Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Correlate this with what Klavan said about the Never Trumpers

Western Leaders want Islamic Terror to seem normal.  Klavan noted that most Never Trumpers are in the younger generation.  Now to correlate this:  there was a time when Islamic terror was definitely not normal.  If it goes on long enough, the young will think it is normal, because that is all they have experienced during their lifetimes.

That is why you have to end it quickly before it gets established.

Just screen out the sharia favoring types, and police them vigorously.  Remove that element from the population, and you will have it under control.  Isn't that what Trumps advocates?  Why would anybody be opposed to that?  You would do it with Nazism, why not sharia?  Do they not understand what sharia is?  How can you tolerate sharia when sharia doesn't tolerate you?

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