Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Winston Churchill and World War II

There may be a popular misconception that is being perpetrated upon the public.  Churchill may be getting blamed for World War II!  But Churchill wasn't prime minister when the Nazis attacked Poland.  He wasn't prime minister when the British made good on the pledge to the Poles that they would intervene if the Nazis attacked.  The war was months old before Churchill got into office.  So, how is Churchill to blame?

Neville Chamberlain negotiated the Munich agreement that Hitler disregarded.  He had no choice but to support the Poles, or to resign.  His resignation finally came when things started going very badly in the spring of 1940, long after Poland had already fallen.

I suspect that this is propaganda that helps Obama in his appeasement of the Iranians.  Also, why he returned Churchill's bust to England because he would have preferred a Nazi victory in that war, just as he would prefer an American defeat on the world stage today.

I'm also of the opinion that the push for a Islamic Caliphate is coming from this belief that the West is weak and the Munich Agreement proves it.  Hitler was almost successful in conquering all of Europe as a consequence of this weakness, so they believe they can succeed where Hitler failed.

In other words, they are following in Hitler's footsteps.  The Islamists admire Hitler.  Obama is reprising Munich in hopes of an ultimate American defeat in an upcoming war.

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