Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Home again, 8/19/15

Just saw on Instapundit a little article about being over 60 and offering advice.  Somehow, this attracts my ego.  Hey, I made it to 60!  Watcha know 'bout that?  It ain't guaranteed that you'll make it, ya know.  Some folks didn't think I would.  But here I is!

I've already given on this here blog the best advice I can think of--- learn to laugh at yourself.  For me, that was quite an undertaking and/or revelation.  I just realized now that I'm nowhere near as good at it as I think I am.  Part b of that advice is that you never know as much about something as you think you know.  Be humble, be aware that you don't know every damn thing about every damn thing.

One thing that this may give you is some thicker skin.  Often quite handy in a world full of sharp elbows.

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