seems.  In order to get such a prize concession, Obama should have asked for a halt in Russian help to the Iranians.  Obama could have had a bargaining chip there, but he gave it away and got nothing in return.

The result is that the Iranians could keep right on working on their bomb making plans.  Sure, they can continue working on centrifuges without Russian help, but having a reactor around makes things a whole lot easier.  Why make it easier for Iran?

He didn't help with the revolt against the Iranian regime.  He could have had a bargaining chip there, too.  For help with the revolt, he could have demanded that they stand down on their nuclear research.  If they didn't comply, Obama could have helped the Green Revolution --- a lot.  So, the Iranians had no real incentive to negotiate, and it looks like they didn't really.  Basically, they got everything they wanted for little in return.

With his policy in Iraq, Obama lost yet another bargaining chip with the Iranians.  Instead of a bargaining chip, he handed Iraq to Iran on a silver platter.  He was sure nice to the Iranians, but the Iranians haven't changed their attitude one bit.  It's still "death to America" in Tehran.

Now, he is being nice again.  He wrapped their nuclear bomb research with a nice ribbon around it, and what does he have to do in order to get Congress to accept it?  He has to lie about it.

Meanwhile, while Obama is being so nice to the Iranians, we will soon have to face a terrorist regime with nukes.  That could get your head chopped off.  That would definitely not be very nice.

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