Sunday, August 23, 2015

Something implied, but not stated

The Powerline article cited in this post implies that Obama is lying about the Iranian agreement.  The article doesn't state that explicitly, but you can come to that conclusion if you think about what you are reading.

The secret side agreement mentioned in the AP story is going to be claimed as inaccessible because of promises of confidentiality to the Iranians, but the secret is that it is this administration that holds the keys to the release of the documents that they promised to obtain.  Here's how:

Amano’s defense of the Parchin side deal comes amid speculation that the IAEA is being subject to overwhelming pressure by the Americans and the Iranians. On the American side, the leverage is straightforward: Amano is up for reelection next year, and he perennially relies on Western nations to provide him with slim majorities [r].
Amano's job depends upon pleasing the Americans and their allies, not Iran.   Iran's displeasure at the disclosure isn't really the deciding issue.  Since it is the West that caved in to the Iranians, it is the West that has something to hide.

In other words, Obama pressured Amano to alter the usual procedures for verification in order to get a deal, and then wants to blame the Iranians for keeping that fact a secret.  This makes it politically acceptable to the Americans, but only if the gambit works.  If the truth comes out, even Obama's most ardent supporters are going to have a hard time justifying this deal.

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