Saturday, August 22, 2015

Amazing what the politicians can get away with

This Iranian deal looks worse and worse the more I read about it.  It's sickening that this isn't being trumpeted across the front pages of every newspaper and television screen in the country.  It's that bad.

Obama should be forced to resign for making such a bad deal.  It increases the insecurity of the country and of the world.  A terrorist state is all but assured of getting the bomb now.


Ignorance is no excuse either.  For the Congress to approve this deal ( by letting only 1/3 the veto power over the majority ) is inexcusable.  For two years, Obama has been promising to Congress the very thing that he failed to deliver.  If Congress lets him get away with this, the dishonor and betrayal would be on an epic level.


I note that Limbaugh isn't talking about it.  Not too many people are getting the word, I suspect.  They see AP's story alright, but that's not enough.  The AP can be challenged, but the challenge can definitely be answered, but the silence is deafening.

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