Thursday, August 20, 2015

Obama's sham agreement

It makes sense for him to do something like this.  The Iranians get to run their own inspection to find something that they would want to hide?  Are you kidding me?  Yeah, but it makes sense for a guy like this to agree to a sham like this.  This agreement got ZERO.  This revelation proves it.

It makes sense that the Democrats will take party loyalty over country.  You have a sell out for a president ( being kind and generous here ).  Of course, it cannot be understood as being a sell out, so he needs plenty of cover from enough of the other sell outs so he doesn't look too obviously like a sell out.

There is a faction within the Democrat party that cannot work for the good of the country.  ( again, being quite generous here)  What do you do about this?

The GOP decides to give in to it.  Therein lies the problem with the entire society.  You get a faction of sell outs, and there's no accountability.

What's going to happen to Hillary?  Probably not a thing.  Nothing ever is done about anything.

Maybe the next time the terrorists will nuke DC and New York.  It will be Bush's fault if they do, of course.


I think this correlates well with a previous post.  At the very least, people in responsible positions should put duty before self.  Otherwise, they should be removed forcibly from their positions.  They HAVE to be, or there won't be any more country.

Update ( 6 PM  Thurs. )

Included the time stamp because of this moment, the left has attacked the AP report and National Review has written an article that supports AP that was time stamped at 4:30 PM.

Since 4:30 is nearly the end of a day, I suspect that the left's attempt to discredit the AP story has failed.


I've written about a theory of how a runaway government can be brought back into line.  However, it may not have the strictest attention to law, and that is what is being defended.

The question is open then... what do you do about a runaway federal government?  Evidently, a Constitutional Convention is just too radical for some, but there has to be some way to discipline a wayward government.

In Texas before it won its independence from Mexico, there were Protest Conventions.  If a Protest Convention were held, would anybody attend?  If not, then why not?  What do you do about this government?

A full constitutional convention could be held in reserve if the Congress failed to act expeditiously with respect to the concerns of the people of the states.

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