Thursday, August 11, 2016

Obligatory, 8.11.16

There's so many things on my mind right now, that it is hard to crystallize into one single post.  Hence, the obligatory title.

I am sore again.  I must take time off from work so as to mend this ailment so as to sufficiently allow me to go back.  These attacks are coming frequently now, so I am quite sure that, unless I can come up with a way to significantly reduce costs, I will have to give up on my plans to go off grid.

I have a few ideas, of course.  Perhaps one of them could work.

One of the themes of this blog has always been this: to find solutions to our common problems.  I look upon my physical challenges as a special problem of my very own which I must solve.  On a larger scale, the current events of the day are also special problems which I think are urgent and in need of a solution soon, or we will be entering a grave trial of the most difficult kind.

On the larger scene, I don't think globalism is working in its present configuration.  Perhaps a common ground can be reached between Trump and the globalists that can allow him to unify enough people behind him in order to win the presidency.  Unchecked globalism is definitely not the ticket.  Supporting Hillary because she supports globalism is why globalism must be checked.  Hillary is corrupt, and at best incompetent.  The email situation demonstrates both quite clearly.

Also on a larger scene, Hillary is definitely not acceptable because she doesn't serve the constitution, but rather her own interests and her supporters.  We do not elect monarchs nor emperors.  The chief magistrate of this country is subordinate to the constitution, not the other way around.

As for Saudi Arabia, Iran, and perhaps other Persian Gulf states, their influence on our body politic must come to an end.  Are we really at war with ISIS, or with these countries?  These countries are supporting ISIS in some way, or supporting fundamentalist Shia Islam, as the case is with Iran.  That alone should be a casus belli.

The globalists are also pushing us into a war with Russia.  Is this really necessary?  The hostility to Russia is an artifact of the Cold War.  The alliance with Turkey, which is becoming radicalized and Islamist, is also out of date.

NATO should be retooled, reconfigured, or abandoned if that is not possible to adjust it to modern conditions.

We should push forward at the greatest speed the adoption of molten-salt nuclear reactors.  This is long overdue.  The world need not depend upon oil from the volatile and hostile Middle Eastern Islamists countries.

I think Trump comes closest to these thoughts.  I will support him enthusiastically.

If he loses because of the globalists' power and influence is still too great to overcome, then so be it.  The fight must go on.

As for me, I need to solve my own problems.  The world will little note what I write here, with so small an audience.  That's okay.  Trump has our back, I hope.

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