Saturday, August 27, 2016

Trump didn't break the so-called conservative media

They did it to themselves.

The usual claptrap from the establishment.  Trump did this, Trump did that.  I can speak for myself here.  The reason I started liking Trump was because the so-called conservatives are basically full of shit.  So is this article linked above.

I have been writing since almost the beginning that the truth doesn't matter anymore.  If the truth mattered, people wouldn't be reading garbage like that article.  I am reading it because I got the link form Memeorandum.  Memeorandum might as well be a Democrat propaganda outlet. 

Trump represents a real change in policy.  Otherwise, it is business as usual in Washington.  If you are the one in three people who think things are fine, then don't vote for him.  The remaining two  thirds owe it to themselves to seriously consider voting for the man.

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