Friday, August 26, 2016

Obligatory, 8.26.16

Lots of stuff going out the door.  I don't like throwing this stuff out, but there's nothing else to do with it.  I have given stuff away to Goodwill, but they will complain if it is not salable stuff.  Some of this stuff may seem useful to me, but only to me.  So, I may be able to use it in a different context that I anticipate being in shortly.  So, this stuff will have to go to the dumpster.

I should be ready to leave soon.  Still, I am reluctant to go.  It is like everything else.  I want to hang on, but hanging on isn't an option anymore.


Have to scratch a few of my ideas.  Using the scooter is out.  It has to go.  Using the chopped up computer desk is out.   It has to go.  A swivel chair has to go.  The other computer desk, the one not chopped up, also has to go.  The file cabinet has to go.  That leaves a TV stand, a recliner, and the freezer.  Plus all the stuff that is already in the storage.

Lots more stuff has to be thrown out besides.  Most of it is the kind of stuff that will have to be shredded.

Once this stuff is out, I will be down to the bare bones.


One of the computer desks is now gone.  The scooter and remaining computer desk is still here.  Guess you can say that the main part is done.  Mopping up operations are set to begin.

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