Thursday, August 27, 2015

Quick thought before I go ( 8/27/15): Masters of Deceit

How does Obama get to be POTUS when he does so many wrong things?

Answer:  As a candidate, Obama pretended to be a whole lot of things that he wasn't.  He is a master of deceit.  This goes for all Democrats.  Their success depends upon fooling everyone about who they are and what they want.  If they were honest about these things, they'd lose big time and they know it.  The deceit is necessary for their survival.

So many things that the Democrats want just won't work.  It seems almost by design that they don't work.  Then again, it isn't designed to work, failure is the intention.  Supposedly, a thing gets done to achieve a certain goal, but that goal isn't reached.  Example:  "Affordable Care Act".  It was supposed to make health care cheaper by "bending the cost curve".  Has it achieved that?  My impression is that it has not.  Basically, what it did do was to create another entitlement that is hard to get rid of.

The same appears to be true with "climate change".  The idea is to create a new program that supposedly "does something" about climate change.  But an analysis of the programs in place in Europe doesn't show any such thing.  Carbon emissions aren't affected by trading carbon credits.  The climate won't be changed by carbon emissions if they don't go up, and that is if you believe that carbon emissions will make any difference anyway.  The scheme they want to implement won't work.  Surprise, surprise.  It never does.

You can go down the list with Democrat initiatives.  All are designed not to work.  That's so they can agitate for new programs to replace the ones that don't work.  Example:  "immigration reform".  That got "reformed" nearly 20 years ago and now it needs to be fixed again.  Evidently, it wasn't fixed the first time.  I get the feeling that it wasn't supposed to get fixed the first time, or for that matter, any time.

With the Democrats, if they ever did fix what they keep breaking, they'd be out of a job.  So, the deceit that they will fix something that they never intend to fix, is necessary for their continued existence.

What happens if their deceit doesn't work anymore?  What would happen if the truth finally started to matter?

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