Monday, August 24, 2015

Alternative to Iran deal

Consider that the deal won't stop Iran from getting the bomb.  Even their supporters aren't claiming that this will stop Iran from eventually getting the bomb.  There's one way to ensure that Iran never gets the bomb, and that is war.

The left rules that out like it is an option that can never be considered.  Yet, they like to say that if Iran cheats on the deal, then military force can be used.  The truth of the matter is that the left has ruled out military force altogether.  No matter what Iran does, the political left in America won't allow the use of force.  So, what good is this deal if it cannot be enforced and doesn't stop Iran from obtaining the bomb eventually anyway?

The fact of the matter is that Iran can't stop us from disarming them.  Only we can stop ourselves.  So, what is so bad about stopping Iran from getting the bomb?  Isn't that better than letting a terrorist state have the bomb and what that could mean?

Iran has made its intentions known.  If they get the bomb, they most likely will use it.  The reliance upon deterrence only works with a rational opponent.  The Iranians aren't rational.  If they are rational, and are facing a very real American threat, they'd be more willing to negotiate.  Then and only then can we have a hope of getting a deal that MIGHT work.  On the other hand, the Iranians know that as long as the left holds power in the United States, they are free to pursue their objectives to get the bomb and to USE IT.  They want this deal because they want to continue even after the leftist president is gone and a more hawkish American president is in power.

Why give this gift to Iran?  What good is that to us?


An additional thought:  Do you believe that Obama would use force if Iran flagrantly violates the deal if implemented?

You can be sure of one thing:  Obama would pretend to be hawkish and the Iranians would pretend to be intimidated if the Iranians believed that this would keep a truly hawkish presidential candidate from winning the White House.

Frankly, I do not believe that Obama would ever use force against them no matter what they did.  If I am wrong, then he would only do limited things, he never commit ground troops to Iran.  Even if he did commit troops, he would make sure that they would fail.

Bottom line:  I don't trust Obama nor do I believe any of his promises because he lies.  Why would he push the agreement through under the circumstances that now exist if he could be trusted?

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