Saturday, September 9, 2017

Who is the leading edge of societal evolution?

Limbaugh once claimed that he was.  Maybe he still does claim that, and still is.  But, I think there may be reason to believe that there are others who can make the claim.

Codevilla may be another one.  Limbaugh has quoted from his work.

This Codevilla guy wrote something that meshes with something I posted awhile back.  Yes, that's right.  I am making that claim to being on the leading edge, too.  I came up with an idea that is unique and may be catching on.

Admittedly, Codevilla was the one who wrote about that country class and ruling class phenomenon awhile back.  And, yes it did have an influence upon me.  But, I am the one who pushes for solutions to problems.  I wrote that there needed to be a new party as a solution to the tyrannical rule of the Unitroids.  The Constitution is a good antidote to tyranny.  That is how and why it was written.

The Democrats and Republicans are conspiring against the Constitution.  There is no real opposition party anymore.  I think that they are not friends to the Constitution.  Especially the Democrats.  But the GOP won't oppose them.  So, we need a new party.  A party that will defend the Constitution.

Codevilla calls the party that now runs this country as the Uniparty.  Okay, let them be the "Uniparty".  But the members of this Uniparty have names, and their names can be "Unitroids".

Why Unitroids?  It has an unpleasant sound.  Why not throw odium upon them?  It is what they do to the rest of us.

As for what the new party stands for, Codevilla and I are on the same page:  Constitutionalism.

So is Mark Levin.  I would bet you could find plenty of people who would join up with a new party dedicated to preserving the Constitution as it was written.  Call it the Constitution party.

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