Friday, August 21, 2015

Climate change nonsense still alive

Like I was saying.  You need a wooden stake to the heart of this beast in order to kill it off for good.

Katie Couric did an interview with Carly Fiorina on the subject of man made global warming, except it is now called "climate change".  Supposedly, the conservatives are all agog about Fiorina's performance.  If that's true, then they are much too easily impressed.  She seemed to be going through the motions of the talking points.  While she was doing this, she accepted all the premises of so-called "climate change", and therefore lost the argument from the beginning.  I shut the video down after a couple of minutes.

So-called conservatives won't win on this issue because they don't have the imagination nor the guts to go directly after the left on the issue.  It is nothing new for them, either.  They are always doing things like this, it seems.

Fiorina has no answers, most likely.  She doesn't have a clue.

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