Saturday, August 13, 2016

The forgotten man in American politics

In the effort to marginalize Trump voters, the Democrats may be stumbling into trouble by waking up a sleeping giant.  Perhaps not the giant of previous times, but still a significant block of voters, if by being continually ignored and insulted, may turn to someone new to lead our country.

That sleeping giant may be the white voter.  White people still make up a significant majority of the voters in this country.  At present, the white population is evenly divided, which is what the ruling class wants.  As long as the native white population is divided against itself, this globalist ruling class can impose their long term strategy upon the rest of us.

The non-white population is incentivized to remain united against racism.  But the charge of racism has become empty and meaningless.  A simple criticism of a Gold Star Dad does not equal racism.  A simple criticism of Barack Hussein Obama does equate to racism.  Merely to bring up the facts is not racist.  But to silence and marginalize critics is definitely politically correct.  Such is the strategy being employed against Trump.

Trump is perceived to be fighting political correctness.  In so doing, he has gained millions of new voters and has won the GOP nomination for President of the United States.  Evidently, people are fed up with PC, and would prefer a new start.  But the old guard does not.  The old guard includes those within the GOP, who now seem to have some strange new bedfellows:  Democrats and Hillary Clinton.  The old guard in the GOP won't fight PC.  The old guard in the Democrat party uses PC to marginalize Trump.  They have joined an alliance against change.  They like things just the way they are.  Trouble is, most people in this country think the country is on the wrong track.  Evidently, the people want something to change.

The old guard maintains its power by dividing the people against themselves.  The charge of racism is meant to marginalize Trump voters, who, if you believe the old guard, consists of white, uneducated, bigoted rednecks.  Well, white, bigoted, uneducated rednecks didn't screw up the country.  If you think the country is in great shape, they you may be persuaded that no change is necessary.  But that flies into the face of the consistently negative polls about the direction of the country.

This is no advocacy of returning to days gone by.  No Jim Crow.  No Confederacy.  There were plenty of good things in the America we once knew.  Sure, we got rid of slavery and Jim Crow.  But did we have to destroy America, too?

The globalists want to erase all borders.  Do we really want to do that?  The old guard globalists wants unlimited free trade  Is that really in our best interest?  Do we want unlimited migration of Muslims, when over half of them favor sharia, which is directly in contradiction of our customs and laws?  Is it really racist to ask these questions?

Maybe I am a redneck.  But I do have a college degree.  I'd like to think I am not so dumb to fall for any more of their rotten tricks.  Perhaps you would like to consider another path yourself.  I choose Trump.

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