Monday, July 31, 2017

Jeff Flake on NPR

Yes, good ol boy Jeff Flake is talking to the NPR crowd.

You know who the NPR crew is, right?  To the left, please.  Way to the left.  Way way way over to the left.

Flake won't attack Trump directly, so he goes through Bush.  Some of what he said seems plausible, but I'm not buying into it.

For instance, he said that Bush expanded the government.  That sounds good to conservatives, but what does that have to do with Trump?  Trump has been the most limited, small government minded GOP politician since Reagan, in my estimation.

No, it has to do with trade.  Trump's ideas on trade is what the target is.  So, to listen to Flake, you have to be a Globalist in order to a be a true conservative.  That is not consistent with history.  It is a philosophy more in keeping with post FDR policy than the policy that preceded the New Deal.  In that sense, it is definitely not traditional conservative thought.

Trump seems the most conservative guy since Hoover.  But he is no Hoover. Trump isn't talking about "no trade', but fair trade.  That isn't protectionism, nor is it xenophobic.  It is common sense, something entirely missing in Washington DC today.

So, what I gather on Flake is that he is an ultra Globalist.  Not even the slightest criticism of Globalism is to be countenanced.


I may add that this interview was supposed to be about GOP troubles.   The real trouble with the GOP is that too many of them are not very bright.  Hence, the "Stupid Party"nickname.

Here is a golden opportunity to make a big difference and these numbskulls are blowing it.  It cannot get much dumber than that.

A new party is needed, if for no other reason than to improve the IQ of this bunch.

Furthermore, if you add dishonesty to the mix, then you have an unwinnable combination.  But losing is what the GOP seems to do best.

17:46 :

Readers may be familiar with Bill Whittle.  The first time I learned of Whittle was with his column called "Tribes".  He compared conservatives and liberals in the modern fashion, but did not use the colors of Red and Blue.  No, he used the colors of Gray and Pink.

Of course, the Gray's were the good guys and the Pinks, not so good.

Others may argue it wasn't about conservative and liberal, per se.  Just about how people collect into groups, or tribes.  Gray and Pink was a way to categorize the tribes.

But Whittle is more conservative than liberal, so I think it really was about that.

One thing I want to make clear.  If all you do is vote the tribe, then that is not very intelligent.

No way Hillary should be POTUS just because she's a Dem and so are you. Trump does not apply because the GOP didn't want him anyway.

Anybody who voted Trump did not vote tribally, by definition.

Those who don't want Trump are acting tribally, even the GOP.  That is not smart since the GOP can no longer win national races.  They needed Trump, but for some stupid reason, seem intent on sabotaging him.

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